WEBSTER, James Jackson

James Jackson Webster

Death of Mr J. J. Webster
One of Dunedin’s best-known photographers, Mr James Jackson Webster, died on Thursday. Mr Webster became ill about a year ago, and although he continued to attend his business in the Capitol Buildings intermittently, he had never fully recovered.

Born in Lancashire,  England, in 1877, Mr Webster had his own photographic business in Bradford before, he came to Dunedin in 1911. For a time he managed the business of Wrigglesworth and Binns in the Octagon, then established his own business in Gore, Where he stayed for about a year. He returned to Wrigglesworth and Binns, for a short period before buying Muir and Moodie’s photographic business in the Stock Exchange in 1916. He operated on his own behalf until his death, first in the Exchange, and later in the Capitol Building.

He was greatly interested in the Otago Cinematic Photographic Club, as well as the Dunedin Photographic Club. He was a member of the Professional Photographers’ Association, and also took an interest in lodge affairs. Fishing, mainly for trout, was his favourite sport. He was at one time a member of the Dunedin Royal Male Voice Choir.

Mr Webster is survived by his widow, a son (Mr Vaughan Webster), of Dunedin, and a daughter in London.
Evening Star, Issue 26151, 12 July 1947
unknown woman photographed by James Jackson Webster about 9 September 1928
[purchased May 2022]


Masters, 1937-38.

seated at right is Mr. R. S. Anderson
Cargil Road Basket Ball Team, B1
Winners of B Grade Tournament, 1925
[purchased March 2023]

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