Martin & Partington

Martin & Partington

Josiah Martin and W. H. T. Partington
Market Entrance

New Zealand Herald, Volume XVII, Issue 5955, 17 December 1880, Page 3

Tawhiao's Movements.
The Maori King continues to be the guest of Major and Mrs Mair, at Devonport. He appears to have been very much delighted with the Regatta yesterday, expressing wonder at the multitude and variety of the pakeha canoes. This morning was chiefly occupied in private visits, the King being accompanied by Mr John Sheehan. One of the incidents of the morning was the presentation to Tawhiao of a pair of orne silk braces, manufactured at Mr Greenshield's establishment.

This afternoon the natives visited Mr Whitson's brewery, and were, if time permitted, to inspect the Auckland glass works, and likewise visit Messrs Martin and Partington's photographic studio for the purpose of having their photos taken by the instantaneous process. Mr Martin is desirous of obtaining a group composed of the king and his followers...

Auckland Star, Volume XIII, Issue 3581, 31 January 1882, Page 3

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