PHILLIPS, Edward Arthur

Edward Arthur Phillips
Rotorua and later George Street, Dunedin

"Will Horton family"reverse inscription "to Aunty Mabel From Nina Steve Huia"
Photograph by E. A. Phillips, Rotorua, N.Z.

reverse inscription "From Steve To Aunty Mable (sic) and Uncle Jack"
Photograph by E. A. Phillips, Rotorua, N.Z.

Mr R. S. Anderson
Photographed by E. A. Phillips, George Street, Dunedin, 1943 
In Dunedin in 1943 R. S. Anderson won the Barnett Cup for best budgerigar

above - Dorothy and Geoffrey
no. 768 B51 (1)



Caro said...

I saw a photograph of EA PHillips today, taken of Owaka in the Catlins. Do you known when he was operating?

Carolyn Deverson.

Early Canterbury Photography said...

The Auckland Library's photographer's database indicates his years of operation were 1915 to 1952

Caro said...

Thanks for that.

Tommy said...

I have a set of wedding photos taken in early 1958 taken in Dunedin by E A Phillips so he was operating at that stage too :)