FARRELL, W. and Co.

W. Farrell and Co.
121 St Asaph Street

Star, Issue 4750, 16 September 1893, Page 4

"house where I was born - Colombo Road, Christchurch, New Zealand
Charles Garcy Giddings"

above and below
Charles Garcy Giddings by the Gore photographer D. Parker.

Charles Garcy Giddings was born 14 June 1890, Christchurch, New Zealand and died 31 March 1971, in San Diego, California. He was the son of Henry Boyle (or Boyer) Giddings and Louisa Florence Giddings nee Harrow.

1890/11400 Giddings Garcia Charles Louisa Florance Henry Boyer
1889/3620 Louisa Florence Harrow and Henry Boyle Giddings

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