Green & Hahn

Green & Hahn
Dominion Motors Buildings
152 Armagh Street

This partnership commenced about 1928 and continued until at least 1975.

The staff of Green & Hahn - 1940's
Back row (from left) - Rex Mercer, Gwinith Miller, Yvonne Cromie, Rex
Stace, Daphne Smith, May Healey, Maurice Calvert

Front row (from left) - Enid Curtis, Herbert Green, Lawrence Hahn, Charlie
, Dorreen Ellis.
(photo provided by John Stewart LPSNZ)

This advertisement was published in the Universal Business Directory in 1963 and 1964.

Herbert Huxley Green
(c. 1893 - d. 1956)

Born Christchurch about 1893
Died 21 March 1956 aged 63 years.
Buried Ruru Lawn Cemetery block 37 plot 22.
At the time of his death he was a company director living at 22B Rossmore Terrace, Christchurch. Following his death in wife's nephew Donald H. Peat, a Wellington photographer inherited his interest as a partner in the firm of Green and Hahn. His wife Elsie Green died in 1983 aged 89 years. His brother was John William Green, a poutry farmer.

Lawrence Galatius Hahn (c. 1893 - d. 1984)
Born Christchurch about 1893
Died 23 August 1984 aged 91 years.
Buried in Ruru Lawn Cemetery block 9 plot 105.
At the time of his death his occupation was shown as a retired photographer. His wife Lilian Brenda Hahn died in 1962 aged 66 years.
Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database.Link to Green and Hahn photographers Gordon Heyward
and Tom Hutchins

unknown soldier by Green and Hahn
unknown man by Green and Hahn
[purchased May 2022] 


Robert McDougall Art Gallery
Christchurch, New Zealand.
photographs by Green and Hahn

Christchurch Rugby Football Club, Platinum Jubilee - 1946, Senior
back row: A. Cochrane, G. Eggleton, R. H. Duff, P. Bradley, B.T. Robertson, D. Patrick.
third row: R. Fulton, R. Proctor, I. Proctor, R. Clarke, T. Aspell, C. Steele, C. McLaughlan, L.M. Johnson - coach.
second row: I. J. Campbell - club captain, P. Baker, B. Mahoney, J. Morton - captain, B. Lenihan, J. Greig, G. Scrimshaw - coach.
front row: E. Kerr, M.B. Henderson

St Albans Cricket Club, Winners C.C.A. 4th Grade B Competition 1953 -1954 
C. L. Gardner, C. Davies, K. Smith, J. H. Alexander, I. L. Dick, R.H. Kerr, Club Captain
M. D. Prisk, W. S. Doree, Captain, C. G. Crawford, President, I. G. Matheson, H. H. Jay.
Insert C. Pugh (not shown) Absent P. Austin 

St Albans Cricket Club,Winners C.C.A. Fourth-Grade "A" Competition 1949-1950.
from left: M. Wallan, A.C. Keys, L.C.W. Bromley, R.J. Millow, A. Godfrey, P. Collings.
M. Boyd, M. Austin (Vice-Captain) A. J. Millow (Captain) N. J. Bain, A. R. E. Henderson
Matches - Played 18; Won 14; Lost 2; Drawn
(pencil number on reverse 3574)

"Woodlands"by Green and Hahn

"Corso Bales", Oct 1958
photographer's reference number B57

Winners of N.Z. Champion Fours at Dunedin. 1944.
from left: J.A. White (third), A.E. Seymour (second), C. Spearman (skip) at front and W.J. Chapman (lead).
pencil notes on reverse - "Cairn's Clark's Newburgh", "1 1/2" oak stain black" and "As soon as possible 38877 M. Kennedy Secretary"(the photograph is water damaged down left margin)

Ballantynes - City Beautiful

Dunstable House Centennial

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