Fergusson and Taylor & Co.

Fergusson Taylor & Co. (FT & Co.) - Publishers (Ferguson?)

High, Street, Carterton, NZ
F.T. Opalette Series

Hastings Street, Napier looking north
photo by Charles Sorrell

Wananui River
Denton photo
F&T no.178 A

Interior of Cathedral, Christchurch
Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept. F.T. Series 313

Interior Christchurch Cathedral, General View form Altar
F.T. Series 615
Printed in Saxony

Museum and Rolleston Statue, Christchurch, NZ

Botanical Gardens, near entrance, Christchurch
FT Series no. 23756

above: Stafford Street looking north, Timaru, NZ
Industria Series

above: School of Art and Observatory, Christchurch, N.Z.
dated stamped 5 September 1904
F.T. Series 94

The DIC Building shown on the right of this photograph would be one of many buildings destroyed in the Great Fire of Christchurch which swept through areas of Lichfield, High and Cashel Streets on 6 February 1908. The adjacent Bank of Australasia building then only about six years old, was saved, firemen having to break the windows to get their hoses inside to keep the fire out. The large four-storeyed Wardell's Building was also saved although damaged. (The Star Friday, 7 February, 1908 page 1, Papers Past.)

The Bank of Australasia occupies a central position in Cashel Street, opposite the Triangle. Formerly it was a two-storey stone building, said to be the oldest of the kind in Christchurch. At present (October, 1902) a handsome building, in brick and stone, is being erected from designs by Messrs Clarkson and Ballantyne, architects. The bank has been represented in Christchurch since the very early days. The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]
The builders were Rennie and Pearce.

below: Breaksea Sound, West Coast, N.Z. Photo by Guy.
F.T. Glossine Series no. 2582A.

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Canterbury Heritage said...

The lack of cables on the newly installed telephone pole dates this photograph to 1902.