MARSH, Robert George

  Robert George Marsh
 born circa 1862 England
son of George and Rosetta Marsh
arrived Lyttelton 5th May 1874 on the Apelles
died August 1940 Rotorua, New Zealand aged 78

married circa 1887, reg. 1887/3307    
Mary Ann Thomas
died 3 January 1927 at her residence Pukaki Street, Rotorua in her 61st year

1. Ruby Gladys Marsh born circa 1888, reg.  1888/13257   
2. Robert George Stanley Marsh born circa 1895, reg. 1895/16294         
3. Charles Thomas Austin Marsh born circa 1895, reg. 1895/16295, died 13 August 1895, reg. 1895/4305 aged 7 weeks, buried Waihi Cemetery, South Taranaki.

Press, Volume XXXIX, Issue 5680, 1 December 1883, Page 1

In 1887 he patented an improved folding attachment for printing machines, he was then a printer in Wellington.
Evening Post, Volume XXXIV, Issue 114, 11 November 1887, Page 2

Mr R. G. Marsh is about building a four roomed house on his sections situate on Wall's Court Place, which when finished will greatly add to the appearance of our township. We want a few more with the ready to come and do likewise.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XXXI, Issue 3153, 26 October 1895, Page 2

We hear that Mr R. G. Marsh, of Normanby, intends to erect a large two storied shop on the corner section in High-street adjoining Mr Jenkins' cabinetmaker's shop.

Mr C. E. Major reports having negotiated the lease of the business site at the corner of High and Victoria streets from Mrs Espagne to Mr R. G. Marsh, of Normanby.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XXXI, Issue 3207, 6 January 1896, Page 2

Our township is still progressing, and I am informed that Mr R. G. Marsh intends shifting his store to Hawera. Is it that the ready is such a scarce' commodity amongst us that even our keenest business men are bound to fling up the sponge or what?
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XXXII, Issue 3215, 15 January 1896, Page 2

The tender of Mr John Ryan, of Otakeho, has been accepted for the erection of business premises for Mr R. G. Marsh, at Hawera.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XXXII, Issue 3222, 23 January 1896, Page 2

Mr R. G. Marsh has sold out his grocery business to Mr W. Quin, who takes possession immediately.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XXXII, Issue 3263, 2 June 1896, Page 2

New Zealand Herald, Volume LXXVII, Issue 23747, 29 August 1940, Page 12
[The immigrant ship was named Apelles]

This postcard is post marked Christchurch, 12 August 1908.

A Souvenir of the Round Trip
Nineteen Views
Waimangu, Before and After the Eruption.
Published by The Brett Printing Co. Ltd. no 23600.

Album of 12 postcards by R G Marsh of Rotorua, showing the Waimangu eruption of 1 April 1917, the accommodation house before and after the eruption, the hot lake at Waimangu, Frying Pan Flat before and after the eruption, Lake Rotomahana, Guide McCormick, and general views of the thermal district.


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