Whites Aviation Limited

 Whites Aviation Limited 
Clyde Stewart and Leo White
New Zealand Today - an Album of Aerial Photographs
[thanks to Laurence Eagle for this photograph]


Opening Empire Games 1950, Eden Park, Auckland, NZ
[purchased April 2023]

below - from White's Pictorial Reference of New Zealand Representative Airviews of New Zealand Cities and Boroughs. 

The preface to this book is dated July 1952.


below - 1947, a representative of the 10,000 subjects in the Library of Whites Photographic Division. Produced by the Information and Publishing Division of Whites Aviation Limited, "The Air Travel Specialists," Dilworth Building, Auckland, New Zealand.


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Marcus Castell said...

The aerial view of the central city looks like the centenary celebration of December 1950, when the Archbishop of Canterbury led a service of thanksgiving at the cathedral.