Louis Gladstone Brogan
born 9 January 1870 Wellington, New Zealand
son of Emma and Patrick Brogan
died 18 October 1943 Wellington, New Zealand

Mr L. G. Brogan, late of Christchurch, has purchased the interests of Misses Collis and Davis in the Ridgway Street Studio, and will in future carry on the photographic business in those premises, giving prompt attention to all orders that may be entrusted to him. It may be mentioned that Mr Brogan has also bought out the whole of the plant and appliances connected with Mr. Dunlop's studio in the Avenue, and will concentrate the same in carrying on the Ridgway Street Studio, possession of which was taken to-day.
Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXV, Issue 10280, 5 March 1901, Page 2


Mr. L. Brogan, who has acquired the joint photographic businesses of Misses Collis and Davis and Mr. Dunlop, comes to Wanganui with a first class reputation as an artistic photographer. He has filled responsible positions with some of the best known city firms, and samples of his work, now on view at the Ridgway street Studio, speak eloquently as to his ability as a finished and painstaking artist.

Among the more prominent pictures, on view in the cases is a charming child study, depicting an infant in the full enjoyment of a morning tub, several nicely arranged and artistically finished family groups, and a striking panel enlargements. One of the best pieces of photographic work we have seen was a beautiful feminine study in negrette, in which, we should imagine, Mr. Brogan has obtained the very results in the application of light and shade effects.

Mr. Brogan is up-to-date in his methods, and we notice that in the manipulation of the camera he has discarded the use of the "cap" the absence of which, he says, enables him to obtain a better control of the sitters, and to secure in all cases a natural expression. Mr. Brogan says he is determined to please patrons, and to that end, should a first sitting not give satisfactory results, he is prepared to give a second sitting without extra charge.

Wanganui Chronicle, 29 May 1901, Page 2

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