DEVERIL, Herbert

Herbert Deveril

known as Albert Edwin Ekins until about 1862

born 9 April 1840 Ware, Hereford, England
son of Elizabeth Heasler and George Ekins
bapt 4 March 1838 St Mary the Virgin Church, Ware
 arrived Wellington, New Zealand on the "Tararua" from Melbourne 1 April 1873
returned to Australia after November 1888 and before May 1889
 died 24 August 1911 Blackwood Street, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
 buried 25 August 1911 Townsville Cemetery, Queensland, Australia

New Zealand Government Photo-lithographer and "Government Photographer" - April 1873 to about July 1878.
Photographer - Lambton Quay, Wellington - about November 1878 to May 1879.
Portrait photographer for James Bragg - August 1880 to December 1880.
Photographer - Cuba Street, Wellington - about December 1880 - not after 31 July 1882.

succeeded by Phillips and Pollard about July 1882 

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

 The Ballarat Star (Victoria), 9 May 1866, page 1

It is worthy of mention that Messrs Flintoff and Deveril, Sturt street, Ballarat, are manufacturers of photographic materials which have achieved some reputation among the trade in the metropolis and throughout Victoria. At the Intercolonial Exhibition the firm obtained "honorable mention" for their collodions and photograhic (sic) dry plates.
The Ballarat Star (Vic.), 15 March 1867 page 2 

The Argus (Melbourne), 30 March 1867, page 8

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Argus (Melbourne), 8 May 1867, page 1

Record (Emerald Hill), 5 October 1871, page 1 
 Herbert Deveril last advertised as the Manager of Small's New Arcade Portrait Rooms in The Record and Emerald Hill and Sandridge Advertiser (Victoria) on 20 February 1873.

Wellington, New Zealand

"Either Falconer or George Macdonald"

A gentleman of the name of Deveril has arrived from Melbourne to take charge of the photo-lithographic branch of the General Government printing-office under Mr. Didsbury. We believe that Mr Deveril fully understands his work. He had a very good business of his own, as photographer, and was selected and specially instructed by the photo-lithographer to the Victorian Government at the request of and for the New Zealand Government.

We understand that his branch of the printing office will be in working order in about a month.

Evening Post, Volume IX, Issue 47, 7 April 1873, Page 2

Port of Auckland. Passenger list - inwards.
Per Rowena from Tauranga Mr Deveril.

New Zealand Herald, Volume XIII, Issue 4421, 14 January 1876, Page 2

Mr H. Deveril, the Government photographer, arrived overland from Wellington via Rotomahana and the Hot Lake district last week. Mr Deveril has been engaged taking photographs of the Terraces and Inland Lakes for the Philadelphia Exhibition, and has succeeded in obtaining some magnificent pictures. We have never before seen any photographs of the Terraces anything equal to those taken by Mr Deveril, who is evidently not only a master of the art photography, but a true artist; the entourage of the primary object of his pictures being in all cases carefully studied. During his stay in Tauranga Mr Deveril took some splendid views of the town, of the Government Buildings, and of the Wairoa Bridge. Not the least interesting feature in the New Zealand Compartment, in Philadelphia Exhibition will be the photographs of various portions of the colony taken by Mr. Deveril.— Bay of Plenty Times.

New Zealand Herald, Volume XIII, Issue 4427, 22 January 1876, Page 2

Amongst the New Zealand exhibits sent to the Philadelphia Exhibition was a collection of splendid photographs (59) of scenery at and near the Rotomahana hot springs and terraces. These pictures were taken by Mr Herbert Deverill (sic), of the Government Photo-lithographic Office, and far surpass any pictures of the kind we have before seen as conveying a distinct idea of the wonders of this region. Some of the photographs were taken at considerable personal risk. Amongst these may be mentioned the interior of the cauldron at the top of the white terrace, which was taken during one of the rare moments when it was empty, and another is the interior of the Crow's Nest. There are also some excellent pictures of Maoris in the district, and one of a Runanga House, which exceeds anything of the kind ever before photographed. - Wellington Argus.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XIII, Issue 4548, 12 June 1876, Page 2

New Zealand Exhibits at the Philadelphia Centenial [sic].
The correspondent of the Herald at the Philadelphia Exhibition writes:-
... Social scenes in Maori life are also here depicted with the faithful rendering of the camera by Mr Deveril and Mr Mundy, while Burton Brothers, of Otago, contribute a collection of photographic gems that cannot be beaten ...

Thames Advertiser, Volume IX, Issue 2354, 27 June 1876, Page 3


Conversazione at the Colonial Museum.
A very brilliant social gathering took place at the Colonial Museum on Saturday evening, on the occasion of a conversazione given by the director, Dr. Hector, C.M.G., F.R.S., on his return from his recent visit to Europe and America. About 400 guests were present, including many members of both Houses of Parliament, and all the leading social and scientific notabilities of the city. The Museum was well lighted with gas, and the numerous objects of interest were seen to great advantage. In addition to the ordinary collection there were several special exhibits which excited much attention ... In the gallery was displayed to the best advantage a superb collection of photographs, the subjects ranging over an immense variety, including views in Europe and America, copies of famous pictures, illustrations of celebrated buildings and other structures, photographs taken by the Challenger Expedition, others of New Zealand scenery, taken by Messrs. W. T. L. Travers, F.L.S., and H. Deveril; railway bridges in New Zealand, and special locomotives built for this colony including the Fairlie double-bogie engine, the Fell central-rail engine, and others built at the Avonside Works — exhibited by the Public Works Department. All these attracted much notice, and were carefully studied. The main interest, however, centred in the Lecture Hall, where a number of photographic views of the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition and of American scenery were shown, projected on a screen by the lime-light, which brought out all the minutest details with wonderful clearness. Dr. Hector gave an exceedingly interesting explanatory comment on the views as exhibited.
Evening Post, Volume XIV, Issue 98, 23 October 1876, Page 2

Mr. Deverill (sic), the Government Photographer, is about to start on a three months' photographic expedition round the Middle Island, and will leave if possible by the Hawea this afternoon. He will land at Lyttelton and will proceed along the coast southwards photographing all the places and scenes of interest en route in the vicinity. From Dunedin he will go similarly along the railway course to Invercargill, and thence to Lakes Wakitipu, Wanaka, and Hawea, and afterwards round the Sounds of the West Coast, and through the interior of the island.
Evening Post, Volume XIV, Issue 134, 5 December 1876, Page 2

A telegram from our Wellington correspondent states that Mr. Deverill, Government photographer at Wellington, is going on a three months tour, for the purpose of taking photographs of New Zealand scenery. We shall be glad to learn whether Mr. Deverill goes at his own expense, or this is another of the fancy notions of Government for obtaining cheap pictures of New Zealand scenery.
Auckland Star, Volume VII, Issue 2130, 6 December 1876, Page 2

Author/Contributors: Koch, A. (Augustus), 1834 or 1835-1901.; Deveril, Herbert.
Photo lithographed at the Govt Printing Office, Wellington, N. Z. by H. Deveril.
Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

The Government photo-lithographic department at Wellington, perhaps more than any other in the service, possesses elements of much interest, and as the range of its operations extends, its special value is more widely felt in picturing the Colony as it appears with the addition of the numerous works of public improvement which are continually going on among us.

Under the able management of Mr Herbert Deveril, a gentleman of well-known ability and extensive experience in his profession, it has already accomplished much in revealing at a distance many places of note in the Colony, the large and varied collection of pictures forwarded to the Philadelphia Exhibition amply testifying to that fact, and thus enabling sightseers at the world's great show to form some idea of our resources and the extent to which they are being utilised.

Following up this useful work he has so well began, Mr Deveril having already done the North Island to a certain extent has now undertaken a tour of the South Island, and arrived at Milton in the early part of the week en route for the Lakes district, where he will find plenty of scope for his artistic genius for some weeks to come. Provided with an assistant and a comfortable covered conveyance, with a pair of good nags and appointments to match, there appeared nothing wanting in the "rig out" to enable the artist to indulge to his heart's content in photographing any and every object of special interest to be met with and what with the opening of the Tuapeka railway line, the mining and other features on the way, there is no doubt but Mr Deveril will, as heretofore, be able to give a very good account of his time on returning to headquarters.

The tour will probably extend over three months, although, of course, much depends on the weather, and in this respect the expedition has not as yet been very fortunate, the stormy blasts of the past few days being anything but favorable for field work. As a large collection of pictures are at present on hand, it is more than probable that on the results of this tour being prepared they will be made available amongst the various public bodies, as a complete set of views will likely be then arranged, Which, not only as works of art, but as mementos of what we were in our younger days, are sure to prove of considerable interest hereafter.

Bruce Herald, Volume IX, Issue 875, 26 January 1877, Page 5

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Photograph of the Wanaka Hotel. Gibbs, James Joseph, fl 1963 :Photographs of New Zealand towns and cities. Ref: PAColl-4374-02. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911 :Gabriel's Gully, Otago. Ref: PA7-45-08. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911 :Gabriel's Gully, Otago. Ref: PA7-45-11. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911 : Queenstown. Ref: PA7-46-39. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

 Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Manuka Creek, Otago - Photograph taken by Herbert Deveril. Gibbs, James Joseph, fl 1963 :Photographs of New Zealand towns and cities. Ref: PA7-46-01. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Railway bridge over the Tokomairiro River - Photograph taken by Herbert Deveril. Scott, Mrs :Original and mounted photographic prints. Ref: PA7-46-43. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911 :Chinese gold miners by the side of the Tokomairiro River, Otago. Ref: PA7-46-19. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911. Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911 : Photograph of Woolshed Valley, Otago, showing the railway bridge over the South Tokomairiro River. Ref: PAColl-8197. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Alexandra, on the junction of the Clutha and Manuherikia Rivers. Scott, Mrs :Original and mounted photographic prints. Ref: PAColl-2321-01. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Mr. Deverill, the Government photographer, has just completed a magnificent set of photographic views of New Zealand scenery for the General Assembly library. They are most masterly specimens of the photographic art, and infinitely surpass any photographs of scenes in New Zealand which ever yet have come under our notice. The places so ably illustrated by Mr. Deverill comprise almost every part of the colony, and include a host of exquisite lake scenes, and some admirable views of the Pink and White Terraces at Rotamahana and some of the geysers in that neighborhood. They are of unusual size, measuring 15 inches by 12, and it may be imagined what a formidable undertaking it was for Mr. Deverill to carry about his apparatus and glass plates of such a size over the difficult and sometimes almost inaccessible country in which some of his happiest efforts have been made.
Evening Post, Volume XV, Issue 170, 23 July 1877, Page 2

The Civil Service. No.8, The Public Works Department (continued)
... The Photo-Lithographic Office has recently been removed from the control of the Government printer and placed under the control of the Chief Draughtsman of the Public Works Department; but the new arrangement does not work very well, and already there have been rows terminating in an official enquiry into disputes between Mr Wrigg and Mr Deverill, the Photo-lithographer. This officer is an excellent artist, and was brought down from Melbourne to establish the art here. This he has done most successfully, and the result has been an enormous saving to the Colony all plans, &c, being reproduced by the process at a fiftieth part of the cost of making tracings in the ordinary manner, and with greater accury [sic], as the "instrument can't lie." In intervals of leisure Mr Deverill has visited almost every part of the Colony, and collected a magnificent series of views, undoubtedly the most extensive and best executed series of New Zealand views ever collected. They will be shown at the Paris Exhibition. Those of the North Island attracted a good deal of attention at the Philadelphia Exhibition...

Otago Daily Times, Issue 5019, 20 March 1878, Page 2 

The Government photo-lithographic department is about to be reorganised out of existence — at least, what is left of it will be incorporated with the Surveyor General's Department. In consequence of these changes, Mr. Deverill, who has been at the head of the department for about four years, will retire. It is with regret that we announce this retirement. This gentleman is something more than a mere photographer — he is an enthusiast in his profession, and he has been untiring in his efforts to adapt photography to lithography, and vice versa. To him are due several most important improvements in the method of doing the work, saving time and money, while the efficiency of the process has been increased. The result of his labors is indeed best shown in the work he has turned out from his dingy and cramped gallery at the rear of the Government Printing Office. Some time ago Mr. Deverill, was sent away to take a number of photographs of New Zealand scenery, for some purpose which we believe was never made public, and he will leave behind him a magnificent series of cabinet views, the lithographed copies of which can only on close inspection be distinguished from the originals.
Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 151, 25 June 1878, Page 2 

There will be a grand display of dissolving views of New Zealand scenery as an additional attraction to the Working Men's Fine Arts and Industrial Exhibition to-night. The display will be under the direction of Mr. Deverill, the Government photo-lithographer, and the views are shown by the kind permission of Dr. Hector and the Government. We can assure our readers that the views are well worth seeing.
Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 166, 13 July 1878, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 166, 13 July 1878, Page 3

Mr. Deverill the late Government photographer, has commenced business on his own account, and has taken part of the old Club premises. In front, when finished, there will be an open vestibule, paved in Minton's tiles, with decorated wall, statues, photographs, &c, and this leads into a reception room. There is a suite of dressing rooms, and the operating room is at the rear, upstairs. This is 50 feet long, with purple-brown walls, picked out with gilt moulding. All the furniture is not yet there, but Mr. Deverill has for some time past been taking photographs. Mr. Deverill was, when in Melbourne, the Editor of the Australian Photographic Journal [published in Melbourne 1867-1868 - note 1.], and was an acknowledged authority on photographic matters. He was selected by the Victorian Government to come to New Zealand to establish and take charge of the Government photo-lithographic department. During the time be has held that position he has made his name known for the views of New Zealand scenery which he has taken for the Government.
Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 273, 18 November 1878, Page 2

WANTED, smart Lad. Apply to Deverill, late Government Photographer, Lambton Quay.
Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 273, 18 November 1878, Page 3

 Evening Post, Volume XVII, Issue 326, 23 January 1879, Page 3

His Excellency the Governor [George Phipps, Marquess of Normanby] visited Mr. Herbert Deverill's photographic studio, Lambton Quay, this morning, and sat to Mr. Deverill for a series of portraits.
Evening Post, Volume XVII, Issue 327, 24 January 1879, Page 2


 Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 2, Issue 113, 20 March 1879, Page 2

Mr Deveril, who was for some six years in charge of the Government Photographic Department, has opened in Wellington a photographic establishment on Lambton Quay, nearly opposite the Government buildings. No expense has been spared to ensure the comfort of visitors, and the operating room or gallery is probably the finest in the Colony. Especial dressing and waiting rooms are kept for country visitors whose wants are cared for in every conceivable way, and the specimens of work we have seen prove Mr Deveril's capabilities as a photographer. Mr Deveril's portrait rooms are the nearest to the Railway Station, tramways passing the door.
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 2, Issue 139, 21 April 1879, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XVII, Issue 400, 22 April 1879, Page 3


Meeting of Creditors.

A meeting of creditors in the estate of Herbert Deverill photographer, Lambton Quay, was held at his establishment to-day. Mr. W. Clark was voted to the chair. Mr. Deverill explained to the meeting that in consequence of a bailiff being put in possession for rent, he considered it only fair to his other creditors at once to call them together and explain his position. He stated his liabilities to be about £550 and assets £400. When first he rented his business premises (which were then in course of erection, and for which he had to pay a rental of £370 per annum) he was promised possession some months before obtaining it. To this delay, and to the fact that he had to pay two hands, who were walking about the streets waiting for the premises to be finished, he attributed his present position.

His secured creditors are:- R. Burrett, £135; M'Credie (rent), £125. The principal unsecured creditors are W. Nicholson. £85 9s 4d; T. J Ladd, £58 15s 9d; F. J. Mountain, £50; Felton, Grimwade a Co., £44; D. Chisholm, £30; W. Clark, £21 8s 2d. It was proposed by Mr. Lancaster and seconded by Mr. Alcorn that the debtor should assign his estate to Mr. H. Elliott for the benefit of his creditors. This was carried. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings.
Evening Post, Volume XVII, Issue 513, 19 May 1879, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XVII, Issue 514, 20 May 1879, Page 3

In the Exchange Land Mart. On Thursday, 31st July, 1879, At 2.30 o'clock p.m. In the Assigned Estate of Matthew M'Credie, of Wellington, Ironmonger. T. Kennedy Macdonald & Co. are favored with instructions from E. W. Mills, Esq to sell by public auction, on the above date, absolutely, Without reserve, the whole of the undermentioned stock and properties, being the several assets held by Mr. Mills in the above estate ... Lot 5. The equity of redemption of all that magnificent property situated in Lambton Quay (known as the old Club premises), being an allotment of land having a frontage of 60 feet to Lambton Quay by a depth of 135 feet, on which is erected the finest retail ironmongery premises in the city, built of wood, and lathed and plastered throughout, together with the splendidly fitted up photographic atelier and offices lately occupied by Mr H. Deverill, and first-class suites of chambers for professional gentlemen on the upper floor. The mortgage upon this property is about £4000.

Evening Post, Volume XVIII, Issue 25, 29 July 1879, Page 4 

A survey map of Wellington and its country districts has long been urgently wanted. Such a map has now been prepared by Mr. Herbert Deverill, who left a copy at our office this morning. It is on a good bold scale of an inch to the mile, and shows the sections, acreage, and boundaries of each district with great clearness. We understand the map will be sold both in plain lithograph and colored. Now that so much agitation is going on about opening up our country districts it is very desirable that everyone who interests himself in the question should possess an accurate knowledge as to the exact position of each block to which additional means of access is needed, and also of the natural facilities and difficulties presented by each route. The publication of Mr. Deverill's map will remove many of the misapprehensions which at present exist on these and other subjects. Its preparation has occupied a considerable time and cost the author no little expense and trouble, and it is therefore to be hoped that he will meet with some compensation in the shape of a ready and extensive sale. The map is beautifully lithographed by Mr. Burrett.
Evening Post, Volume XIX, Issue 79, 7 April 1880, Page 2 

 We regret to hear that Mr. M'Coll, who has been for some time in charge of the Government photographic and lithographic departments, died yesterday at Tauranga. The deceased was an officer of the Otago Provincial Government, and upon the abolition of the provinces he came to Wellington, and was attached to the survey department. As it was considered unnecessary that two establishments of the same nature should exist under the General Government, Mr. M'Coll, being the older officer, was placed in charge of the whole Government lithographic department, and the services of Mr. Deveril dispensed with. Mr. M'Coll had for some months been suffering from the poisonous effects of bichloride of mercury absorbed into his system during his work, and as a last resource had been advised to try the effect of the hot springs unfortunately without any beneficial effect. We believe his remains are to be brought on to Wellington.
Evening Post, Volume XIX, Issue 82, 10 April 1880, Page 2

We notice by advertisement in another column that Mr. Bragge, of Lambton Quay, has secured the services of Mr. Deveril, the late Government photographer, who will conduct the portrait business in future. From his well known ability as an artistic photographist, we have no doubt of Mr. Deveril being able to satisfy his visitors, and we wish Mr. Bragge every success in his venture.

Evening Post, Volume XX, Issue 178, 2 August 1880, Page 2


WANTED Known — Deveril, the Photographer, is no longer with Mr. Bragge, but has opened new rooms in Cuba-street. Cartes-de-visite from 7s 6d per dozen, will neither fade nor spot. N.B. Children by the instantaneous process.
Evening Post, Volume XX, Issue 295, 17 December 1880, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XX, Issue 305, 31 December 1880, Page 3


In February 1881 he was the honorary secretary of the Albion Prospecting Association, Terawhiti.
Evening Post, Volume XXI, Issue 42, 21 February 1881, Page 3 

In another place our readers will see by a letter from our correspondent in Wellington that Terawhiti bids fair to be a valuable reeling district, the show of golden stone being excellent. We have received some prospectuses of the Merope Company, which can he seen at our office. The secretary of the Company is Mr Herbert Deveril, of Wellington, who was the founder and secretary of the Albion Company, and of whose intimate knowledge of the ground there can be no doubt. As will be seen by an advertisement in another column, Mr Deveril is now receiving applications for shares.
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 3, Issue 940, 2 December 1881, Page 2

Messrs Phillips & Pollard, photographers, announce they have taken Mr Deverill's Studio in Cuba-street, Wellington, where they are taking cartes de visite; &c., in first class style at low prices.
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 4, Issue 1139, 31 July 1882, Page 2

Mr. L. Davies has been appointed manager of the Merope Gold Mining Company, Limited, vice Mr. H. Deverill, who has resigned.
Evening Post, Volume XXIV, Issue 89, 2 November 1882, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume XXIV, Issue 99, 15 November 1882, Page 3

Arthur's Mart, Established 1869.
Next week's sales by auction as so far arranged ...
Wednesday, 11 a.m., Wellington-street, at the residence of Mrs Deverill, her household furniture and Effects, Walnut Case Piano, Pictures, Crockery, Kitchen end Cooking Utensils, Etc., Etc.

Auckland Star, Volume XX, Issue 279, 23 November 1889, Page 8


Herbert Deveril (known as Albert Edwin Ekins until about 1862), born 9 April 1840 Ware, Hereford, England, son of Elizabeth Heasler and George Ekins (builder), bapt 4 March 1838 St Mary the Virgin Church, Ware, (his 1863 marriage certificate shows incorrectly that his parents were Elizabeth Haeslar and George Deveril).

He arrived Wellington on the "Tararua" from Melbourne 1 April 1873, returned to Australia after November 1888 and before May 1889, died 24 August 1911 Queensland, Australia aged  71 years, buried 25 August 1911 Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
He married 28 May 1863 Melbourne, Australia, Elizabeth Susannah Goldstone, daughter of Elizabeth Pearcy and Henry Goldstone (butcher) she arrived in New Zealand in 1873 on the "Rangitoto", died 27 July 1913 at her residence 21 Wellesley Street, Summer Hill, Sydney, NSW aged 74 years, reg. 10895/1913.

issue included:
1. Edith Deveril born circa 1864 Australia, arrived in New Zealand in 1873 on the "Rangitoto", died 18 June 1932 New Zealand, reg. 1932/5249 aged 68, buried Archer Street, Masterton, plot number EK, row 20, married 9 May 1891 by the Rev. W. Calder at St Sepulchre's Church, Auckland, New Zealand, Walter Edmund Knott, reg. 1891/844, he died 11 January 1937 Masterton Hospital aged 75 years, buried Archer Street, Masterton, plot number WEK, row 20.
     1a. Albert Joseph Knott born 20 May 1892, reg. 1892/7513 New Zealand, died 7 February 1893 at the residence of his grandparents, Camperdown, NSW, aged ten months
     1b. Harold Clive Knott born 12 November 1893, reg. 1893/801, died 4 September 1894 at 115 Coleridge Street, Sydenham, Christchurch aged nine months and three weeks, buried Addington Cemetery, Christchurch, NZ, plot 1599A

2. Edgar Haeslar Deveril born circa 1866 Australia, arrived in New Zealand in 1873 on the "Rangitoto", died 9 May 1908 at his brother's residence, 53 William Street, Sydney, NSW aged 42 years, reg. 4183/1908, married 1stly 25 October 1888 by the Rev. E. D. Madgwick, St Michael's Church, Sydney, Janie Alice Ivory, eldest daughter of the late William Ivory of Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania. She died 28 May 1893 at her residence Westmoreland Street, Forest Lodge, NSW aged 29 years, reg. 5941/1893, he married 2ndly circa 1897 New Zealand, reg 1897/4877 Jeanette Smith McEwen.
     issue with Janie Alice Ivory:
     2a. Walter Ivory Goldstone Deveril born 14 August 1889 at Honda, Neutral Bay, Sydney, died circa 1951, reg. 16122/1951
     2b. Eileen Deveril born 20 February 1891 at Honda, Neutral Bay, Sydney, married William Connor circa 1928, reg. 7426/1928.
     2c. Dorothy Deveril born circa 1892, reg. 13646/1892, died 4 April 1893 at Forest Lodge aged 11 months

     issue with Jeanette Smith McEwen:
     2d.  Norman James Deveril born 9 December 1898, New Zealand reg. 1898/13437   

3. Lizzie Deveril born circa 1868 Australia (Dora Elizabeth Deveril, Mrs E. French?), arrived in New Zealand in 1873 on the "Rangitoto", married Henry S. French circa 1898, reg 8435/1898 NSW
     3a Dora E. French born circa 1910 NSW

4. George Walter Deveril born circa 1871 Australia, arrived in New Zealand in 1873 on the "Rangitoto", 1942 - living in Coogee, NSW, died circa 1956, reg. 16707/1956, married 1stly Isabella MacKay or Mckay circa 1894 reg.606/1894, died 31 July 1909 at her residence 55 William Street, Sydney aged 43 years, reg.  7852/1909, buried Church of England Cemetery, Necropolis, married 2ndly Florence Isabella McLennan daughter of William McLennan circa 1909, reg 10274/1909.
issue with Isabella MacKay or McKay :
     4a. Dorothy Jean Deveril born 21 December 1894, reg 1088/1895, married George D. Davidson circa 1919, reg. 5065/1919.
     4b. George Herbert Deveril born 12 November 1896, reg 31678/1896, married Margaret E. Mills circa 1925, reg. 7662/1925.
     4c. Joseph A. Mck Deveril born circa 1899, reg 3804/1899, died circa 1899, reg. 13668/1899
     4d. Inez May Deveril born 26 May 1900, reg 13314/1900, married Arthur L. Masters circa 1925, reg. 16706/1925
     4e. Leslie Stuart Deveril born circa 1903, reg 13578/1903, missing Malaya 26 January 1942.
     4f. Ronald Deveril born 11 January 1907, reg 378/1907, of HMAS Perth, presumed lost at sea in Java Sea Battle WWII (husband of Lillian Deveril and father of Valda, Tasman, Eunice and Dennis) married Lily E. Whittison or Wittison circa 1930, reg. 11353/1930.
issue with Florence Isabella McLennan:
    4g. William Edgar Deveril  born 25 June 1910, reg 22485/1910, married 1stly Nita G. Maunder circa 1934, reg. 4558/1934, married 2ndly Beryl Louise Wheeler circa 1948, reg. 8181/1948.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Saturday 13 April 1946, page 32

5. Marguerite Deveril born circa 1872, died 3 July 1952 aged 80 years .

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), 4 July 1952 page 16

6. stillborn daughter born 28 June 1874, Thorndon Quay, Wellington

7. Mary Goldstone Deveril born circa 1875 New Zealand reg. 1875/8148 (as Deverel), died 25 October 1942 at a private hospital, Chatswood, NSW,  reg 25744/1942. (late of 19 Robinson Street, Chatswood and Education Department).

8. Ellen Hide Deveril born circa 1876 New Zealand reg. 1876/14565, married circa 1895 reg. 4942/1895 William T. Robey 
issue :
     8a. Florence Robey  born circa 1896, reg. 10375/1896

9. Amy Deveril born 13 January 1878 New Zealand, reg. 1878/1107 Wellington, died 9 October 1955 Christchurch, reg. 1955/29233  aged 77 years, married 30 June 1902 John Donaldson reg.  1902/3040  New Zealand

     9a. John Albert Donaldson born circa 1903 reg. 1903/13114   
     9b. Hilda Eileen Donaldson born 13 March 1904, reg. 1904/3049, died, 28 December 1982, reg. 1983/27870, married 2 June 1937 Raymond Phipps Gardner (issue: Murray John Gardner and Patricia Eileen Gardner)
     9c. Henry Peter Donaldson born circa 1905 reg.  1905/13083  

10. Millicent Deveril born circa 1879, died 3 October 1936, at a private hospital, Chatwood, Sydney (late of Nyham or Ingham, North Queensland), married William Bernard Donohue 23 February 1904 (Qld reg. no. 1904/C1221) 
     10a. John Donohue (Qld reg. no. 1908/C5910)
     10b. Herbert Goldstone Donohue (Qld reg. no. 1910/C6977) 
     10c. Ethel Donohue (Qld reg no. 1914/C7672).

Mr. W. E. Knott.
(By Telegraph.— Own Correspondent.)
Masterton, Wednesday,
The death has occurred at the Masterton Hospital of Mr. Walter Edmund Knott, formerly of Christchurch. Mr. Knott was closely associated with Rugby football in New Zealand in pre-war days, and accompanied one All Black Team to Australia as a newspaper representative. He and the late Mrs. Knott were both honorary life members of the Canterbury Rugby Union, the honour being bestowed on them for their services to the game in Canterbury. Mr. Knott was 75 years of age, and was connected with various local institutions.

Auckland Star, Volume LXVIII, Issue 11, 14 January 1937

[1] published in Melbourne 1867-1868, The Argus (Melbourne), 20 November 1867 page 5 and Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA), 7 April 1869 page 2.

arrived from Melbourne per Rangitoto 7 June 1873 (Mr and Mrs Deverill sic, and five children)
Evening Post, Volume IX, Issue 97, 7 June 1873, Page 2

Divall     Herbert           Uckfield     7    487
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Thank you for posting all this wonderful information about Herbert Deveril's life, work and family. A couple of things to note: firstly, there's a typo in his birth name a couple of times in this post, Edins instead of Ekins, and secondly, Herbert had another daughter named Millicent Deveril. A birth record has not yet been found for her but it was c1879, going by her death notice in 1936. She died in Sydney on 3 October 1936 (see death notices in The Sydney Morning Herald, and note that her siblings are listed. Millicent married William Bernard Donohue on 23 February 1904 (Qld reg. no. 1904/C1221) and they had three children: John Donohue (Qld reg. no. 1908/C5910), Herbert Goldstone Donohue (Qld reg. no. C6977 / 1910) and Ethel Donohue (Qld reg no. 1914/C7672).

Note also this article about Herbert's life, 'Obscuring the Shadow: the origins and later years of photographer Herbert Deveril 1840-1911 by Keith Giles, which is excellent. (

I have been researching the Deverils for a friend who is the great-great-grandson of Millicent Deveril.


Rachel Loosemore
Brisbane, Qld

Early Canterbury Photography said...

Hi Rach, thanks for the information about Millicent Deveril and her family, I have now added it to the above and made the correction to the Ekins name. Best wishes Tony