Harding and Billing

Harding and Billing

Starvation Point, Otira Gorge, NZ

Port Chambers, N.Z.
Morrois Photo

Mangaio Creek, Wanganui River, N.Z
(the reverse is postmarked 1908)

The Recreation Ground, Nelson, N.Z.

Mananui A Te Ao River Wanganui, N.Z.
(the reverse is postmarked 1908)Stafford Street South, Timaru, NZ

Lyttelton, NZ

The Clock Tower, Oamaru, N.Z.

The Hospital,
Timaru, New Zealand

Looking North from the Cathedral
Christchurch, New Zealand

Timaru, New Zealand
from the Lighthouse

Botanical Gardens, Dunedin, NZ.

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