COSSGROVE, Andrew Goudie

Andrew Goudie Cossgrove
 born circa 1859
died 14 September 1890 Wellington aged 30 years

Southland Times, Issue 3672, 1 April 1880, Page 3
This notice continued in the Southland Times until 2 July 1880.

Tuapeka Times, Volume XVIII, Issue 1072, 30 August 1884, Page 2

We have had submitted to us for inspection a large photographic view of the town of Lawrence, taken by the local photographer, Mr A. G. Cossgrove. The view is a capital one, and the artist has succeeded in placing before his patrons a production worthy of a much larger town than Lawrence. The buildings, even to the lettering on the shop signs, come out boldly and distinctly, and the light and shade are well contrasted. With pleasure we testify to the excellence of Mr Cossgrove's landscape view.
Tuapeka Times, Volume XVII, Issue 1073, 3 September 1884, Page 2 

 Tuapeka Times, Volume XVII, Issue 1073, 3 September 1884, Page 2

Tuapeka Times, Volume XXIII, Issue 1088, 25 October 1884, Page 2

 The American Gem Photo Co.
The American Gem Portrait Company

A branch of the American Photographic studio of Messrs Lovewell, Wing, and Co. was opened yesterday in the premises next the Grahamstown Office in Williamson street, and the Management are now prepared to execute the latest novelties in photography at the exceedingly low rate of charges notified in their advertisement.
Thames Star, Volume XII, Issue 3757, 12 January 1881, Page 2


The American Gem Portrait Company will open a branch on Saturday in the Avenue next to Ainsworth's boot shop, under the management of Mr A. G. Cosgrove. 
Wanganui Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 6623, 25 September 1888, Page 2

Wanganui Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 6644, 20 October 1888, Page 3

As this is the last day that the American Gem Photographic Company will be in Wanganui, we would advise all those who wish to have a cheap and good photo taken to make use of the opportunity and pay a visit to the studio in the Avenue.
Wanganui Chronicle, Volume XXXL, Issue 11355, 16 November 1888, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XXXVI, Issue 142, 14 December 1888, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 40, 15 August 1889, Page 3

 Evening Post, Volume XL, Issue 66, 15 September 1890, Page 2

Andrew Goudie Cossgrove 
[sometimes Crossgrove, Crosgrove]
third son of James Cossgrove of Ayr, Scotland and Tuapeka, Otago and Mrs Cossgrove (nee Elizabeth Campbell of Pershire),  
arrived Port Chalmers on 12 September 1859 on the "Alpine" [1]
 born circa 1859 [Scotland?]
died 14 September 1890 Wellington aged 30 years, reg.  1890/3663  
buried 16 September 1890, Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington
Public Section, Plot number 106.E

married 1 February 1881
 at the residence of the bride's father, William Martin, Bishopscourt [or Bishop's Court], Dunedin, reg. 1881/650 
Rachel Wilhelmina Jessie Martin
she married secondly circa 1893, reg 1893/4176 Robert James Stuart
 died 14 February 1896 at her residence Union Street, Dunedin aged 31 years
 reg. 1896/4004
buried Southern Cemetery, Dunedin, block 20P, plot 30A

 Otago Witness, Issue 1526, 5 February 1881, Page 17

Otago Witness, Issue 219, 20 February 1896, Page 29

1. Elizabeth Minnie Martin Cossgrove born 2 April 1882 at Bishop's Court, Dunedin, reg. 1882/795, married 1908/1595, William Healy 

2. Jessie Mary Campbell Cossgrove reg. 1883/14016, married 1905/1033 William Boyd     

3. May Charlotte Wright Cossgrove reg. 1885/13643  

4. James Arthur Cossgrove reg. 1888/17733, married 1915/8141 Beatrice Bailey Morgan  

5. Ivy McCord Cossgrove reg. 1890/10430

A bankrupt named Cossgrove [brother of Andrew Goudie Cossgrove], a teacher by profession, who at one time resided at Maheno, received pretty rough treatment at the hands of Judge Ward in the District Court at Westport a day or two ago. The bankrupt, remarked his Honor, seemed to have run bills with every human being who would trust him, and then came to the West Coast, considering it a perfect Alsatia for getting rid of debts, thinking it was as easy to get through as in 1869. The illness of bankrupt's wife was to be deplored, but the medical comforts required seemed to be not so much got from chemists as from grocers and drapers. Bankrupt appeared to have been running his establishment entirely on credit. An order of discharge would only be granted conditionally on the payment of 10s in the of the debts, which would amount to £75 per year. His Honor trusted that the Education Board expected the bankrupt to instruct his pupils in honesty.
Tuapeka Times, Volume XXIV, Issue 1806, 24 June 1891, Page 2

[1] James Crossgrove, wife and three sons - Otago Witness , Issue 407, 17 September 1859, Page 2

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