TEAGUE, Edward

Edward Teague

Later a photographer in Greymouth.

Married Margaret Key 1872/5765 (BDM)
Hester Amelia Teague (known as Esther) born Dunedin in 1873 - not registered. (Heather Bray)
Edward John Teague 1874/14389 (BDM)
Margaret Isabella Teague 1876/9746 (BDM)

Bankruptcy Act Notice
Declaration of Insolvency.
Edward Teague, miner, Waipori. Filed, March 24th. E. ff. Ward, Solicitor.
Otago Witness, Issue 904, 27 March 1869, Page 14

The miners in the vicinity of Mr. Dickson's store met on New Year's Day to spend a few hours in the usual sports of the season. The winners of the various prizes were as follows :—
Quoits.— W. Russell.
Aunt Sally. — John Frazer.
Sack Race. — John Frazer.
Foot Race, 200 yards.— James Butterworth.
Hop, Step, and Jump. — James Butterworth.
Three Standing Jumps. — James Butterworth.
200 yards Race. — James Ross.
Three Legged Race. — John Frazer and E. Teague.
100 yards Race. — John Frazer.
Vaulting with Poll.— Wm. Baptist, 7ft. 9in.
Tuapeka Times, Volume II, Issue 100, 8 January 1870, Page 5

At a meeting held at the Oddfellow's Hall, Waipori on 2 September 1871 a Miners' Association was formed. The proposal being put by Mr E. Teague and seconded by Mr T. Vivian. Teague was one of the thirteen gentleman elected to the committee.
Tuapeka Times, Volume III, Issue 187, 7 September 1871, Page 4

Tuapeka Times, Volume V, Issue 254, 12 December 1872, Page 4

below - in 1873 the price for a dozen carte de vistes was reduced from 25 shillings to 20 shillings.

Tuapeka Times, Volume VI, Issue 283, 3 July 1873, Page 8
(also appeared - Tuapeka Times, Volume V, Issue 262, 6 February 1873, Page 4)

Edward Teague was shown as one of those not entitled to have their name retained on the list of voters for the Tuapeka Electorate as he had left the district.
Tuapeka Times, Volume VII, Issue 355, 13 May 1874, Page 4.

Clutha Leader, 9 July 1874, Page 2 


On Monday, the 9 November 1874, The Hope of Balclutha Lodge, Independent Order of Good Templars, (a temperance society) was instituted at Balclutha. E. Teague was elected and installed as W.C.(it is not known what this abbreviation indicates)
Otago Witness, Issue 1199, 21 November 1874, Page 15.

TAPANUI. (From a Correspondent) Mr. Teague, photographer, of Balclutha, has been here for some days, taking some splendid pictures. He succeeded in taking a very fair view of the transit. I imagine if our American cousins, who went to Queenstown, had chosen the Blue Mountains instead, they would have had much better results, as the sun frequently shone — in fact, constantly- when all around was clouded
Tuapeka Times, Volume VII, Issue 418, 19 December 1874, Page 2

Port of Akaroa
March 2 - Taranaki, s.s., Malcolm, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mrs Vangioni, Messrs Teague and March.
The Akaroa Mail, Tuesday 5 March, 1878.

Akaroa Mail, Tuesday 5 March 1878

At the usual weekly meeting of the Akaroa Hope Lodge, I.O.G.T., held on Wednesday evening last, there was a very good attendance of members, considering that at the time of meeting the rain began to descend pretty heavily. After the usual routine business had been gone through, including the initiation of two new members, and the reobligation of another, the usual harmony was proceeded with. Afterwards a vote of thanks was accorded to the visiting brethren coupled with the name of Bro. E. Teague, who visited the lodge by means of his travelling card, and who has recently arrived at Akaroa from Lyttelton, on business connected with the photographic art. Bro Teague, in response, said he was very surprised and pleased to see the interest taken in the good cause here, as was evinced by the attendence there that evening considering the state of the weather, and thought that the attendance would compare favourably with many a larger town that he had visited. He heartily thanked the members for the welcome he had received, and stated that during his stay in Akaroa, he would not be a stranger to their Lodge. Singing, recitations, and readings followed, and the Lodge closed at the usual hour, with due ceremony. - The Akaroa Mail Friday 8 March 1878.

We have been shown some photographic views taken by Mr Teague, and we must congratulate that gentleman upon the excellent manner in which they are done. Some carte de visite likenesses, taken by the same gentleman, appear to us to be superior specimens of the photographer's art. Mr Teague's visit here is but for a short time, we would impress upon those who may wish to "secure the shadow ere the substance fails," to take advantage of this opportunity, and, "on business thought intent," pay the studio a visit. - The Akaroa Mail, 15 March 1878

We would remind those of our readers who have not as yet paid a visit to Mr Teague's photographic studio, that, if they wish to avail themselves of that gentleman's services, they must do so at once, as his establishment closes on Tuesday next.  

Akaroa Mail, Friday 29 March 1878

Akaroa Mail, Friday 5 April 1878

Star, 17 August 1881, Page 2

Yesterday, some cattle were being driven along Oxford street, Lyttelton, when one of them, being headed, turned into Mr Teague's (photographer) shop. Mr Teague, who was absent at the time, came up promptly, but the bull blocking the way, he could not effect an entrance. Mr Garforth, who happened to be on the spot, managed to get into the gallery, and, at no small risk to himself, seized the animal by the head and backed him out, fortunately before he managed to do any damage.
Star, Issue 4826, 18 October 1883, Page 2

Adjudged a bankrupt in 1887.
Grey River Argus, Volume XXXV, Issue 5981, 24 August 1887, Page 2.

We are informed by Constable Phair that a man named Edward Teague was arrested at Westport today on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses. The warrant was issued at Reefton on the information of a resident of Merrijigs, where Teague is alleged to have represented himself as a photographer connected with Mr Sherlock. He will be brought to Reefton on Saturday, and it is not unlikely that further charges will be preferred against him.
Inangahua Times, Volume XXII, Issue 1259, 8 July 1897, Page 2

   West Coast Times, Issue 10530, 14 July 1897, Page 2 - Papers Past.

above - Attributed to Edward Teague.
The studio furniture shown indicates this carte de visite is possibly by Edward Teague.


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