PERKINS, William Herbert

William Herbert Perkins

Photography appears to be making considerable progress in Hokitika, and the productions of our photographic artists, Messrs Tait Brothers and Mr Perkins, would compare favorably with those of artists in the same line, not only in New Zealand, but in the other colonies. Both have beautifully executed photographic portraits, and capital collections of views. A short time since, Messrs Mundy and Co., Photographic Artists, of Christchurch, travelled from Lyttelton to Hokitika, taking photographs of the most remarkable points of view on the road. The views of Westland scenery - particularly those taken in the Otira gorge - were splendidly executed, and many copies of the whole series have lately been disposed of, on the Art Union principle.
West Coast Times, Issue 845, 8 June 1868, Page 2

We have seen some views of places in Hokitika and of the surrounding districts taken by Mr Perkins, photographer, of Revell-street, which for clearness and beauty of light and shade equals, if not excels, any description of this beautiful art we have as yet seen executed in this part of the colonies. The portraits of several well known celebrities of Westland are also depicted to the life, and we should think that as a portrait artist, Mr Perkins has few equals. He has attained this proficiency — at least the principal aid to his art is — through having a studio in which the light can be so regulated that visitors, in almost all kinds of weather, are certain of having a true likenses taken. An inspection of his studio will well repay the visit.
West Coast Times, Issue 1330, 28 December 1869, Page 2

Mr W. H. Perkins, a photographic artist of acknowledged reputation so long and favorably known on the West Coast for the beauty and fidelity of his pictures, has arrived here, and will make a short stay. All who require a really faithful and artistic portrait we can confidently recommend to pay a visit to Mr Perkin's studio.
Inangahua Times, Volume II, 5 April 1880, Page 2

Mr Perkins, photographer, has opened his studio in premises adjoining Dowsing and Lines', Broadway, where he has an excellent collection of pictures on view.
Inangahua Times, Volume II, 9 April 1880, Page 2


Toni's Cards said...

I am trying to find out any information on w h perkins as there is a photo of my great great grandfather taken by him. He immigrated to Australia but we are trying to find out where he has come from and whether the photo was taken in Australia or possibly NZ.

Early Canterbury Photography said...

Hello, I only know that Perkins was a photographer in New Zealand, however he may have possibly been in Australia prior to arriving in NZ but I have no knowledge of this.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I live in Greymouth in the house built by William H Perkins, pioneer photographer, in 1876. He named it "Seaveiw Villa" obviously because of its situation on a terrace with sea veiws. His last surviving daughter, died in the house in the 1950's, 1956 if I can remember correctly.