Exhibition - 1895

The Industrial Exhibition

The exhibits of photography show that the art has attained a high stage of development in Christchurch. More charming portraits than the "platinettes" of Messrs Standish and Preece, the Christchurch photographers to Lord Glasgow, it is impossible to imagine. Some are taken with the Rembrandt light, others are delicately tinted. Several fine handfinished bromide enlargements are included in Messrs Standish and Preece's handsome case.

Mr W. E. Sorrell displays an admirable collection of "untouched" nikko enlargements. The Alpine scenes from, Mr J. J. Kinsey's negatives, and the illustrations of the s.s. Gothic, are particularly fine, and the portraits are excellent. Mr Sorrell also shows an extensive and very good collection of ordinary photographic portrait work.

Messrs Wheeler and Sons' photographs of landscapes and groups are excellent. The enlargement of a panoramic view of Mount Cook and its surroundings is splendid, and as much may be said for the other enlarged pictures of Alpine and other scenery.

Mr G. Wilson shows well-made and highly-finished cameras and other requisites for photographers.
Star, Issue 5359, 10 September 1895, Page 4

A few notable additions have been made to the exhibits...Mr Sorrell has added to his stand an exceedingly fine enlarged portrait of a little girl, taken from a cabinet photograph. It is four feet long by two feet six inches in width, and is printed on "Star" paper, an Australian production of the nikko type. It ia beautifully soft and clear, and altogether an excellent picture...
Star, Issue 5371, 25 September 1895, Page 2

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