Exhibition - 1878 Sydney and Melbourne

The Committee of gentlemen who have in hand the work of obtaining a series of photographic pictures by means of which Canterbury may be represented at the Sydney and Victorian Exhibitions, met yesterday morning to determine what number of views should be sent, and to make a choice of subjects.

It is gratifying to be enabled to record that by the really generous liberality displayed by Messrs Wheeler and Sons, the photographers appointed by the Committee, the pictorial display will be far more pretentious than had been anticipated. It will be borne in mind that the funds for this work have been contributed by a considerable number of subscribers, who are to get a return in the shape of a collection of photographs, copies of the pictures chosen by the Committee. These subscribers' pictures have to be provided for from the funds, together with the cost of mounting and framing the Exhibition series, and of preparing, in illuminated text, certain statisticalPost Options information. How many pictures each subscriber will receive cannot yet be definitely fixed, the cost of some of the items being a matter of uncertainty, but the number will range from l2 to 18.

As already intimated, Messrs Wheeler and Son have met the Committee in a most liberal spirit, so far as the selection actually to be included in the Exhibition frame is concerned, by presenting a number of additional pictures. The Committee very wisely availed themselves of the offer, and decided upon having a frame of New Zealand wood with a sight measurement of six feet length, by three feet three inches depth. Within this frame 20 pictures will be placed, so arranged as to leave a central space for the illuminated statistical matter.

The subjects selected are as follows: —

Public buildings :
1. Provincial Government buildings;
2, New Government buildings, Cathedral square;
3. Supreme Court, showing the Victoria bridge.

4. Museum and Canterbury College
5. Normal Training College
6. Girls' High School

7. Hereford street
8. Manchester street
9. Strange’s buildings
10. Terminus Hotel

City scenery
11. Public gardens, showing footbridge
12. Madras bridge and river view
13. Rear of Provincial Government buildings, seen through opening in foliage

General representative scenery
14. Waimakariri Gorge ridge
15. Cheviot Hill station
16. Valley scene, Canterbury Plains, showing indigenous vegetation
17 Dyer's Pass, showing harbour and Peninsula hills
18. Sumner
19. Craigieburn cutting
20. Entrance to the Otira Gorge

In addition to the extra views included in the foregoing list, Messrs Wheeler and Sons have also presented to the Committee all the pictures for a supplementary frame. These include two splendid panoramic pictures of unusually large size, one of Christchurch and the other of Lyttelton ; a smaller panoramic picture, a gem of photography, showing the beautiful harbour of Akaroa; and two other pictures of scenery.

Mr T. S. Lambert, a member of the Committee, is preparing a sketch design for the plan of mounting and the illuminating, and in the course of a few days, the final arrangements of the Committee will have been made. We may be permitted to suggest that the Committee should - if possible - arrange to have the Exhibition series on view for a few days. - The Star, Issue 3486, 13 June 1879, Page 4

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