LEIGH, John Henry

John Henry Leigh 
(John H. Leigh Studio)
 4 New Regent Street, Christchurch
John Henry Leigh (1) commenced business at 4 New Regent Street in about 1946 in partnership with Terence Oswald Finnerty (2), under the name of the Finnerty-Leigh Studio. After about two years Finnerty left to open a studio in Cathedral Square. Leigh continued at 4 New Regent Street on his own account until about 1951 when he moved to 9 New Regent Street. He was still in business at this address in 1957. 


R.N.Z.A.F.- Trained In Photography
Camera Craft Ltd, was established in 1950 by Mr J. H. Leigh, its present managing director. Mr Leigh was trained in photography while serving on the R.N.Z.A.F. during World War 11.

In 1947, Mr Leigh started up his own studio as a professional photographer and later on, realising the potential of retailing as goods became more freely available, started off the present business. His initial stock consisted mainly of picture frames, film and a few box cameras. After one year’s retailing, Mr Leigh decided to move from hs premises in Victoria Street and purchased two shops in New Regent Street, thus enabling him to have both the studio and retail under one roof. The retail business flourished with this change, and in 1958 the studio was closed and replaced by a sports shop, this being bought about by Mr Leigh’s keen interest in trout fishing. In 1965 a branch shop was opened in Hay’s City store.

Mr Leigh went to the photographic trade fair, “Photokina,” in Cologne during 1966 to keep abreast with the latest equipment. Whilst in Germany, he managed to visit many camera-manufacturing factories, the highlight being the Leitz works in Wetzlar. He is an authorised Leica dealer. Camera Craft, Ltd, expands further with the opening of a new shop in Hay’s, Northlands.
Press, Volume CVII, Issue 31515, 1 November 1967, Page 30
unknown woman photographed by John Henry Leigh 20 May 1952
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notes:- (1) possibly John Henry Leigh, born 20 December 1914, died 1975 - Refer NZ Births, Deaths and Marriages database. (2) Terence Oswald Finnerty died on 26 October 1994 aged 82 years and was buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North (Palmerston North City Council Cemetery database). Also see Finnerty-Wislang Studio.