SHAILER, George William

George William Shailer

Portrait & Landscape Photographer
Palmerston North
New Zealand

above - photograph of a unknown man by G. W. Shailer

Mr Shailer, Photographer, has adopted the use of electricity in connection with his business, and he finds the saving of labor and time to be really astonishing. The battery is principally used for the work of re-touching negatives. The wire being attached to the re-touching pencil held in the hands of the artist keeps the pencil in a continued rapid movement so that it has merely to be moved quietly over the surface of the negative instead of the old style of marking out separately and slowly every little blemish appearing on the glass. The time alone saved by this method in an ordinary carte de visite is about an hour and three quarters.
Manawatu Standard, Volume X, Issue 75, 27 August 1885, Page 3

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