Scenes from Maoriland

Beauty Spots
"Beauty Spots in God's Own Country" is the title of one of three beautiful books of photographic views published by Messrs. Frank Duncan and Co. The reproductions are so well done that they compare well with the originals, and good judgment is shown in the selection, and excellent taste is displayed in the arrangement of the various pictures.

The "Beauty Spots" furnish a reproduction of some of the fairest and most remarkable of the many gems of New Zealand scenery—ice-clad mountains, exquisitely beautiful lake scenery and mountain scenery, and realistic pictures of the Wairoa Falls and Aratiatia Rapids. A book of Auckland views contains a unique and almost perfect collection of the most important and interesting views, public buildings, public places, churches, harbour scenes, pleasure resorts, etc., and a very fine panoramic view of Auckland harbour.

"Scenes from Maoriland" include some very beautiful pictures, notably the Whangarei Falls, Rotorua Lake scenery, Waitomo Cave, Ngauruhoe in eruption, Mount Egmont under its mantle of snow, Mount Cook, and Mount Sefton, and a choice collection of views typical of various Dominion townships. The booklets are all handsomely got up; the work is of the best produced by the Brett Printing and Publishing Company.
Auckland Star, Volume L, Issue 236, 4 October 1919, Page 12

Scenes from Maoriland
Published by Frank Duncan & Co., Auckland New Zealand.
Printed by Brett Printing C. Ltd., Auckland.

(this copy inscribed -
"May from Ernest. Invercargill, New Zealand July 12th 1919")

Photographers include F. G. Radcliffe, A. E. Watkins and Winzenberg.

Auckland Harbour, showing Grafton Bridge and Rangitoto - no photographer shown

Whangarei Falls - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 268

Lake Rotoma - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 4665
Whakarewarewa, Rotorua - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 3641

Waitomo Caves - no photographer shown

Train ascending The Spiral, Main Truck Line - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 1691
Hapuauhenua Viaduct, Main Truck Line - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 4615
Height, 154 feet; length 974 feet

Mt Ngaruahoe in Eruption - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 3256
Mt Ruapehu. Height 9,175 feet - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 4599

Mt Egmont - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 1912

Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 3703
Hawera - F. G. Radcliffe Photo - 4640

Wanganui from Durie Hill - A. E. Watkins, Photo

Queen Street, Masterton, no photographer shown
Palmerston North Square, Gardens and Post Office, no photographer shown

Marine Parade, Napier - no photographer shown
Ornamental Grounds, Racecourse, Wanganui - no photographer shown

Drop Scene, Wanganui River - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 6032

Taurangaanui River, Gisborne - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5276

Ascending the Rimutaka Incline, Grade 1 in 15 - Winzenberg Photo

General View, Wellington - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5975

Government Buildings, Wellington - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5978
Lambton Quay, Wellington - no photographer shown

Cathedral Square, Christchurch - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 1329
Lyttelton - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5593

Mt Cook, from Red Lake on Mt Sebastopol - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5517

Mt. Sefton and the Footstool, from Hooker River, Southern Alps - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5470

Oamaru - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5748
Caroline Bay, Timaru - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5572

St Clair, Dunedin - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5768
Princes Street, Dunedin - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 5708

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 192

Dart Valley - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 817

Buller Gorge, West Coast - F. G. Radcliffe. Photo - 3703

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What lovely old photos of NZ, I really enjoyed looking at those. This little book reminded me that I had one almost identical but made in England about Harrow-on-the-Hill, same sort of cover with three holes punched on the side and done up with piece of thin cord. It still has the fly paper (for want of a better word) between each page to protect the photos. I must put it onto my blog one day, never thought of it until I saw yours.