FISCHER, Adolf Gottlieb

Adolf Gottlieb Fischer
born 14 Mar 1857 in Sitterdorf, Thurgau, Switzerland. (1)
died 25 October 1936 Auckland, New Zealand aged 75 (or about 79) reg.1936/22920
buried Hillsborough Cemetery, Auckland, 
Area 4 Block L Lot no. 1 (2)


above - an unidentified man photographed by Adolf Fischer

Adolf Fischer was for nearly seven years the operator and retoucher at Peter Schourup’s studio in Christchurch; probably from about 1878 to 1885. On 17 December 1885 it was announced in the Grey River Argus that Williams’s Portrait Rooms had reopened under the management of Adolf Fischer. The Portrait Rooms had previously been under the management of W. H. Clarke until at least May 1885. Clarke was formerly of Lambton Quay, Wellington. Adolf Fischer continued as manager until at least 12 February 1886.

Timaru Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 3852, 7 February 1887, Page 1

Mr G. A. Fischer (sic), who has been for nearly 7 years operator and retoucher to the late Mr P. Schourup, of Christchurch, has taken the studio (next Mr Slator's draper's shop) lately occupied by Mr R. Haigh, and invites inspection. 
Timaru Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 3852, 7 February 1887, Page 2


(Late with Mr P. Schourup, Christchurch)
INTENDS to Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee by giving the Public of South Canterbury a chance to get 12 Beautifully Finished CABINET PHOTOS for 15s; usual price 25s (a chance that may never occur again). Deposit Tickets 2s 6d each, BALANCE (12s 6d) TO BE PAID AT TIME OF SITTING. Holders of Deposit Tickets may be taken any time up to Christmas.

Tickets may be had at the Studio, or at Mr Hutton's, Bookseller, Theatre Royal Cigar Divan, or Mrs Pitt's Registry Office. Sale of Tickets for ONE MONTH ONLY, commencing on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15th, after which the usual price will be charged.

Early application for Tickets is necessary as the sale is limited to 1000, and on no account will this number be exceeded.

P.S.— All Photos to be finished to the entire satisfaction of the sitter. Inspection of the Studio is cordially invited. Persons from the country can obtain Deposit Tickets by sending post note or stamps for 2s 6d.
(Next Watkins', Chemist)
Timaru Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 3960, 17 June 1887, Page 1


The suite of rooms recently vacated by Mr R. Haigh, have been taken up by Mr Fischer, formerly manager for the late Mr Schroup (sic), the well-known photographer of Christchurch, and in this well-known gallery he is developing a most superior kind of photography. The reception-room is handsomely furnished, and the "printing" office (where the ordinary work is done, of transferring the image from the negative) is supplied with all the mysterious and numerous requisites of the photographic artist. The studio wherein photos are taken is light and airy and spacious, and abundantly supplied with accessories. Out of this opens the dark condemned cell to which first impressions are hastily consigned to undergo certain processes to make them fit to see the light. Mr Fischer has all the very latest improvements, and he will soon have two new powerful lenses. A special feature of the portraits is the enamelling process by which the beauty of the picture is immensely augmented, Mr Fischer has extended the time for closing the sole of Jubilee Cabinet Photo Tickets to Saturday July 23rd. 
Timaru Herald, Volume XLV, Issue 3987, 19 July 1887, Page 2

The members of the Timaru Garrison Band turned out yesterday morning, and had their photographs taken (in a group) by Mr Fischer. We understand that, as three members of the band leave for Australia this week, the picture has been taken to present to them as a eouvenir (sic). 
Timaru Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 4188, 12 March 1888, Page 2

BEGS TO INFORM the Public of Timaru and surrounding districts that owing to the increase of business connected with his profession he has found it necessary TO REMOVE to those Convenient and Commodious Premises, NEXT DOOR TO Mr P. W. Hutton, Main Road. The rooms upstairs have been tastefully fitted and are worthy of inspection.
Timaru Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 4234, 7 May 1888, Page 1

Mr A. G. Fischer informs the public of South Canterbury that he is still taking - and will until further notice - orders for cabinet photographs at 15s per dozen. This low price includes putting that beautiful finish on a picture known to the initiated as "enamelling." Mr Fischer's studio is part of what was recently Messrs Priest and Holdgate's warehouse, and the storey he occupies has been fitted up under his personal supervision, and in a style which gives his patrons the utmost satisfaction. He thus justly claims support on the ground of being "locally established." The specimen cases bordering the Main Road, and in the hall, from which springs the staircase leading to the studio, contain numerous photographs, so that the public can see and judge for themselves of the style and the sterling quality of the workmanship turned out by Mr Fischer. In closing it is as well to remind our readers that no deposit tickets are required as a retainer for the cabinet photographs named above.(i.e William Ferrier) 
Timaru Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 4324, 30 August 1888, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 4324, 30 August 1888, Page 3

The members of the Pirates Football Club mustered at Mr A. G. Fischer's photographic studio yesterday afternoon, and had their picture taken in a group. The photographs are to be kept by members as souvenirs. 

Timaru Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue XLVII, 12 October 1888, Page 2


Mr A. G. Fischer announces that he will continue to take cabinet photographs at a low price till the 24th inst., after which the price will be raised. Intending patrons should read the notice and not fail to inspect the high-class work Mr Fischer is turning out.
Timaru Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 4364, 15 October 1888, Page 2


Mr Fischer, photographer, has now finished the views he took last Thursday of the opening gathering of the Timaru Boating Club. The photographs are excellent, and members should one and all secure a copy as a souvenir of the season of 1888-89.
Timaru Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 4373, 25 October 1888, Page 2


Mr A. Fischer, photographer, has now on view at his studio, an excellent photograph of the captain, officers, and members of the Timaru Fire Brigade. The photographs were taken singly, and arranged in a very tasteful manner, as a large group, and this card was afterwards photographed. The result is an excellent card of fairly large size, and the beautiful finish and artistic grouping are in keeping with the first-class work always done by Mr Fischer. The brigade are deservedly proud of their "picture," which also reflects the greatest credit on the taste and skill of the artist named. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LI, Issue 5032, 31 December 1890, Page 2


The Timaru Naval Artillery mustered at the drillshed yesterday morning to enable Mr A. Fischer, the photographer, to take photos of them, which when finished are to be presented as souvenirs to Lieutenant-commandant E. Gooch, who, consequent on removal to Napier, is about to resign his command of the corps. Mr Fischer succeeded in securing good negatives, from which he hopes to develop splendid photographs of the corps. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LII, Issue 5156, 1 June 1891, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume LVII, Issue 1621, 1 December 1894, Page 1


A meeting of the creditors of Adolf Fischer, photographer, was held at the Deputy-Official Assignee's office yesterday afternoon. Mr Alexander Montgomery, Deputy-Official Assignee, presided, and the creditors present were Messrs H. M. West, J. H. Smith, W. Ballantyne, J. Murray, W. Kernohan, G. P. Wood, M. Salek, T. Wells, G. Strachan, J. Storrier, and R. Clark (the last named had not proved). The bankrupt in reply to questions said that he had been in business in Timaru for about 8 years, starting with about £50. He attributed his difficulties to bad times and scarcity of work. He had no proposal to make, to his creditors. He had held a private meeting and offered 5s m the £, but this offer had not been accepted. Some of his creditors were willing to accept the offer ; others were not. His rent had been 25s per week. The list showed that bankrupt owed unsecured creditors £332 10s ; that Mr A. E. G. Rhodes was a secured creditor, the value of the security being £550 and amount of debt £470. Bankrupt's stock was valued at £200, book; debts £10, furniture £20, other property (horse, trap, pigs, poultry, shares Building Society and Farmers' Co-operative Association) £26, surplus from securities £80 ; thus showing an apparent surplus of assets over liabilities of £3 18s 2d. It was resolved that the bankrupt should keep his studio open, and assist the Assignee to realise on the estate to the best of his ability, and in return he be allowed to keep his horse, buggy, harness, tools, fowls, pigs, and furniture for his services; that he be recommended for immediate discharge; and that the Assignee advertise the business for sale in the Timaru, Christchurch, Oamaru, and Dunedin papers. The meeting then closed. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LIX, Issue 1978, 14 January 1896, Page 4

Messrs Guinness and Le Cren, local agents for the Walter A. Wood Co., have now on view at their offices two very fine photographs, one photograph showing the Walter A. Wood exhibits, which were at the late show, on trucks, Timaru, and the other photograph the exhibits on their way to the ground, drawn by Chaffey's traction engine. The photographs,in addition to being a good advertisement, are splendidly clear, and are a credit to Mr A. Fischer. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LX, Issue 2069, 30 April 1896, Page 2


Timaru Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 4324, 30 August 1888, Page 3



A Most Deserving Case.
To The Editor of he Timaru Herald
I have heard of the, circumstances of Mr Fischer, photographer, who lost his all through the late fire, and is thus deprived of the means of earning bread for his wife and nine children. To make matters worse for the breadwinner at this unfortunate time, his eldest boy, who earns a few shillings per week is incapacitated by an accident from doing anything for some time. I confidently make this appeal to the residents of Timaru, as the case is deserving of their hearty sympathy. If only sufficient could be raised to purchase a camera and other necessary appliances to enable him to earn bread for his family, it would be a kindly and well-timed act. Anyone wishing to assist in the above object can do so by leaving the subscription at the Borough Council office, or at my shop, when, the amount will be thankfully received and faithfully applied. I am, etc.,
J. S. Keith, Mayor.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 2901, 29 December 1898, Page 3

Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 2939, 1 May 1899, Page 4

Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 2953, 17 May 1899, Page 3


Messrs Fischer and Hardy have in their show window two excellently clear photographs of the wreck of the Elginshire, showing the two sides separately. The port side view shows the snapped-off bow lying to the left some distance away from the rest of the hull, the deck tilted to the southward. This must have needed a great force to move it bodily so far. It is odd that the bow was not carried the other way, deck to north.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 3120, 28 November 1899, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3162, 17 January 1900, Page 1

Evening Post, Volume LXIV, Issue 135, 4 December 1902, Page 1

His known children were:
Albertene Fischer birth reg 1882/7433

Mary Ann Fischer birth reg. 1886/493 (as Fisher)
Emil Gottlieb Henry Fischer birth reg 1887/8157
Alfred Friederich Fischer birth reg 1888/10106
Elise Josephine Fischer birth reg 1890/3928
Albert Georg Fischer birth reg 1891/15535
Louisa Fischer birth reg 1894/1020
Isabella Maud Fischer birth reg 1900/18914


The Southern Provinces Almanac 1888
A. Fischer, Timaru

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1889
A. Fischer, Timaru

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1890
A. Fischer, Timaru

1890 - Timaru Electoral Roll -  photographer

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1890-91
Fischer Adolph G. Great North rd. Timaru

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1892-93
Fischer Adolph, portrait & landscape photographer, Stafford Street, Timaru

Canterbury and West Coast Electoral Rolls 1893
Fischer, Adolf, Timaru. Photographer

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1894-95
Fischer Adolf, Stafford Street, Timaru

1896 - Timaru Electoral Roll - photographer (wife Katerina)

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1896-97
Fischer Adolf, 117a Stafford Street, Timaru

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1898-99
Fischer Adolf, 117a Stafford Street, Timaru

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1900
Fischer & Hardy, 69 Stafford Street, Timaru
1900 - Timaru Electoral Roll - photographer

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1901
Fischer Adolf, 96 Stafford Street, Timaru

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1902
Fischer Adolf, 96 Stafford Street, Timaru

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1903
Fischer Adolf, 96 Stafford Street, Timaru

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1904
Fischer Adolf, 96 Stafford Street, Timaru

1911 - Wellington Central Electoral Roll - Adolf Fischer, 175 Vivian Street, Wellington, photographer

1911 - Napier Electoral Roll - Adolph Fischer, Brewster Street, Napier, photographer

1914 - Napier Electoral Roll - Adolph Fischer, Emerson Street, Napier, photographer

1935 - Auckland Central Electoral Roll - 26 Day Street, Auckland, photographer

Alexander McClelland married Jane Mahan at Rangitata on 17 December 1890 .
(This photo is not part of my collection) 

Alice Coward by Fischer's Studio, Napier

(2) Auckland City Libraries - Cemetery Database -

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