Lambert and Heatley

Lambert and Heatley
 Peel Street, Lawrence
March 1898 - January 1899

Alfred Gorham Lambert and Charles Edward Heatley
[they were brothers-in-law; both being married to daughters of Richard and Agnes Fellows]

Alfred Gorham Lambert
born 10 December 1872 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand [1], died in 1942 in Invercargill, buried 6 December 1942, block 32, plot 107 Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill, married circa 1901, reg. 1901/2466, Louisa Christina Fellows [2], daughter of Richard and Agnes Fellows.
Charles Edward Heatley
born circa 1873, died 20 December 1901 aged 28 years, buried 23 December 1901, block 14, plot 75 Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill, married circa 1900, reg.  1900/35, Euphemia Fellows, born 11 February 1880 [3], daughter of Richard and Agnes Fellows, she died 27 March 1970 Auckland aged 90 years, reg. 1970/33050, buried 31 March 1970, block 14, plot 75 Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill, [she married secondly Henry Harold Marchant in 1904, reg. 1904/6679].

Tuapeka Times, Volume XXX, Issue 4528, 2 March 1898, Page 2
(this notice continued in the Tuapeka Times until 22 June 1898)

Messrs Lambert and Heatley, who have made a reputation as photographic artists in both Dunedin and Christchurch, have opened a studio in Peel street next to our office. They are capable of turning out first class work, and the public during their stay in Lawrence will have an opportunity of getting work of a class done that can only be obtained in some of the best metropolitan studios. The opportunity is one that should be taken the fullest advantage of. 
Tuapeka Times, Volume XXX, Issue 4528, 2 March 1898, Page 3

Tuapeka Times, Volume XXX, Issue 4561, 25 June 1898, Page 2
(this notice continued in the Tuapeka Times until 13 August 1898)

Messrs Lambert and Heatly [sic], the Jubilee Photographers, announce their intention in another column of giving up business in Lawrence at the end of January, and that up to that date they are prepared to undertake any description of photographic work, either at their studio or at the customers' homes. At the present time they are making a specialty of family groups, which they are prepared to take on the most reasonable terms compatible with first-class work.
Tuapeka Times, Volume XXX, Issue 4615, 31 December 1898, Page 2

Messrs Millar and Austin have opened in Lawrence as photographers in the premises lately occupied by Messrs Lambert and Heatley. The new firm have had a lengthened experience of all descriptions of photographic work in other towns, and having had the studio renovated and improved they are in a position to turn out work equal in every respect to that procured in the larger cities. They solicit an inspection of their work exhibited in their window.
Tuapeka Times, Volume XXXI, Issue 4637, 22 March 1899, Page 2

Charles Edward Heatley, who will be remembered as having been in business some time ago in Lawrence in the firm of Lambert and Heatley, photographers, met with an accident on the Big Hill while proceeding to Beaumont yesterday morning. It appears that he lost control of the machine, and a Mr Brown who came along shortly after had some difficulty in separating him from the bicycle. He was at once conveyed to the hospital, where he died in the evening, few minutes before his wife arrived. No inquest is considered necessary. Deceased was 28 years of age.

Tuapeka Times, Volume XXXIV, Issue 4919, 21 December 1901, Page 2

Distressing Fatality.— On Friday last Mr C. E. Heatley, a young man who had been resident in Invercargill for some time and was well-known about the district as a canvasser, met with an accident which caused his death soon after in the Tuapeka district. He was riding a bicycle and it is supposed that he lost control of the machine on a steep part of the road and was thrown violently against a bank. The fatality is the more lamentable seeing that he but recently married a young daughter of Mr R. Fellows. The remains of the unfortunate man were brought home on Saturday and the funeral takes place to-day from Mr Fellows' house, Nith street. 

Southland Times, Issue 15126, 23 December 1901, Page 2 

[2] register transcribed as Hellows
[3] GenForum posting by Diana Burgess, 6 June 2009

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