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Frederick Charles Binns
by Wrigglesworth and Binns
Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Canterbury, page 209

Frederick Charles Binns (1844-1915), was born in London in 1844, where he was brought up as a civil engineer, but devoted much of his leisure time to amateur photography. Shortly after his arrival in Wellington in 1864 he became associated with James Wrigglesworth and established the partnership of Wrigglesworth and Binns. He became one of the most prominent Freemasons in New Zealand. He married Harriet Mills, their children included Reginald William Binns also a photographer, who married in 1911 to Elizabeth Arrow and Stanley Walter Binns, a clerk, who married in 1909 to Grace Elizabeth Heney. While walking to work on 13 August 1915 with a friend Mr. W. I. Bolam he was struck by a motor vehicle in Victoria Street and received serious head and body injuries. He was taken to hospital unconscious and died early in the afternoon. At the time of his death he lived at 73 Winchester Street, Merivale, Christchurch. He was buried in the Papanui Churchyard on 16 August, his wife Harriet died in 1921 aged 72.

The grave and headstone of Frederick Charles Binns.
9 Nov. 2008

CHRISTCHURCH, 13th August.

While proceeding to business this morning Mr. F. C, Binns, of the firm of Wrigglesworth and Binns, was the victim of a collision which occurred between a motor-car and a motor-cycle with side-chair attached, in Victoria street. Mr. Binns, who is 71 years of age, was by some means knocked over by one of the vehicles and sustained severe injuries which necessitated his immediate removal to the Christchurch Hospital, where he expired as the result of the injuries he had sustained.

The late Mr. Binns was born in 1844 in London, where he was brought up as a civil engineer, but devoted much of his leisure time to amateur photography, and shortly after his arrival in Wellington in 1864 he became associated with Mr. Wrigglesworth, and established the partnership which had continued ever since. Mr. Binns was one of the most prominent Freemasons in New Zealand; he was initiated in 1873 in the Pacific Lodge, Wellington, and was Master of the Lodge in 1870 and 1880. Subsequently he became the Z.V. in the Royal Arch Chapter, was twice Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Wellington (English Constitution), and for a time was also treasurer. With the Pacific Lodge he came over to the New Zealand Constitution, and later on, on coming to Christchurch, he affiliated with St. Augustine Lodge. He was installed as Grand Superintendent of Canterbury in 1902, and on the inauguration of the Provincial Grand Lodge, as Grand Master, an office which he held till his death. He was a foundation member of the Civic Lodge. Mr. Binns was also Grand Master (honoris causa) of Grand Lodge of New Zealand in 1911, and he was also Pro-Grand Master in 1906-08.

The funeral will take place on Monday, at 2.30 p.m.
Evening Post, Volume XC, Issue 39, 14 August 1915, Page 9 

Archives New Zealand - Christchurch, have his probate records dated 1915 and his wife's dated 1921.
Business Change.— Mr Eden George has completed the sale of his photographic businesses at Christchurch and Dunedin to Messrs Wrigglesworth and Binns, of Wellington, and intends retiring from business.
Star, Issue 4563, 7 February 1893, Page 3

Otago Witness, Issue 2393, 11 January 1900, Page 31

(J. D. Wrigglesworth and Frederick Charles Binns), Photographers, 214 Colombo Street, Christchurch.
This well known firm, which has its headquarters in Wellington, was formed in 1870. There is a branch in Dunedin as well as in Christchurch, and the firm is noted throughout New Zealand for the superiority of its workmanship. The Christchurch branch is in charge of one of the partners, Mr. F.C. Binns, who is referred to in another part of this work as Grand Superintendent of Canterbury under the Grand Masonic Lodge of New Zealand.


This postcard photograph may show the skylight of Wrigglesworth & Binns' studio
located at 212 Colombo Street, Christchurch.
Canterbury Heritage said ... The postcard photo was taken in either 1901 or 1902. It is dated by the reconstruction of the Colombo Street Bridge, which was completed in the latter year. Most likely 1901, in which year the 1851 house of George Gould, still visible in Armagh Street, is recorded as having been moved to Addington.

above - a unidentified women photographed in the Christchurch studio of Wrigglesworth & Binns (the chair shown is known to have been in their Christchurch studio)

 above - the daughters of Samuel McMurray and Sarah Jane Hay
photographed in the Christchurch studio of Wrigglesworth & Binns about 1901.

left - Lulu Moata McMurray 
born 25 April 1899 South Belt, Christchurch - died 25 December 1976 Christchurch

centre - Ivy Tuhiwi McMurray
born 4 July 1894 Christchurch - died 15 October 1968 St George’s Hospital, Christchurch

right - Elsie May McMurray 
born 23 August 1891, died 30 July 1944 


previously Hardwicke Knight Collection

 Taken at Wellington 30th December 1897
Ted aged 26 years
Alfred age 23 years
Dud age 19 years

8 April 2012


17 Dec 2011

"Mr Carmichael - Old friend of Mr & Mrs Bowden"

Charles Trevail Bowden


Derek Raymond Murray
"Jess with Derek after Cecil died"
"Derek with his mother taken after the death of husband and father"

Derek Raymond Murray

"Doreen Sickels, Green Island 1916?"

Alice Webb and Robert John Brown married 26 April 1906 at the Woodbury Presbyterian Church, South Canterbury.
Photograph by Wrigglesworth and Binns probably in their Christchurch Studio at 212 Colombo Street. 



NAME: dawn-in-nz said...

Hi, loving your blog.
I'm wondering if you are interested in a photo I have of a woman with a cat on her shoulder. It is a large photo stuck on cardboard but with no photographer's name on it. On the back is stuck a newspaper article titled 'Romance of the Late Dr. Schachner' and in it is mentioned Kate Wrigglesworth (aka Gair) whom he married. I'm presuming the photo is of Kate but I suppose it could be anybody. She looks very similar to the woman in the first two photos in this article with the same curls on her forehead.
Anyway, I'd be happy to send you a scan of front & back of this photo if you'd like it.


Unknown said...

Reginald William (R.W.) Binns, a son of Frederick Charles Binns, was a photographer from Christchurch, NZ who had an Australian connection. He announced the opening "for a few months" of his Nui Tirini Photographic Studio about Australia Day (26th January) 1897 in Goulburn, NSW. Nui Tirini stood opposite the Oddfellows Hall (now Argyle Mall) in Auburn Street. The last mention of him in the local newspaper, the Goulburn Penny Post is in August 1898, and a competitor, the Rozelle Studio announced in December that they had bought all his stock. Also during his brief time in Goulburn (c. 20 to 24 months) he patented a new photographic process http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article108054166.

R.W. Binns appears to have returned to Christchurch, which was maybe his original intention. Is there any more information on this photographer?