"J. G."

The identity of the photographer who initialed his postcards "J. G." is thought to be James Gardner, although this has not been positively confirmed.

Mr. James Gardner
Managing Director of the Christchurch firm of J. Gardner and Co. Ltd.
Wanganui Chronicle, Volume L, Issue 12145, 10 March 1908, Page 2

James Gardner was born in Ireland about 1839 or 1841 and arrived in New Zealand about 1873. In 1911 he is shown as an advertising agent of Ferry Road, Christchurch with an office located in the Lyttelton Times Chambers in Gloucester Street. He died at his residence at 103 Ferry Road on 3 February 1914 and was buried in Linwood Cemetery on 5 February 1914. His wife Rose Ann Gardner died on 18 September 1903 aged 52.

His children were Florence Gardner (1880), Arthur Edward Gardner (1883) and Rose Gardner (Mrs William Thomas Maher).

39 - Sunset, Akaroa Harbour
4-? Rolleston Statue and Museum, Christchurch

above: Gardens Christchurch.
no. 48

above: Entrance to Gardens, Christchurch.
no. 50

above - Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch, N.Z.
no. 51

above: River Avon and Gardens, Christchurch.
no. 53

above: The Gardens, Christchurch.
no. 54

above: River Avon, Christchurch.
no. 61

 62 - Botanical Gardens, Christchurch

above: Railway Station, Christchurch, NZ.
no. 64.
dated on reverse 10 July 1913
(this appears to be a photograph of the arrival of the Sheffield Choir in 1911, see photo below. The Sheffield Choir gave three concerts in Christchurch - 3, 4 and 5 July 1911. They opened their Christchurch season to a house of 3,500 in the King Edward Barracks)

from eBay 2010

above: Victoria Square, Christchurch
no. 67

above: Manchester Street, Christchurch.
no. 68

High Street, Christchurch.
no. 69
reverse message dated 1 October 1912
"Here I am still [in] this beautiful city of Ch.Ch."

Victoria St Bridge, Christchurch, NZ
no. 77

above: River Avon, Fendalton, Christchurch.
no. 86

above: Lyttelton
no. 113
post stamped 3 January 1913

above: Lyttelton
no. 114

129 - Riccarton Racecourse

152 - New Brighton

above: The Fountain, Triangle, Christchurch
no. 164

165 - Children's Ward, Christchurch Hospital

above - Cashel Street, Christchurch
no. 167

above - Cathedral Square, Christchurch
no. 169

above - High and Lichfield Streets, Christchurch
no. 171

above - Post Office, Christchurch
no. 173

176 - Hospital Christchurch Hospital

above - Cashel Street, Christchurch
no. 178

above - Press Office, Christchurch
no. 181

above - St Michael's Church, Christchurch
no. 184
"We went here to 11 o'clock service yesterday, I liked it - don't see why they think its funny. It's high church - they have incense & confession."

about - Cathedral Square, Christchurch
no. 208

above - R. C. Cathedral Christchurch
no. 210


above - River Avon, Christchurch.
no. 218

above - River Avon, Christchurch.
no. 219
"What about coming on the river tonight in a canoe eh what wish you could, so do I also. Christchurch is not such a bad place & is nicely laid out. Fondest love from [two illegible words] Frank"


above - The Gardens, Christchurch.
no. 227


above - Botanical Gardens, Christchurch.
no. 228


above - Anglican Church, Papanui.
no. 232
"This is where Uncle Albert & Mrs Ascough are buried."
Albert Edward Ascough died in 1917 aged 44 years (1917/2570)

above - Cathedral, Christchurch
no. 253

above - Lyttelton
no. 268
(purchased from Germany)


above - The Avon, New Brighton.
no. 271


above - Government Buildings, Christchurch.

above - Victoria Street, Bridge, Christchurch

above - reverse

- Rocks, Nugget Point, Port Molyneux
- Bowling, Tennis and Croquet Grounds, Rangiora


Tom Chignell said...

Fantastic to see the photos of the Sheffield Choir. If this was them arriving at the station then I am confident they were arriving from their boat the SS Mararoa which had docked in Lyttleton Harbour en route from Wellington.

I have my Grandfather Philip Henry Chignell's diary of the Sheffield Choir World Tour which has now achieved its century!

Sad to reflect on all the places and building they visited which are now in a sorry state.

The diary is to be published in a book hopefully this year. Feel free to contact me ( if you are interested.


Tom Chignell
Mt Eden Auckland

Early Canterbury Photography said...

Hello Tom, thanks for the message about the Sheffield Choir postcard. Its interesting to see in the photo the large number of people who greeted the choir on their arrival in Christchurch. I looks to have been a big event for the city at that time.

Yes, sadly a huge number of the buildings from that time have now been lost, and the city will be completely different from now on.

Best wishes for the publication of your grandfather's diary, you are lucky that it has survived.