Frank Duncan and Co. Ltd.

Frank Duncan and Co. Ltd.

also see Frederick George Radcliffe

Francis Duncan
born circa 1882 registered 1882/18422
son of Mary and Francis Duncan
married 19 December 1908
Maggie Charlotte Pullar

On Saturday, Miss Maggie Pullar, daughter of the late Mr. A. C. Pullar, was married to Mr. Francis Duncan, son of Mr. Duncan of Timaru, at St. John's Church, Dr. Gibb officiating. The bride's frock was of cream taffetas with net and gold embroidery, and she wore a wreath and veil, and a turquoise pendant, given her by the bridegroom. Her three bridesmaids, Miss Samson, and the three little Misses Popes, were in dainty white frocks and large blue hats, and carried crooks tied with posies of sweet peas. Mr. Forgie was best man. Mrs R. I. Pope, sister of the bride, held a reception after the ceremony.
Evening Post, Volume LXXVII, Issue 147, 21 December 1908, Page 9

Evening Post, Volume LXXVII, Issue 7, 9 January 1909, Page 1

Beauty Spots
"Beauty Spots in God's Own Country" is the title of one of three Beautify books of photographic views published by Messrs. Frank Duncan and Co. The reproductions are so well done that they compare well with the originals, and good judgment is shown in the selection, and excellent taste is displayed in the arrangement of the various pictures.

The "Beauty Spots" furnish a reproduction of some of the fairest and most remarkable of the many gems of New Zealand scenery—ice-clad mountains, exquisitely beautiful lake scenery and mountain scenery, and realistic pictures of the Wairoa Falls and Aratiatia Rapids. A book of Auckland views contains a unique and almost perfect collection of the most important and interesting views, public buildings, public places, churches, harbour scenes, pleasure resorts, etc., and a very fine panoramic view of Auckland harbour.

"Scenes from Maoriland" include some very beautiful pictures, notably the Whangarei Falls, Rotorua Lake scenery, Waitomo Cave, Ngauruhoe in eruption, Mount Egmont under its mantle of snow, Mount Cook, and Mount Sefton, and a choice collection of views typical of various Dominion townships. The booklets are all handsomely got up; the work is of the best produced by the Brett Printing and Publishing Company.
Auckland Star, Volume L, Issue 236, 4 October 1919, Page 12

A Beautiful Souvenir.
PHOTOGRAPHIC NEW ZEALAND. How many times have you badly wanted a few photographs to send away to a friend to whom you are describing the beauties of New Zealand? How many visitors want a handy souvenir of the scenes they have admired, and of which they want some tangible reminder when they get back home and begin to talk to their friends of their travels?

Messrs. Frank Duncan and Co., of Auckland, have hit on the very thing for which so many people have been looking — a portfolio of "Gems of New Zealand Scenery," which really are gems, and the twenty-four views cover the Dominion's most characteristic wonders, from Whangaroa down to the lordly Milford Sound. The book measures about fourteen inches by eleven, and the views are nine and a-half inches by seven inches — good bold pictures reproduced from the beautiful photographs of Mr. F. G. Radcliffe, printed in sepia and mounted on artistic mounts of two shades of brown, bound up and tied with a brown silk ribbon.

We have never seen a more representative collection of pictures of the Dominion beautyspots — the rugged impressiveness of its northern sea coast, the fascinating chaos of water of its falls, the soft beauty of the lakes, the haunting wonder of the forest, the idyllic charm of the Wanganui, the sublime grandeur of the Southern Alps and the Fiords, are all reproduced with wonderful fidelity. The book was turned out at the works of the Brett Printing Company, and is one of the most artistic souvenirs ever placed on the market.
Auckland Star, Volume LI, Issue 31, 5 February 1920, Page 8

above: Real Photo Post Card
Frank Duncan & Co

below: N.Z. Real Photo Post Card
Frank Duncan & Co. Ltd

We have received from Messrs Frank Duncan and Co., designers and publishers, Auckland, a series of twenty-one artistic views and panorama views of Greymouth, and the wonderful scenery of the Otira and Buller Gorges.
Grey River Argus, 1 April 1920, Page 2

The Sign of the Tiki.
Artistic N.Z. Publicity
Linked with Enterprise
A Business with punch

It seems to have been left largely to private enterprise to discharge the duties of vigorous publicity for New Zealand — its growth and prosperity and the wonders of its natural assets in scenic attractions.

A typical example is the work of Messr. Frank. Duncan and Company. Ltd the well-known wholesale and fancy goods merchants, whose spacious warehouse in Lorne Street, Auckland, is more than tribute to vigorous and highly praiseworthy resourcefulness.

The rapid expansion of the business is strikingly evident on revisiting this emporium after a short lapse of time; the goods themselves revealing in no uncertain sense the wide field to which such a firm must appeal. The salesmen of Messrs. Duncan and Co. regularly visit every town in New Zealand. The firm's territory extending from North Cape to Stewart Island. After seeing this warehouse stock it is more easy to understand where many of the novelties seen in the shops come from.

Undoubtedly the firm has rare facilities for acquiring exclusive lines of artistic merit, and a treat they provide as an exhibition.

above: "Tourist" Series of Real Photographs
Frank Duncan & Co Ltd

below: "Tourist" Series of Real Photographs
Frank Duncan & Co Ltd
Printed in Great Britain

Mr. Duncan's experience in the trade is life long, and it is his keen knowledge that has been a big factor in establishing the business. From a small beginning it has forged ahead and Mr. Duncan's individuality upon the value of view books printed in unique designs has always been a feature of the artistic "Tourist" publications produced by the firm under the emblem of the "Tiki." These have illustrated in fine style various towns and scenic spots in the Dominion and always are sought after by the general public and visitors. Only last year the Prime Minister (Hon. W. F. Massey) wrote expressing his appreciation of the firms progressive work, which was creditable propaganda and would probably be or great value in conjunction with the New Zealand exhibit at the British Empire Exhibition in 1923. The "Tourist" series of 29 view books is a great record of artistic enterprise which, moreover, conveys by medium of finely reproduced photographs a knowledge of the cities and scenic wonders of New Zealand to peoples in other lands.

Postcard and Novelty Goods.
Messrs. Frank Duncan and Co., Ltd, are agents for Messrs. Valentine and Sons, Ltd., the famous toy-book novelty publishers, of Dundee, Messrs. A. M. Davis and Co., London, manufacturers of kindergarten goods, postcards, etc. The tourist series of crest and local view souvenir china and E.P.N.S. and silver crest souvenir ware. Messrs. Pearson Bros., London, the producers of "Mattamac" stormproof overcoats.

The postcard section is a notable department of the firm, publishing as they do real photograph postcards from 15,000 different negatives. Needless to remark the issue and re-issue of such stock demands an accurate and quick-filing system to keep trace of the supply. Very few people realise that these small photo postcards bought in the shops go through the same processes of production as the ordinary portrait photographs costing about 50/ per dozen.

A special feature is made of necklets and Frank Duncan and Co. claim, with no exaggeration, to have one of the most beautiful displays of fancy necklets in New Zealand. They are made in numerous varieties of fascinating colours, designs and materials, and are imported from England, France and Czecho-Slovakia. Equally prominent are the leather lines and a range of rare manicure sets and kindred goods. Christmas cards and calendars of dainty description are displayed, and there are unlimited varieties of other goods. The stock comprises a storehouse of rare interest over a space of over 4000 square feet. For the past three months the staff has been working day and night to fulfill orders. In seven years the firm has required to shift into larger premises no less than five times.
Auckland Star, Volume LIII, Issue 297, 15 December 1922, Page 10

above: "Tourist" Series Real Photograph, Print in New Zealand
Frank Duncan & Co Ltd
This is a Scene in New Zealand. Do not fail to visit the New Zealand Court at the British Empire Exhibition.

Publicity by Postcard.
A Better-known N.Z.
"Visit the New Zealand Pavilion at the British Empire Exhibition" — this message during the next few months will be carried throughout the British Isles by thousands upon thousands of postcards from the Dominion. The postcard advertising drive to give more publicity to New Zealand is now beginning. As has been previously pointed out, good scenic views of the Dominion should be sent, and it is particularly desired that the "tourist" series of postcards should be used, as these are all actual photographs printed in the Dominion. Views of New Zealand's most beautiful and wonderful scenery are now on sale at all stations. Ask for the "tourist" series and look for the tiki trademark on address- side.—(Ad.)
Auckland Star, Volume LV, Issue 58, 8 March 1924, Page 11

Canterbury College Christchurch, NZ
Tourist Series 1820

New Nurses Home, Timaru
Tourist Series 1870

2097 Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch
Tourist Series

The Old Windmill, Auckland, NZ
Tourist Series R5456

5658 The Avon, Christchurch, NZ
Tourist Series R 5658

6714 The Avon, Christchurch, NZ
Tourist Series R 6714

The University from Symonds Street, Auckland, NZ
Tourist Series 8002
"Tourist" Series of Real Photographs.


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Hello, I am looking to contact Frank Duncan Ltd re copyright - do you know if they are still operational?

Early Canterbury Photography said...

unlikely that they are are still operational

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Hi I have a collection of the mauri beauties and other Duncan photo cards does anyone know the value of the postcards?

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go to "TradeMe" there are Duncan postcards for sale there which will give you an idea of their value.