Burrell and Moffatt


Burrell and Robert Moffat

 The Star, Issue 5772, 10 November 1886, Page 2

The Star, Issue 5977, Friday, 17 September 1897, Page 2

Another inmate of the Old Men's Home passed away to-day in the person of Robert Moffatt, a man of over seventy years of age, who was at one time a photographer in Ashburton, and once conducted a similar business in Oxford Terrace, Christchurch. He has been confined to bed for the last three months, old age being really his trouble and the cause of his death. He, like the man who died in the Home on Monday, had also been a soldier, and was a corporal in thee Rifle Brigade, in which he served in the Crimea. He had high testimonials from his officers, and one by the Captain of his company is very flattering to the deceased, who had acted for a lengthened period in the capacity of assistant clerk at the Inspector General's office at Scutari. He bought his discharge from his regiment.

Ashburton Guardian, Volume XVIII, Issue 4296, 16 September 1897, Page 3

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