Coxhead Album

Coxhead Album

A singularly cheap and easy method of securing a large collection of photographic views of the most notable places In New Zealand from the far South to tho extreme North is just about to be offered to the Auckland public. Messrs Adam Mitchell and Co., photographic publishers, have been employing an artist named Mr F. A, Coxhead to take a full series of these views, and it is intended to issue them weekly, mounted on toned cards, at 1s per week, the size of each view being 6in by 8in.

The subscribers are not bound to take the full set, for they may leave out such as they please, and at the end of the series the views will be bound for them in a large album free of charge. We have seen samples of the views, and they are certainly good, besides having the further merit of being recently taken.

The project will doubtless meet with very hearty support from the public. Messrs Stevens and Co., of Queen-street, have been appointed agents for Auckland.
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