James Valentine
of Dundee, Scotland

also see James Valentine - Secure the Shadow

 above - An envelope designed, engraved and published by J. Valentine, Dundee

above - An envelope engraved and published by J. Valentine, Dundee

  Evening Post, Volume IV, Issue 128, 13 July 1868, Page 2

 New Zealand Herald, Volume XVI, Issue 5466, 24 May 1879, Page 8


Balmoral Castle, Deeside, 12w
Ballater, near Balmoral, 14w
Balmoral from the river, 14v
The Queen, Princesses Christian, Beatrice, and Teck, and John Brown, 17v
Keith Hall, Inverary, 21v
Balmoral Castle, looking to Lochnagar, 45w
Castleton of Braemar, from Craig Coynach, 104w
Ballater, from the south, 1-9v
King-street, Aberdeen, 533w
The Bullers of Buchan, 753v
Aberdeen, from above the Suspension Bridge, 784w
Ballatrick, Deeside, the scene of Byron's boyhood, 849v
Crathie Kirk, Deeside, 836v
Castleton of Braemar, 92lv
Broad-street, Peterhead, 971w
Brig o' Balgownie, River Don, 1021v
Aboyne Castle, 1023v
At Inverey, looking to Ben Mac Dhu, 1080W
At Inverey, looking to Mar Lodge, 108lw
Ballater Bridge and Craigendarrach, 1082w
Old Machar Cathedral, from the S.E., 1159w
The Dee, above Balmoral, 1190w
Old Bridge of Dee, 1239w
Tillypronle, 1240w
Kildrummy Castle, Donside, 1241v and 1242v
Craigevar Castle, Donside, 1243v
Aberdeen, from Torry, 1249w

Oban, from the S.W., 507w
Oban and the Sound of Kerrera, from N.E., 509w
The Dog Stone and Dunolly Castle, 512w and 709v
Dunstaffnage Castle and Loch Etlve, 513w and 1478w
Glencoe, scence of the massacre, 690v
Oban and Sound of Mull, 707v
Inelten, from the Pier, 820v
Inelten, looking east, 822v
Tighnabruaich, Kyles of Bute, 823v
Kyles of Bute, 825v
Dunolly Castle, and Bay of Oban, 828w
Loch Awe, and Ben Cruachan, 1039w
Dunstaffnage Castle, near Oban. 1131v
Dunoon Castle, East Bay 1170v
Dunoon, from West Bay, 1230v
Dunoon, from north, 451w and 1231v
Inverary, from the north, 1433w
Inverary, from the south, 1434w
Inverary Cross, Castle aod Duniquaich, 1438w
Inverary Castle and Duniquaich, 1444[w]
Dunoon, from the church tower looking north, 1447w
Oban, from the south, 1504w

Views In Caithness.
Thurso, from the lower road, 631w
Wick Harbour the Herring Season, 1571w
View near the New Bridge, Wick, 1590w
The New Bridge, Wick 1591w
Thurso, from Mount Pleasant, 210lw.

Dumbarton Castle, 335v
Helensburgh, 337v
Dumbarton Bock, from west, 450w
Helensburgh from the Pier, 1152v
Dumbarton Castle and Pier 1161v
View from the Pier at Helensburgh, 1415w and 1416w
At Helensburgh, 1457w

Views in Clackmanan.
Cambaskenneth Abbey, near Stirling, 156v
Cambuskenneth Abbey and Tomb of James III, 157v
Castle Campbell, near Dollar, 259v
A Bit "on the Devon," 380v
Falls of Devon, the Cauldron Linn, 381v
Rumbling Bridge on the Devon, 382v
Falls of Devon, the Devil's Mill, 383v
On the Devon, near Rumbling Bridge, 937w
Castle Campbell, from east, 942w
Castle Campbell, from south-west, 944w
Castle Campbell, from the south, 1147v and 1148v

Views in Edinburgh.
Edinburgh, from the Calton Hill, 33w and 291v
Roslin Chapel, south front, 65w
Roslyn Chapel, north front, 65aw
General Post-office, Edinburgh, 84w
Holyrood Palace, from S.W., 134v
Edinburgh, from the Castle, looking N.E., 151w
Edinburgh and Holyrood, from Queen's Park, 152w
National Monument, Edinburgh, 162w
Burns's Monument, Holyrood, &c., from the Calton Hill, 166v
Princes-street, East and Calton Hill, 167w
Princes-street, looking west from Scott's Monument, 168w
Register House, Princes-street, 173w
Holyrood, from Calton Hill, l83v
Corner of the West Bow, High-street, 190w
John Knox's House, High-street, 196w
Martyr's Monument, Greyfriars, 197w
Heriot's Hospital, 198v
Donaldson's Hospital, 200w
Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat, 202w
the Old Town and Waverley Bridge, 220v
the West Bow, 232v
Scott's Monument, 235v
Hawthornden and Drummond Castle, 239v
Hawthornden Castle, 241w
Holyrood, from the Calton, 289v
Edinburgh, from the Castle towards Princes-street Gardens, -25v
Roslin Chapel, 474v
Queen Mary's Bed-room, Holyrood, 209v
Craigmillar Castle, from east, 582v
Cratemillar Castle, from S.W., 583v
Holyrood and Canongate, from Salisbury Craigs, 587w
Roslin Castle, near Edinburgh, 588v
Princes-street and Calton Hill, looking east, 590v
Scott's Monument, looking to the Castle, 721v
Princes-street and National Gallery, looking west, 728v
Fettes' College, Edinburgh, 868w
Burns's Monument and Arthur's Seat, 875w
the Tolbooth and Canongate, 1028v
Old Town Edinburgh from Calton Hill, 1104w
Granton Pier, from east, 1109w
Scott a Monument and Princes-street, looking west 1110w
Roslin Castle and Glen, 1112w—
Canongate Tolbooth, 1161v
Leith, from Calton Hill, Edinburgh, 1165w
Jeanie Dean's Cottage, St. Leonard's, 1170w
The Prince Consort Memorial, Edinburgh, 1171w.

The above selection of Cabinet (7½ by 4½ inches) Photographs, by Valentine, of Dundee, and Wilson, of Aberdeen, have been carefully selected as faithful and striking pictures of the "land o' cakes". They will be posted free to any address in the Colony.
One for 1s 6d, Six for 7s 6d, or Twelve for 12s.
Sixteen Hundred Views to Select from. List l.]
CHAPMAN, Bookseller, Auckland.

  New Zealand Herald, Volume XVII, Issue 5674, 24 January 1880, Page 8

New Zealand Herald, Volume XX, Issue 6759, 17 July 1883, Page 4

Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XII, Issue 1620, 6 December 1883, Page 2

Southland Times, Issue 9360, 28 October 1886, Page 2

Southland Times, Issue 9360, 28 October 1886, Page 3

Prospective Entertainment. — Mr W. Dougall and Mr James Stewart have recently imported a large number of photographic transparencies for exhibition by their limelight apparatus. At their invitation a number of ladies and gentlemen assembled in Mr Dougall's studio yesterday evening for a private view of these. The apparatus worked admirably and the pictures proved to be very beautiful examples of a branch of photography that has been brought very near perfection in the hands of such artists as Valentine, of Dundee, and Wilson, of Aberdeen.

The scenes depicted were principally from the camera of the latter, and included views of cities, abbeys, cathedrals, universities, castles, and spots famed in poesy and story or for their romantic beauty, from Cape Wrath to Cape Cornwall. Some singularly pretty and interesting animal groups were shown. The inborn love of the Briton for the sea was evinced by the applause which greeted the projection on the canvas of several spirited pictures of yachts under weigh and of huge seas breaking on a rockbound coast.

Altogether Messrs Dougall and Stewart have become possessed of a magnificent collection of pictures pictures which are certain to stir the hearts of those whose homes were once on the other side of the world, while they will interest all as perfect reproduction of scenes and places they have heard of but may never have the opportunity of seeing.

A series of pictures of remarkable scenes in America followed, but these, with a few exceptions were not so good as the British artists' work. Mr Dougall then introduced his own Far South views, and these the spectators heartily enjoyed and applauded.

After a condensed two hours' entertainment Mr John Gammell, B.A., invited the company to testify in the usual manner their appreciation of the beauty of the pictures and the kindness of their entertainers in providing so great a treat. Mr G. Bailey seconded the motion for a vote of thanks to Messrs Dougall and Stewart which was heartily accorded and acknowledged. It may with certainty be prophesied that these pictures will be in great request during the winter mouths.

Southland Times, Issue 11410, 21 March 1890, Page 2

Mr Powell, representing Messrs Valentine and Co., of Dundee and London, having been commissioned by this well-known firm of photographic artists to execute 6000 panoramic views of New Zealand scenery, intends taking a trip up the Wanganui River, with the intention of photographing some of the more striking and beautiful effects with which New Zealand's Rhine abounds.
Wanganui Herald, Volume XXVI, Issue 7904, 9 September 1892, Page 3 

High Street, Christchurch, N.Z.
18283 J.V.

Government Buildings, Christchurch N.Z.
18286 J.V.

Among the passengers by the Aorangi, from London, which arrived the other day in Auckland, was Mr Powell, landscape operator for Valentine and Sons, of Dundee and London, photographers. He has been 20 years in the service of this firm, and has executed missions for them in Great Britain and Ireland, on the Continent, in Norway, Iceland, ect., his last mission being to photograph the landscape scenery of Morocco, Tunis, and Spain.

Mr Powell intends making a photographic tour of New Zealand, North and South, including the lakes and alpine scenery and, as showing the extent of his proposed work, he does not expect to complete his mission till early in 1893.

Mr G. T. Chapman, the well-known bookseller, who has been so long the agent for the late G. D. Valentine's photographs, will control tho New Zealand business. Mr Chapman will conduct Mr Powell through the North Island and his brother, Mr D. S. Chapman, who is now in London, will arrive in the colony in time to arrange for the South Island, so he will thus have the advantage of their local knowledge and general acquaintance with the, colony. The bulk of the series will be ready for the market at the beginning of November, when the tourist season commences. 

The series will prove an excellent advertisement for the colony, as Messrs Valentine and Sons, who are one of the largest photographic firms in existence, intend to place the views with their numerous agents throughout the world. As showing the extent of their operations, they have taken 30,000 views of British and Continental scenery, and have always eight operators in the field, and employ 300 hands.
Taranaki Herald, Volume XLI, Issue 9394, 18 May 1892, Page 2 

White Terrace (sic), N.Z. 8123 J.V.

Kauri Trees, Waitakersi (sic) N.Z. 17237 J.V.

The Boiling Lake, Tikitere, N.Z. 17296 J.V.

Champagne Pool, Wairakei, N.Z. 18017 J.V.

Hell's Gate, Tikitere, N.Z. 17295 J.V.

Bush Creek , N.Z. 17233 J. V.

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