Alpheus Aldersley

born circa 1849 Hawes, North Yorkshire, England, (birth registered Sep 1849 Alpheus Aldersley at Askrigg vol. 24 page 391), son of Nathan Atkinson Aldersley and Sarah Green, married Ellen Philippa Welsh, (refer marriages Sep 1881 Croydon 2a 420), arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand on the "British Queen" February 1884, died 24 June 1893 Otira Gorge Hotel, New Zealand.

 above - a sketch of the photographer Alpheus Aldersley by Petrus van der Velden made during their trip to Otira Gorge in 1893. The photographer would died soon afterwards.

Sketch 58 from An 1891 sketchbook, 1891, Petrus van der Velden. Gift of W. Fergusson Hogg, 1967. 
Reproduced courtesy of Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (1967-0017-6)

The Wellington photographer David James Aldersley was his half brother.

The 1881 census shows him at 45A North End, Croydon, Surrey, he was then aged 31 years and employed as a China & Glass Dealer. He was living at this time with his sister Jane Aldersley.
Family History Library Film 1341191. Public Records Office Reference RG11. Piece / Folio 0811 / 18. Page Number 30.

Hardwicke Knight lists Alpheus Aldersley at Rangiora 1880(sic) -1893

To raise funds for the Rangiora Wesleyan Circuit Fund, Aldersley arranged an exhibition of art to be shown at the Rangiora Literary Institute Hall in 1885.
Star, Issue 5274, 1 April 1885, Page 4

The Anniversary of the Province was observed as a close holiday at Rangiora, and pleasure-seeking was as usual the order of the day. At 8 o'clock the local "Red-coats" mustered at the new Post Office, and after being photographed by Mr A. Addersley (sic), marched to the railway station and boarded the train for Kaiapoi, there to take part in the Volunteer manoeuvres. Several picnic parties, including one organised by the Wesleyan Mutual Improvement Association, patronised the Grey Bush, always a favourite rendezvous in the holiday season; whilst others spent the day either at the Woodend or Waikuku sea beach. The annual treat to the local United Methodist Sabbath-school was also given, the gathering taking place in the Domain, and proving a most enjoyable one. Tho weather remained fine throughout the day, but a strong easterly wind marred to some extent the enjoyment of the seaside parties.
Star, Issue 6112, 17 December 1887, Page 4

The Easter Encampment.- An excellently executed enlarged photograph of the Easter Camp was on view at Rangiora yesterday in the window of Mr C. Jennings' business premises, and attracted a great deal of attention. The picture, which measures 10in by 15in, was taken by Mr A. Aldersley, photographer, from the terrace on the north side of the Camp, at a time when the battalions were being exercised on the flat in front of the tents, and every detail from the flax-bordered Cust stream in the foreground to the southern terrace in the far distance has come out most distinctly.
Star, Issue 6534, 1 May 1889, Page 2

He was a member of the Ashley Masonic Lodge, No. 1877, N.Z.C. Rangiora and organist for the Lodge.
Star, Issue 7200, 8 February 1892, Page 3 and Star, Issue 4680, 26 June 1893, Page 3

Star, Issue 4680, 24 June 1893, Page 5

Alpheus Aldersley died of pneumonia during a trip to the Otira Gorge with the artist Petrus Van der Velden:
Probably in the year of the letter, 1893, another trip, on which he (Van der Velden) was accompanied by three companions and a hired driver in a covered waggon, took place. The first of these companions was Alfred John Carmichael, a Scot trained as an architect ... who owned a farm "Arthurstone" at Lowburn, Canterbury; the second was a Mr Aldersley, a Christchurch photographer, and the third remains unidentified. The party struck bad weather on the return trip, and Mr Aldersley contracted pneumonia. Although Mr Carmichael hurried on to Bealey to get a doctor he was too late, and the photographer died. In a letter of November 1893 addressed to Carmichael (Alexander Turnbull Library), Van der Velden related that Mrs Aldersley had called with photographs from their "curious trip" and in an earlier letter of August that year ... he refers to the "voyage" and expresses regret at the loss of "our good Mr A."
pages 35-36 Van der Velden by T. L. Rodney Wilson Reed 1976.

Obituary. — A painful sensation was caused at Rangiora on Saturday by the unexpected news of the death of Mr A. Aldersley, photographer, which occurred at the Otira Gorge Hotel early that morning. Mr Aldersley left Rangiora a fortnight ago with a party of friends in Messrs Moor and Son's land yacht for a trip to the West Coast, with the object of securing photographs of the scenery to be met with on the road. The stormy weather experienced in the early part of the week before last made the journey a difficult one, the party at one time being in a snow drift eight feet in depth. Mr Aldersley took a chill, which developed into inflammation of the lungs, and speedily caused his death, notwithstanding the unremitting attention of his companions and the hotel people and the skill of a doctor summoned from Kumara. Mrs Aldersley was telegraphed for, but arrived just a quarter of an hour too late to see her husband alive. Mr Aldersley was an enthusiast in his profession, being particularly skilful in photographing scenery, and the patentee of a process for colouring the views. He was highly respected by all who knew him, and the intelligence of his death caused a deep feeling of regret in the town. He was organist of the Ashley Masonic Lodge, New Zealand Constitution, and his remains will be interred at Rangiora on Wednesday with Masonic honours. He leaves a family of four young children, and much sympathy is felt for Mrs Aldersley. – The Star, Issue 4680, 26 June 1893, Page 3

Alphen (sic) Aldersley aged 43Y 1893/4836 (BDM)

Colourgraphs.- The late Mr A. Aldersley, of Rangiora, was the patentee of a process whereby it is possible to finish photographic views in colours in a highly realistic manner. Mrs Aldersley is just now engaged preparing albums of these colourgraphs, as they are called, and she appears to be particularly successful with her work, the natural colours of the New Zealand scenery being pleasingly reproduced. Recently Mrs Aldersley sent one of her albums to Lady Glasgow (1), and received a letter expressing her ladyship's pleasure at the colourgraphs, which much interested her, being the first she had seen.
Star, Issue 4869, 7 February 1894, Page 3
(1) The wife of David Boyle, 7th Earl of Glasgow, Governor-General of New Zealand (1892-1897)

His eldest son Philip Atkinson Aldersley married on 18 December 1905 at the Presbyterian Manse, Christchurch to Sarah (Lottie) Dudley the youngest daughter of Henry Dudley of Ashburton.
Star, Issue 8515, 6 January 1906, Page 5

Alpheus Aldersley's wife Ellen Philippa Aldersley married secondly to Frederick George Malton on 18 December 1905 at the Presbyterian Manse, Christchurch. The same day and place as the marriage of her eldest son Philip Atkinson Aldersley. (refer BDM 1905/366 and Star, Issue 8515, 6 January 1906, Page 5) She died on 8 December 1944 aged 87 years and was buried in plot 55 block 6E, Sydenham Cemetery. (CCC Burial Index and BDM 1944/30269). She lived at the time at 17 Chrystall Street, Christchurch

Known children:
Philip Atkinson Aldersley (reg Sep 1882 - Aldersley Philip Atkinson in Croydon, Surrey 2a 275)
Frederick Alpheus Aldersley (reg.1885/12304)
Thomas William Arthur Aldersley (reg. 1892/2948)
Florence Annie Aldersley (reg. 1887/6855)


Nathan A. Aldersley late of Christchurch and Keighley, Yorkshire, died at 73 Hopper Street, Wellington on 19 October 1899 aged 74 years. He was buried in the Karori Cemetery, Wellington on 20 October 1899, plot 195B.

Evening Post, Volume LVIII, Issue 95, 19 October 1899, Page 6 and Star, Issue 6621, 20 October 1899, Page 3and Wellington City Council Cemetery Records.
Nathan's wife Faith Taylor Aldersley died at the residence of her duaghter Mrs A. Donaldson Smith, Webb Street, St Albans, Christchurch on 11 December 1900 aged 66 years. She was buried in the Karori Cemetery on 14 December 1900 plot 195B

Star, Issue 6974, 12 December 1900, Page 3 and Wellington City Council Cemetery Records.
The youngest son of Nathan Aldersley, Joseph Henry Aldersley married on 10 July 1909 at 124 Tasman Street, Wellington, New Zealand to Maud Hilder Harmer third daughter of W. J. H. Harmer of London, England.

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Title: Nathan Atkinson Aldersley
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I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the whereabouts of Nathan Atkinson Aldersley in the '41, '51, '61 and '71 censuses. He was born in Carleton-in-Craven in 1826, parents Anthony and Jane Currie, and married one Sarah Green in 1848 in the Skipton Reg. District. By 1855, he was in Keighley and was still there in 1881. His first two children, Alpheus & Jane Anne were born in 1849 & 1851 in Askrigg.

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1861 ref: RG9/3225 Folio 19

Nathan Atkinson Aldersley Head 34 b Carlton, Yorkshire Australian merchant
Sarah Aldersley Wife 32 b Kildwick, Yorkshire
Alpheas Aldersley Son 11 b Hawes
Jane Ann Aldersley Dau 10 b Hawes
Thomas T Aldersley Son 5 b Avon
Adeline E Aldersley Dau 2 b Keighley
Sarah L Aldersley Dau 7 mths b Keighley
Ann Elizth Aldersley Sister 16 b Carlton
Mary Aldersley Aunt 52 Unm b Carlton Visitor
South Street, Keighley, Yorkshire

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Looks like a second marriage
1871 ref: RG10/4321 Folio 34

Nathan A Aldersley Head 44 b Carlton Australian Merchant
Faith Aldersley Wife 37 b Sutton
Alpheus Aldersley Son 21 Unm b Harvs Cabinet maker
David J Aldersley Son 9 b Keighley
Laura L Aldersley Dau 3 b Keighley
William W Aldersley Son 2 b Keighley
Mary H Aldersley Dau 8 mths b Keighley
Elizabeth Currie Serv 19 Unm b Tadcaster General serv
Emma Fallon Serv 16 b Arkengarthdale "
Surrey Bank/Brouthwaite, Keighley, Yorkshire


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