Hemus Sarony

James William Hemus
Auckland later Christchurch

James William Hemus born circa 1861 England, died 13 May 1936 aged 75 years at his residence 11 Buchanan Street, Devonport, Auckland, married 1891
Victoria, Australia, reg. 8249/1891, Nellie Alexandra Pearce [or Alexandra Helen Pearce], she died 22 January 1950 Christchurch
Mr. J. W. Hemus. The death occurred at his home, 11, Buchanan Street, Devonport, of Mr. James William Hemus, at the age of 75. Mr. Hemus was well known in Auckland business circles as a photographer in Queen Street. He was the father of Miss Lalla Hemus, the Auckland cellist and musician. 
Auckland Star, Volume LXVII, Issue 115, 16 May 1936, Page 10
1. Lalla Nellie Bertha Hemus born 1893, reg. 16064/1893 Victoria, Australia, died 9 June 1971 Auckland, married 1stly 1916, reg. 1916/5181, divorced 1919, Angus Gordon Foster, married 2ndly 22 August 1923 Devonport Methodist Church, Auckland, reg. 1923/6026 Edward Napier Stock, married 3rdly George Clyne Lyttleton, he was born 30 December 1881, Rokeby Station, Canterbury, New Zealand, died 20 November 1953 Auckland 
issue with Angus Gordon Foster:
1a. Sonia Fern Foster born circa 1919, reg. 1919/13974, died 16 October 2014, married 1stly 1940, reg. 1940/775, divorced 1945 William Edward Hooper, married 2ndly, divorced 1956, John James Boland, married 3rdly, divorced 1970 or 1971, Ivan Trevor Webster, married 4thly Eldred Reid Clark, born 14 August 1920, died 1983, reg. 1983/47663, married 5thly ... Hayde


unknown men by Hemus Sarony, Christchurch
[purchased May 2022]
Inscription on frame "Allan Roberts died 1920"
Allan Roberts born about 1853 Scotland, died 30 June 1920 at "Langside" Riccarton Road, Christchurch,
children - James Roberts, Inglewood, engineer, Edward Napier Roberts, Christchurch, engineer, John Roberts, Edinburgh, cutter and Neilson Roberts Christchurch, builder.
photograph by Hemus Sarony, Christchurch
[purchased May 2022]

Star, Issue 7741, 30 June 1903, Page 3
The programme for, the evening was a lecture on the “Art of Photography,” given by Mr. Hemus, of the Sarony studios. Within the space of an hour Mr. Hemus traced the evolution of photography from its interesting discovery 130 years ago, through its various stages of development, down to the present time. With the aid of specimens, the lecturer imparted an amount of instructive information. The progress so far made in the perfection of color photography and the methods applied, together with the exhibition of specimens showing the results, proved of particular interest. Interspersing his remarks with the recital of some humorous incidents, the lecturer kept his audience thoroughly entertained, and at the conclusion a hearty vote of thanks was accorded him on the motion of Mr. F. Adams.
New Zealand Tablet, 8 July 1909, Page 12

“From Christchurch to Lake Kanieri” is a very readable and humorous illustrated diary of travel, being the result of collaboration by a holiday party. The “recording angel” was the lady of the company, Ettie A. Rout, shorthand writer, Christchurch, who also designed the very neat “lay-out” of the book for the printer; illustrations supplied by the “photographer,” Hemus Sarony; and cover design by E. L. Hornibrook. The trip is an exceptionally fine one for beautiful and magnificent scenery, supplying the artist with abundance of subjects; and the “skeeters,” ably seconded by their diminutive colleagues, the sandflies seem to have kept things lively. Among the charming half-tone blocks from the photographs is a lucky snap of an albino weka, caught in the act of walking off with a spoon in his beak. “Wekas,” the diarist observes, “are natural-born thieves. You miss your razor, and tho next minute you see a weka shaving himself.” The book, which is beautifully printed, is published at two shillings by the Westland Acclimatisation Society (assisted by a small grant from the State) for the purpose of making the great scenic beauty of the lake and surrounding country better known. It is no flat and formal advertising guidebook, but a real book, bright and witty, with illustrations which are real pictures. The society's enterprise deserves to be rewarded by a good sale.
Evening Post, Volume LXXXII, Issue 151, 23 December 1911, Page 17

Hemus, James William........Viertel and Hemus, 258 Colombo Street, Christchurch.
Viertel, George Oswald........Vertel and Hemus, 258 Colombo Street, Christchurch.
Sarony Art Studios, Charles Hemus, 226 Colombo Street, Christchurch.
At the Canterbury Art Society annual exhibition in 1905.
Raymond T. McIntyre exhibited a portrait of J. W. Hemus.

1906 - Stones Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Directory
Hemus, Jas. W. 230a Colombo Street Chch.
Hemus, Mrs N. A. 119a Chester Street, Chch.
(Colombo Street re-numbered in 1905)


Hemus, James William 758 Colombo Street - Oram's Buildings, SE corner of Armagh Street

1914 - Stones Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Directory
Hemus Jas. W. 758 Colombo Street Chch.


Hemus, Nellie Alexandra, Mrs Sarony Art Studios 226 Colombo Street 1915 (pre 1905 street number), nee Pearce, born Christchurch, married Victoria, Australia, 1891. Specialised in child portraiture

1922 Christchurch Telephone book
Hemus (Sarony) at 83 Rugby Street, Merivale ph. 2191 
1924 - Stones Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Directory 
Hemus Sarony, 83 Rugby Street, Christchurch
Hemus, Nellie Alexandra, Mrs 83 Rugby Street, St Albans, Christchurch


Megan Martin said...

James William Hemus (1860-1936) spent a couple of years (around 1884-1885) in Sydney, working at a photographic studio called the San Francisco Palace of Art in George Street. The Historic Houses Trust of NSW has recently acquired a copy of a cabinet photograph by Hemus titled 'With Christmas and New Year's Greetings from Sydney. Hemus registered his copyright in this photograph in September 1884, at which time he gave his home address at Orchard Lodge, Hereford Street, Glebe Point. In September 1885 he registered two more photographs, this time in collaboration with another photographer named Oliver Godfrey. These were titled Hemus & Godfrey's Christmas Card no.1 and no.2. Hemus was then living at no.11 Mount Vernon Street, Glebe.
Megan Martin, Head, Collections & Access, HHT http://collection.hht.net.au/firsthhtpictures/fullRecordPicture.jsp?recnoListAttr=recnoList&recno=41401http://collection.hht.net.au/firsthhtpictures/fullRecordPicture.jsp?recnoListAttr=recnoList&recno=41401

brisphoto said...

Hi Tony, James William Hemus also worked as a photographer for William True Bennett who was trading as Tuttle and Company in Perth, Western Australia c.1890. He formed a studio partnership trading as Hemus and Hall in Warwick St, Perth in 1891 that continued until 1895 and the firm moved to the goldfield town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 1896 where they traded until 1905. James however is listed in Auckland by 1898 so Hemus and Hall might have traded under his name although he was no longer involved in the studio. He was the brother of Auckland photographer Charles Hemus. Cheers! Marcel