Alfred Culling

Succeeded William Ferrier in Timaru in July 1921.

Photographers database - Auckland City Libraries.

Seadown School
about 1924

photograph above
back row - A. Topham, M. O'Connor, Mack Hawke, Dad Philp, - , Bill Anglem, Stan Lefeber, E. Philip, Bill Spillane.
2nd row - Stella Hide, R. Hide, Prattley, V. Cain, - , - , Prattley, Betty Brosnahan, Eta Brosnahan.
3rd row - Cain, M. - , Barrett, Margaret Hewsen, Brenda Hewsen, Margaret Lefeber (Cronnin), Mabel McCully.
front row - John Hedley, George Hewsen, - , Wally Anglem, Walter Oldfield, L. Philp, Doug Cain, Wally Cooper, - , Ray Spillane.
(the spelling of names are as written on the reverse of this photograph)

Winchester School
in the early 1920's.

below - These five photographs by unknown photographers are also of Winchester School pupils.
Winchester School pupils - members of Peter Pan's page.

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