WHITE, James Oliver

James Oliver White
James Oliver White died 1 June 1901 at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Neilson, Duncan Street, Dunedin aged 70 years, reg. 1901/3265, married Janet Wallace Pringle, died 22 May 1902 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs McLachlan, Te Araroa, East Cape [1]

1. Barbara White born circa 1855,  died 22 March 1910 Te Araroa aged 55 years, reg. 1910/2715, married 9 December 1881 Castle Street, Dunedin by Rev. D. Johnstone, Thomas McLachlan
1. Oliver James McLachlan born circa 1883, reg. 1883/1096
2. Bessie White born circa 1859 New South Wales, married 1884, reg.  1884/1337 [as Elizabeth], John Buchanan Neilson
1. Olive Jannette Neilson born circa 1886, reg. 1886/8110       
2. Clara Ethel Neilson born circa 1887, reg. 1887/19995       
3. Gwendoline Bessie Neilson born circa 1889, reg. 1889/12146       
4. Gladys Barbara Neilson born circa 1891, reg. 1891/651

3. Mary Oliver White born circa 1860 New South Wales, reg. 3298/1860 Chippendale, NSW, married 24 May 1881, reg. 1881/1278, John Wallace Barclay [reg. as John Walter Barclay] son of Robert Barclay and Annie Barclay, died 4 February 1946 Dunedin [4], aged 88 years, reg. 1946/19583
1. Robert James Barclay born circa 1881, reg. 1881/13640  
4. James White 1863 New South Wales [not confirmed]
5. Janet Wallace White about circa 1867, died 11 September 1906,  51 Stuart Street, Dunedin [2 and 3] aged 39 years, reg. 1906/5557 [as Janet Wallis Pettie], married 22 July 1890 Leith Street Congregational Church, Dunedin by Rev. David Johnstone [5], reg 1890/2618 John Frank Pettie [sheepfarmer of Te Araroa] died February 1934 Te Araroa aged 72 years
6. George White c 1870 [not confirmed]
7. William White c 1872 [not confirmed] 
8. Isabella White born 5 May 1873, reg. 1873/26557
9. Annie Pringle White born 20 December 1874, Roxburgh Cottage, North-East Harbour, Dunedin, reg. 1875/6971, married 1905, reg. 1905/1239, Albert Edward Middleton
White.— On the 1st June, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Neilson, Duncan street, Dunedin, after a long illness, James Oliver White, photographer. Private interment.
Evening Star, Issue 11564, 1 June 1901, Page 4
On the 20th December, 1874, at Roxburgh Cottage, North-east Harbour, the wife of J. O. White Artist of a daughter.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 4021, 7 January 1875, Page 2

M'Lachlan—White. On the 9th ult., at Castle street, by the Rev. D. Johnstone, Thomas M'Lachlan to Barbara, eldest daughter of J. Oliver White, photographer, Dunedin.

Evening Star, Issue 5855, 14 December 1881, Page 2

J. Oliver White
Dalby Herald and Western Queensland Advertiser, Sat 8 Feb 1868, page 3 

  a carte de visite by J. Oliver White, photographer, Melbourne

Professional photographer, travelled from Sydney to open a studio at Roma, Queensland, in 1868. In 1867 he was living in Rose Hill Street, Redfern, working for another (unknown) Sydney photographer. James White - who appears to be the same person - had been working as a photographer at Forbes, New South Wales, in 1862. 
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James Oliver White,
Photographic Artist,

(from Melbourne)
Begs to inform the inhabitants of Roxburgh, Teviot, and Mount Benger, that he has arrived, and is prepared to take portraits and views in the first style of the art. Inspection of portraits taken in Roxburgh is respectfully invited.
James Oliver White,
Photographic Artist,
Hawick-street, Roxburgh.
Tuapeka Times, Volume III, Issue 181, 27 July 1871, Page 4

Scientific Photography.
J Oliver White begs to inform the Residents of Lawrence, Blue Spur, Wetherstones, and surrounding district that he has arrived in Lawrence, and is now prepared to take Portraits in the highest style of Photographic Art, at unprecedentedly low prices, Mr. White invites inspection of the large number of specimens of High-Class Photography now on view at his
Studio, Peel Street,
As his stay in Lawrence will be for a short time only, an early call is respectfully requested.-
Tuapeka Times, Volume III, Issue 187, 7 September 1871, Page 4

North Otago Times, Volume XIX, Issue 904, 23 January 1874, Page 3

 North Otago Times, Volume XX, Issue 918, 13 March 1874, Page 1

J. Oliver White,
Photographer, begs most respectfully to thank the inhabitants of Oamaru and District for the large business he has done since his arrival among them, and begs to inform them that, in consequence of success, he has determined to remain for 14 DAYS MORE. All those who wish to have A GOOD PORTRAIT taken should call at once, as he has determined to leave at the expiration of that time. - 
 North Otago Times, Volume XX, Issue 930, 24 April 1874, Page 1

From advertisement it will be noticed that Mr. J. Oliver White, photographic artist, has opened his saloon in Ross Place, and is prepared to execute photographs in his usual excellent style. It will be remembered Mr. White was in Lawrence some three years ago, when he left some very good specimens of his work. Having procured a portable gallery, adapted in every respect for the purpose of taking photographs, he is now prepared to compete with any artist in New Zealand.
Tuapeka Times, Volume VIII, Issue 472, 26 June 1875, Page 2

Tuapeka Times, Volume VIII, Issue 472, 26 June 1875, Page 3




Those persons who intend taking advantage of Mr. Oliver White's presence in Lawrence, had better lose no time in paying a visit to his studio, as he purposes shortly removing to Roxburgh.
Tuapeka Times, Volume VIII, Issue 489, 25 August 1875, Page 2

Photography! Photography!
J. Oliver White,
(Late of Melbourne),
Has opened his Studio in Ross Place, Lawrence, adjacent to Mr. Fraer's Drapery Establishment, and begs to solicit an inspection of portraits taken in Lawrence.

Having the only good portable Photographic Saloon in the province, J. O. W. is able to produce a superior class of work; and as he is en route for the Lakes, he will remain a short time only.

Copies of deceased friends enlarged or diminished to miniature size.

All classes of Photographs, from 15s. Per Dozen, and upwards.

Cartes de Visits Colored at 1s. each; and Brooches and Lockets, at 2s. 6d. each.

J OLIVER WHITE Begs to announce that he will shortly arrive at Roxburgh, where he will open his Photographic Studio.
Tuapeka Times, Volume VIII, Issue 489, 25 August 1875, Page 3

(Late of Melbourne),
Desires to intimate to the inhabitants of Beaumont, Teviot, Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell, and adjacent districts, that he will shortly visit these districts. Having the only good portable Photographic Saloon in the province, J. O. W. is able to produce, a superior class of work; and as he is en route for the Lakes, he will remain a short time only.

Copies of deceased friends enlarged or, diminished to miniature size. Cartes de Visite Colored at 1s. each; and Brooches and Lockets, at 2s. 6d. each.
Tuapeka Times, Volume VIII, Issue 525, 29 December 1875, Page 1

J. Oliver White
Artist Photographer
(Late of Melbourne)
Has now Re-opened his Studio for a short
stay in Balclutha, prior to leaving for
A superior class of work will only be done.
An inspection of Portraiture most
respectfully invited.
Cards coloured, 1s; Lockets or Brooches do.,2s 6d
LEAVES on 24th inst.
Clutha Leader, 7 September 1877, Page 1


[1] Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXIX, Issue 9441, 28 May 1902, Page 2
[2]  News reached Gisborne this morning of the death of Mrs J. F. Pettie, which took place at Dunedin last evening. Mrs Pettie recently returned to Gisborne from California, whither she had gone with her husband on a holiday tour, and left a few days ago on a visit to Dunedin, being accompanied by her sister, Mrs McCullough. On the voyage South she took ill, and had to be carried, from the boat at Dunedin to the residence of her sister, Mrs Barclay. Mr Pettie left Gisborne on Sunday, but as the Tarawera was unable to berth at Napier he missed the express, and only reached Lyttelton this morning. Mr and Mrs Pettie have been residents of the East Coast for the past fifteen years, and the news of Mrs Pettie's demise will come as a great shock to many friends, by whom she was greatly esteemed.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXXIII, Issue 10767, 12 September 1906, Page 2
[3] Otago Daily Times, Issue 13697, 13 September 1906, Page 6 
[4] Evening Star, Issue 25710, 6 February 1946, Page 4
[5] Evening Star, Issue 8283, 31 July 1890, Page 2 


aricandec said...

Does anyone know if J Oliver White came from Hawick, Scotland? And who was his wife? Was his father John White, & his mother Isabella Oliver?

Anonymous said...

James White married Janet Wallace Pringle in 1854 in Hawick. Their children include
Barbara White c1855
Bessie White 1859 New South Wales
Mary Oliver White 1860 New South Wales
James White 1863 New South Wales
Janet Wallace White c 1867
George White c1870
William White c1872
Isabella White 1873 New Zealand
Annie Pringle 1875 New Zealand

James died in 1901 in Dunedin & Janet died in 1902 in Te Araroa