Sumner about 1878

Taken at Sumner about 1878
Christchurch, New Zealand.

188mm x 145mm

From left - standing, Capt. Thomas, Dick Offwood, Mr Eccles in white belltoper
seated - J. H. Fisher, Bert Eccles, [baby - not named], Bob Pearce, Mrs Pearce, Mrs Gaul, [two children not named], H. Fisher, Leah Hean, Mrs Fisher, Miss Wykes [?], [child not named]

with cardboard mounting 290mm x 222mm

Scarborough end of Sumner
184mm x 146mm

from left - standing [child not named - Miss Wykes in previous photo], Mr Eccles, H. Fisher, Leah Hean, Bob Pearce
seated - Mrs Gaul, [child not named], Mrs H. Fisher
in the boat - Dick Offwood - carrier, Mrs Pearce, Capt. Thomas
the five other standing to the right "were not in our crowd."

with cardboard mounting 320mm x 250mm

1. Capt. Thomas
2. Dick Offwood
3. Mr Eccles
4. J. H. Fisher
5. Bert Eccles
6. baby - not named
7. Bob Pearce
8. Mrs Pearce
9. Mrs Gaul
10. child not named
11. H. Fisher
12. Leah Hean
13. Mrs Fisher
14. Miss Wykes [?]
15. child not named

1. Captain Edwin James Thomas the husband of Clara Ella Eccles and son-in-law of Samuel Eccles. BDM 1874/11581. \
In 1885 he was master of the Hudson an iron barque of 797 tons, of Southampton, official number 58,998 owned by Shaw, Savill and Albion Company (Limited) of 34 Leadenhall Street, London. It left London for New Zealand on 14 August 1885. In dense fog the vessel ran aground onto the beach at Milford Haven near Temuka on 26 November 1885, Mrs Thomas the captain's wife was also on board. Cargo included a locomotive consigned to the New Zealand Government. The crew and Mrs Thomas were landed safely.
Star, Issue 5483, 3 December 1885, Page 3 and Otago Daily Times , Issue 7421, 27 November 1885, Page 2

2. Richard Offwood (circa 1832 - 14 March 1909 at 20 Essex Street, Linwood)
Another old identity passed away early on Sunday, in the person of Mr Richard Offwood, at the ripe age of 77. The deceased gentleman came to New Zealand in the ship Southern Cross, in 1857 After varied experiences, he finally settled in Canterbury, and started a carrying business so long associated with his name.
Press, Volume LXV, Issue 13373, 15 March 1909, Page 7

Mr Richard Offwood, a very old colonist, died early on Sunday morning, at the age of seventy-seven years. Mr Offwood came to the colony in the ship Southern Cross in 1857. After varied experiences in New Zealand, he finally settled in Canterbury, and started the carrying business so long associated, with his name. Mr Offwood was mar ried twice, and his second wife died four years ago. There were four sons and four daughters, the eldest son. Richard, having predeceased his father by five years.
Star, Issue 9491, 15 March 1909, Page 1

3. Samuel Eccles (born circa 1815 - 3 August 1891)
BDM - 1891/4088 Eccles Samuel 76Y
Eccles - On August 3rd, at his residence, Huesingtree [
Hussingtree?] cottage, Samuel Eccles, father of Mrs. R. Pearce, St. Albans lane, after a short and painful illness. Home papers please copy.
Press, Volume XLVIII, Issue 7933, 5 August 1891, Page 5

4. John Henry Fisher (born circa 1850 - died 4 October 1948) picture framer.
He was responsible for importing many of the fine overseas paintings that adorn many important collections in New Zealand.

5. Alberta Annie Eccles "Bert", born circa 1863 - died circa 1939, she married John Alcock on 16 October 1880 at St Mary's Church, Avonside, Christchurch by the Rev. W. Pascoe.
Star, Issue 3902, 19 October 1880, Page 2

6. possibly Pamela Alberta Pearce the first child of Alma and Bob Pearce, she married George William Lane in 1902.
BDM 1878/5098, 1902/5618

7. Robert Richards Pearce (born circa 1845 - died circa 1899)
BDM - 1899/5090 Pearce, Robert Richard (sic) 54Y

8. Alma Emily Eccles (Mrs Pearce) she married Bob Pearce about 1875


11. Henry Fisher (born 15 November 1834 - died 24 February 1923). The founder of H. Fisher & Son Ltd., Fine Art Dealers. Born in Bath, Somerset 15 November 1834. Henry, with his wife and son John Henry Fisher left the East India Docks on the ship "Merope" on 27 July 1870 and arrived in Lyttelton 26 October 1870. He died on 24 February 1923.

12. Leah Annie Hean (married 1907 to Frederick Alexander Urquhart Saxton ref. 1907/4227) The daughter of John Davies Hean, she is the niece of Prudence and Henry Fisher.
BDM - 1871/5082 Hean Leah Annie

13. Prudence Leah Fisher nee Hean (born circa 1838 - died 1 August 1923)


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