SMITH, Jane and Richard

Jane Smith and Richard Smith
New American Portrait Gallery
(note: the connection between R. Smith of Lichfield Street and Mr. Smith of Ferry Road has not been established however it is possible they are the same person.)

Richard Smith, born circa 1828 Derby, England son of  Mary Morris and Charles Smith, fellmonger and leather dresser, arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 11 July 1859 on the "Cameo", as a Provincial Government Immigrant, plumber, aged about 31 years, died 14 August 1910, Christchurch, aged 82 years of chronic renal disease, reg. no. 1910/5391, buried 16 August 1910, Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch, block 5, plot 31

he married 1stly, Jane (surname not known), born circa 1826, arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 11 July 1859 on the "Cameo", as a Provincial Government Immigrant, aged about 33 years, died 28 April 1890 Christchurch aged 64 years, reg. no. 1890/2572, buried 30 April 1890, Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch, block 5, plot 31

Richard Smith married 2ndly aged 72 years, 24 September 1900, St Paul's Church, Thorndon, Wellington by the Rev. T. H. Sprott, reg. 1900/4920, Amelia Trillow, she died 12 April 1905 aged 62 years (wife of Richard Smith of at 60 Stanmore Road, Christchurch)

he married 3rdly aged 79 years, 12 December 1907, St Andrew's Church, Christchurch by the Rev. J. McKenzie, reg. no. 1907/6547, Sarah Jessie Fullerton, born circa 1866, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, youngest daughter of Sarah Crossland or Crosland and James Fullerton (gardener) of Barnhill, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, arrived New Zealand about 1906, died 10 March 1924 aged 58 years, reg. no. 1924/1638, she married 2ndly 29 April 1914, 76 Stanmore Road, Linwood, Christchurch, reg. no. 1914/9387, Samuel Albert Staples, born 1855 England, son of Frederick Westfield Staples or Frederick Wastfield Staples and Emma Ruth Price, arrived Dunedin, New Zealand on the "Nourmahal', May 1858. The Staples lived at "Blantyre," 10 Clyde Road, Christchurch, this property was auctioned following Samuel Albert Staples' death in 1927, refer  Press, Volume LXIII, Issue 19018, 4 June 1927, Page 24, Column 1.

Mary Elizabeth Staples formerly Smith, nee Fullerton, Samuel Albert Staples' first wife was previously married to William Randoll Smith (died 1880) the owner of the Queen's Hotel in Christchurch. She appears to be an aunt of Staples' second wife Sarah Jessie Fullerton. She died 9 August 1911 at her residence "Ellerslie" Antiqua Street, Christchurch and gave £500 for a memorial window to be erected in St Michael's Church for herself and her late husband William Randoll Smith.

Lyttelton Times, Volume XIII, Issue 772, 31 March 1860 
Two months before R. Smith opened his New American Portrait Gallery photographic equipment was advertised for sale in the Lyttelton Times.

Lyttelton Times, Volume XIII, Issue 790, 6 June 1860, Page 2
 (this notice first appeared in the Lyttelton Times on 26 May 1860, Page 5 and continued to 9 June 1860)

We have recently had our attention called to a series of photographic prints, manipulated by Mr. Smith of Ferry Road, Christchurch; they comprise views of Lyttelton and Christchurch, stereoscopic views of local scenes, portraits, &c, and we have no hesitation in saying that they are highly creditable to the artist, and will well repay the trouble of inspection. One picture — a view of Mr. Gould's residence — is quite a gem in its way, presenting a crispness of outline and a chiaro-oscuro which we have never seen excelled in any photograph.

Lyttelton Times, Volume XVII, Issue 982, 9 April 1862, Page 4
 [Mr Smith of Ferry Road may be the same Smith shown at High Street in 1863.]

A case of photographic goods consigned to "Smith arrived" on 5 November 1862 on the "Gothenburg" from Melbourne.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XVIII, Issue 1043, 8 November 1862

Yesterday morning another very old colonist passed away in the person of Mr Richard Smith, who was widely known in business circles in Christchurch. Mr Smith arrived in the colony in 1859, and commenced business in Christchurch as a painter, plumber, etc. He was also an expert in photography, which art he practised in Christchurch in the early days. A few years ago Mr Smith sold out his business in High street, and since then he had lived a retired life at his residence in Stanmore road. He was one of the first members of the Canterbury Acclimatisation Society, and also a member of the first Christchurch Fire Brigade.
Press, Volume LXVI, Issue 13812, 15 August 1910 

Mr Richard Smith. Yesterday morning Mr Richard Smith, an old colonist and resident of Christchurch, died at his residence. Mr Smith arrived in the ship Cameo in 1859, and commenced business as a painter and plumber. He retired a few years ago. Mr Smith was a well-known Freemason, and was a member of the first Canterbury Acclimatisation Society and of the Christchurch Fire Brigade.
Lyttelton Times, Volume CXXI, Issue 15384, 15 August 1910

Lyttelton Times, Volume CXVII, Issue 17344, 6 December 1916

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1863
Photographic Artists
- Smith, High Street

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1864
Photographic Artists
not shown

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1865
Photographic Artists
Mrs R. Smith, High Street
R. Smith

Joan Woodward, A Canterbury Album (1987), p. 141
Christchurch 1861-63
Mrs R. Smith

Joan Woodward, A Canterbury Album (1987), p. 141
Christchurch 1865

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