BURRELL, George Edward Albert

George Edward Albert Burrell

George Edward Albert Burrell (9 November 1862 - 5 May 1942) was born in Lyttelton the son of John Burrell, printer and Ruth Burrell nee Nicholas. He was baptised at Lyttelton's Holy Trinity Church on 1 March 1863. He married at the house of Mrs Foote in Merivale on 26 November 1891 to Grace Harriet (or Harriett) Foote. He died at his residence at 203 Barbadoes Street, Christchurch on 5 May 1942 aged 79 years and was buried in Bromley Cemetery, block 30 plot 113. His wife who was born in England died in 1921.

Photography. — Mr G. E. A. Burrell, photographer, of Chester street, Christchurch, has on view in the shop window of Mr Buckner, picture-frame maker, Victoria street, a large frame of photographs, representing the Salvation Army New Zealand staff, March, 1891. The group has been taken as a memento of the occasion of Colonel Taylor's farewell to New Zealand. The officers are taken cabinet size, with the exception of the centre portrait, I which is much larger. The likenesses and general expression of each figure has been faithfully caught and brought out, and finished off in the best style. The photographs are mounted on a beautifully illuminated card, and set off in a massive gilt frame. Great credit is due to Mr Burrell for the way in which he has carried out the work. - Star , Issue 7174, 27 May 1891, Page 3

The travelling Agent (Mr C. Colquhoun) for Messrs Tasker & Graham, Photographic Artists, of Wellington, is now in Christchurch for a few weeks only, and would be glad to receive orders for any size of photographic enlargements in Oils. Address — Care of G. E. A. Burrell, Photographer, 153, Chester street west, Christchurch. - Star , Issue 7204, 12 February 1892, Page 3

PHOTOGRAPHIC Background for Sale; splendid condition. App!y at once, Burrell, Photographer, 153, Chester Street west - Star , Issue 4564, 8 February 1893, Page 2

JUBILEE Studio Coupons. - All Coupons of the late firm have been taken over from this date by G. E. A. Burrell, Photographer, and can be used at his studio, 158, Chester Street west, between Durham Street and Cranmer Square. Appointments should be made. - The Star, Issue 8266, 15 March 1905, Page 3

(photograph left taken 15 March 1910)

G. E. A. BURRELL, Photographer — My Studio will be open all Anniversary Day, Dec. 18. Studio, 153, Chester Street west, between Durham Street and Cranmer Square. - The Star, Issue 8499, 16 December 1905, Page 6

BURRELL, Photographer, 153, Chester Street west, Studio. Open All Day Easter Monday; come early. - The Star, Issue 8598, 14 April 1906, Page 6

G. E. A. BURRELL, Photographer, Market Square. Having bought the business of the Coronation Studio, I shall be pleased to see all old and new customers. Coupon holders please note. - The Star, Issue 8668, 7 July 1906, Page 5

G. E. A. BURRELL, PHOTOGRAPHER, Coronation Studio, Victoria Square. All coupons accepted. First-class work. Wedding groups a specialty. - The Star, Issue 8692, 4 August 1906, Page 6

G. E. A. BURRELL, PHOTOGRAPHER, has purchased the Coronation Studio Business, 11, Victoria Square. Tip-top work guaranteed. - The Star, Issue 8740, 29 September 1906, Page 6Re-toucher wanted. Apply, in writing, to G. E. A. Burrell, photographer, Coronation Studio, Victoria Square. - The Star, Issue 8793, 3 December 1906, Page 3

F. B. Hughes, originator of Coronation Studio, moved next door the corner, is presenting each sitter with enlargement free. - The Star, Issue 8956, 15 June 1907, Page 5

"To Mother & Father with love Gwen 9 months 1917"

Charles Trevail Bowden

Thelma Small aged 4 years
Otira Tunnel Ceremony. photographs of this big event on sale at my studio. G. E. A. Burrell, Photographer, 11, Victoria Square. - The Star, Issue 9232, 11 May 1908, Page 3

The Patterson Family
Dolly, Ted, Winnie,
Dick and Nell.

Eliza Richards nee Nicholls

"Thelma Geddes & Baby Age 7 1913"

"(to) Miss Miles, Armagh St, Ch Ch. Love from Mary"

"Wishing you the compliments of the season, Ronnie Martin"

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