George & Walton

George & Walton
 Charles George, Henry John Walton and Eden George


 Robert H. Wilkins (1847-1914) photographed by George and Walton, 65 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

Christchurch, New Zealand
 214 Colombo Street, Christchurch

This studio operated in Christchurch for about two years and two months from about November 1883 until the dissolution of the partnership on 3 February 1886. The business was then carried on under the name of Eden George.

Charles Manning, later a photographer at 150 Colombo worked for George & Walton as an operator and finisher.- The Star, 14 September 1887, page 4.

 Press, Volume XXXIX, Issue 5679, 30 November 1883, Page 1
(this notice continued in the Press until about 3 March 1884)

 The Industrial Exhibition, Christchurch 1883
... Messrs George and Walton, send a very excellent case of portraits of Christchurch celebrities, all of which were admirable likenesses and very highly finished. Some enlarged photographs, shown by the some firm, were noticeable for their beauty of coloring and life-like appearance...
Press, Volume XXXIX, Issue 5695, 19 December 1883, Page 3

 Star, Issue 5005, 19 May 1884, Page 4(this notice continued in the Star until about 13 October 1884)

Star, Issue 5563, 10 March 1886, Page 2

Star, Issue 5538, 9 February 1886, Page 2


Press, Volume XLV, Issue 7062, 10 May 1888, Page 3
 Photographic mounts bearing the name of George and Walton were used by Eden George until at least May 1888. 

This cabinet card shows the George & Walton name on the front
and the Eden George name on the reverse.

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