RADCLIFFE, Frederick George

Frederick George Radcliffe

also see Frank Duncan & Co. Ltd.

born 15 November 1863 at Toxteth Park, Liverpool, England. (1)
son of Harriett Quilliam and Frederick Radcliffe (African merchant)
arrived in Auckland as a first saloon passenger on the "Rimutaka"
left London 25 May 1893
died 14 January 1923 aged 59 years
buried Waikaraka Cemetery

He had a brother Percy James Radcliffe and a sister Mary Radcliffe. His wife and two children arrived in Auckland from London as second saloon passengers on the "Ruapehu" - sailed 8 Feb 1894. John Henry Townsend Ellerbeck, the father of the photographers Charles Joseph and Lawrence Anderson Ellerbeck, was also a passenger on this voyage of the "Ruapehu".

1871 - Walton Vale aged 7
1881 - 11 Fairfield Crescent - General Merchant's clerk
1891 - 6 Neville Road, Liverpool - merchant's clerk aged 27 years

Northern Advocate , 26 April 1922, Page 1
A meeting of the Whangarei Amateur Photographic Society was held last evening, Mr F. Farmer presiding over a good attendance of members. Mr F. G. Radcliffe gave a very interesting lecture entitled "General hints on outdoor photography." The speaker illustrated his lectures with a very fine collection of negatives supported by a fine series of stereoscopic views. The speaker was followed with a great deal of interest and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded him. It is intended to stimulate interest in the club by holding monthly meetings.
Northern Advocate, 27 April 1922, Page 4

Stereoscopic Views by F. G. Radcliffe. 

46 - Hauling Kauri Logs, North Auckland

63 - Whangarei Water Fall, NZ.

23 - In Waipu Gorge, North Auckland

Mr F. G. Radcliffe.
Quite a gloom was cast over the holiday spirit of Onerahi yesterday by the news of the death of Mr Frederick George Radcliffe, who passed away in the morning at his daughter's residence. Some three months ago he contracted influenza, which induced pneumonia, and for the past three weeks he had been seriously ill.

Mr Radcliffe, who came from Liverpool, where his father was a well-known West African merchant and a member of the West African Chamber of Commerce, arrived in the Dominion 28 years ago, and was only 59 years of age when he died. He came to New Zealand on a pleasure trip, being in poor health, and, liking the country, he decided to remain. He was married in Liverpool to Miss Litherland, sister of Mr T. Litherland, formerly of Whangarei district.

At first he engaged in farming pursuits at Paparoai about 1906 he left that district for Auckland and Christchurch, subsequently coming to Whangarei, where he had since resided with his family at his home in Mill Road.

A keen and enthusiastic lover of photography and having the truly artistic temperament, Mr Radcliffe's work quickly brought him to the fore-front, and his beautiful productions have become widely and appreciatively known. His works have been in great demand by the Tourist Department and by other tourist agencies, as well as by art dealers throughout the Dominion and beyond it. Some of his scenic photographs are in the High Commissioner's Office in the Strand London.

In this respect, Mr Radcliffe's work made him well-known from end to end of New Zealand and also brought him offers of appointments in Australia, which he declined. Picture postcard collectors will be familiar with his initials on many an artistic view of the beauty spots of the country.

In musical circles Mr Radcliffe's death will be keenly felt, for he had devoted much of his time in Whangarei to the welfare of the Musical Society and other similar organisations with which he had been connected, in several instances as, conductor. He had a Dominion reputation as a player of the oboe and Cor Anglais, and he played the former instrument in the, Christchurch International Exhibition, orchestra in 1906-7.

A courteous and kindly gentleman, while in Whangarei he had made a wide circle of warm friends, who will miss him while among nearer relatives he leaves behind him a wife and two daughters, Mrs L. T. Pickmere and Miss O. Radcliffe, to deplore their loss. A brother resides in England.

The funeral will leave from St. Stephen's Church, for the Waikaraka Cemetery to-morrow morning.
Northern Advocate, 15 January 1923, Page 4

A Press Association message from Whangarei reports the death of Mr. F. G. Radcliffe, whose scenic photography has been a feature in many exhibitions, and was much used in Government propaganda. The deceased was well known in musical circles, and was a member of the Christchurch International Exhibition Orchestra.
Evening Post, Volume CV, Issue 12, 15 January 1923, Page 8

Mr. F. G. Radcliffe

The interment took place yesterday at Onerahi, near Whangarei, of Mr. F. G. Radcliffe, who had attained the age of 59 years. Deceased has been in business at Whangarei for some time, but was well-known in Auckland. He arrived here from Liverpool, England, over 30 years ago, having come to New Zealand for health reasons. He was a member of the Y.M.C.A., Savage Club, Orchestral Society, and the Whangarei Bowling Club. In his younger days Mr. Radcliffe was a settler at Paparoa. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Auckland Star, Volume LIV, Issue 15, 18 January 1923, Page 8

A Saddening Note.
The funeral of the late Mr F. G. Radcliffe took place last Tuesday amid the universal sorrow of the townsfolk. The coffin was borne on the shoulders of mourners to the church, where a requiem service was held, the cortege leaving at 10 a.m. for the Onerahi Cemetery, where the last sad rites were performed. The Rev. G. C. Cruickshank conducted the service. The body was laid to rest, in the presence of a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends, and coffin and grave were piled high with floral offerings.
Northern Advocate, 23 January 1923, Page 4
A compliment of an unusual character has been paid to a late resident of Whangarei and incidentally to the district. The Government of New Zealand has made a selection of New Zealand photographs taken by the late Mr F. G. Radcliffe for presentation to the Hon. Sir Jehangir Hormasji Kothari, K.C.M.G., O.B.E., and has forwarded the handsomely bound volume to Whangarei for lettering and naming. This work is being undertaken by Mr G. E. Woollev. The volume, which was shown to a representative of the "Advocate" this morning, is a handsome one and bears testimony to the splendid character of the work of the late Mr Radcliffe, both in selection and skill.
Northern Advocate, 30 January 1923, Page 4

(1) Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

 8 Wanganui River

9 Wanganui River

90 King Edwards Throne & Prentice Column, Waitomo Cave

186 Lime Stone Rocks, Hikurangi

192 Mitre Peak Milford Sound

222 On the Avon, Christchurch
(Industria Series)

439 Mitre Peak, Milford Sound

574 On the Avon, Christchurch
 (Industria Series)

741 Lake Rotoiti, Rotorua, NZ

789 Auckland Hospital from "Stonehurst" NZ

817 Dart Valley, NZ

821 Dart Valley, NZ

822 Mt Paradise, Lake Wakatipu, NZ

 840 In the Gardens, Queenstown, NZ

1058 Paradise Road, Diamond Lake, NZ

1190 The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu, NZ
photographer not credited
postcard dated 18 January 1924

 1257 Public Library, Timaru, NZ

1324 High Street, Christchurch, NZ

1328 Queen Victoria's Statue, Christchurch.

1333 Cathedral Square, Christchurch, NZ

1343 Museum, Christchurch

1363 Water Tower, Invercargill, NZ

1525 Merry Christmas

1914 The Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth

1923 On the Wanganui River

2054 Bridal Cake, Ruakuri Caves

2057 The Caves, Waitomo, NZ

2608 Lake Rotoiti

2827 The Gardens, Nelson
(reverse message dated 21 April 1917)

2970 Lake Kanieri

3051 Buller Gorge

3039 Buller Gorge

3256 Mt Ngaruhoe in Eruption

3090 Fern Arch Buller Gorge

3673 On the Road, Dawson Falls
postmark dated 1916

4426 Government Accommodation House, Waitomo

4470 The Great Wairakei Geyser, NZ

 4473 The Eagles Nest Geyser, Wairakei, NZ

4665 Lake Rotoma

4753 Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

4853 Mt Egmont from New Plymouth

5148 The Gardens in Winter, Queenstown

5298 Upper Dart Valley

5303 Bridge over Shotover River

5335 Hayes Lake

5365 Panorama from Malte Brun Hut, Southern Alp

5463 Hooker River and Stocking Glacier, Southern Alps

5471 Mt Sefton, Southern Alps, NZ

5474 Hooker Bridge and Stocking Glacier, Southern Alps, NZ

5492 Mt Sefton from Black Birch Track, NZ

5494 The Hermitage, Mt Cook, NZ

5495 The Hermitage, Mt Cook, NZ

5496 The Hermitage, Mt Cook, NZ

5498 The Hermitage, Mt Cook, Southern Alps, NZ

5501 The Hermitage, Mt Cook, Southern Alps, NZ

5505 Mt Cook Lily, NZ (Ranunculus Lyallii)

5511 Ice Cave on Tasman Glacier, NZ

5513 Second Bridge, Hooker River, Mt Cook, NZ

5514 Mt Cook near the Hermitage, NZ.

5515 Mt Cook from Sealy Range, NZ.

5518 Mt Cook and Hooker River, Southern Alps, NZ.

5520 Foot of Tasman Glacier from about Ball Hut, NZ

5523 Hochstetter Ice Fall, Southern Alps, NZ

5526 East End of Hermitage and Mt Sefton, NZ

5528 Mueller Hut and Mt Sealy, NZ

5529 Mt Cook from Sealy Range. Chief Guide Graham on Skis, NZ

5530 The Hermitage, Mt Cook, NZ

5535 Hermitage and Mt Sebastopol, NZ

5536 Head of Tasman Glacier from Malte Brun Hut, NZ

5538 Head of Mueller Glacier, NZ

5539 Mueller Hut and Mt Sefton, NZ

5540 Mt Cook from Hooker River, NZ

5542 Ball Huts, Tasman Glacier

5550 Mt Cook from Pukaki Road, NZ

5551 Lake Pukaki showing Mt Cook 40 miles away, NZ

5555 Caroline Bay, Timaru

5556 Post Office, Timaru

5557 Caroline Bay, Timaru

5563 Caroline Bay, Timaru
...Beautiful weather, Chch in Autumn tints. Plains all the waydown very dusty. Timaru is a lovely little place; far bigger than I expected ... 23rd May

5578 Burns Statue, The Gardens, Timaru, NZ
(reverse message dated 17 August 1921)

5592 Lyttelton, NZ

5593 Lyttelton, NZ

5638 In Hagley Park, Christchurch, NZ


5639 In the Public Gardens, Christchurch

5640 The Avon, Christchurch

5643 On the Avon, Christchurch, NZ

5647 At Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

5645 At Sumner, Christchurch, NZ
(note the photographer's camera and tripod at the cave entrance)


5655 Cranmer Square, Christchurch, NZ

5656 In Hagley Park, Christchurch, NZ

5658 The Avon, Christchurch, NZ

5659 The Cathedral, Christchurch, NZ.

5660 Hagley Park, Christchurch, NZ

5661 In the Gardens, Christchurch, NZ
"Dear Mary. How would you like to be here, it is just decent on the the river, we went out in a motor launch the other day & I quite enjoyed it... "

5664 The Avon, Christchurch, NZ

5665 In the Public Gardens, Christchurch, NZ

5668 The Rosary, Public Gardens, Christchurch

5671 On the Avon, Christchurch, NZ

5672 In Hagley Park, Christchurch, NZ

5673 the Avon, Christchurch, NZ

5676 The Avon, Christchurch, NZ
"This is a view not far from the hospital."

 5679 River at Opawa, Christchurch, NZ
5682 On the Avon at Fendalton, Christchurch, NZ

5683 On the Avon at Fendalton, Christchurch, NZ

5685 On the Avon at Fendalton, Christchurch, NZ

5688 On the Avon at Fendalton, Christchurch, NZ

5702 Woollen Mills, Oamaru, NZ

5709 St Joseph's Cathedral, Dunedin

5726 Band Rotunda, Botanical Gardens, Dunedin, NZ

5753 Mt Sefton from Sealy Range, NZ

5769 Rolleston Statue, Christchurch

5779 On the Tasman Glacier, N.Z.

5788 - Mt Cook and Tasman Glacier from above Malte Brun Hut.

5846 Mt Cook from Mt Kitchener
(no photographer shown on this postcard)

  6044 - Wanganui River, NZ.

 6057 - Wanganui River, NZ.

6067 - Wanganui River, NZ.

6175 - Cashel Street, Christchurch

 6187 - Manchester Street, Bridge, Christchurch
(Foresters Hotel in background)

 6337 Hokitika-Kanieri Road, NZ

6340 Hans Bay, Lake Kanieri, NZ

6378 Rock Cutting, Skippers Road, Queenstown

6385 The Earnslaw Leaving Queenstown
(reverse inscription dated Queenstown Saturday 7 January 1927)

6386 Capt Scott Memorial, Queenstown

We have received from Messrs Frank Duncan and Co., designers and publishers, Auckland, a series of twenty-one artistic views and panorama views of Greymouth, and the wonderful scenery of the Otira and Buller Gorges.
Grey River Argus, 1 April 1920, Page 2

6453 The Portage, Kerepuru Sound

6522 Cape Foulwind

 6526 Buller Gorge near Hawks Craig

 6533 Buller Gorge near Hawks Craig

6543 The Tunnel Buller Gorge.

6549 Fern Arch, Buller Gorge.
message on reverse dated 4 January 1923

6557 Near top of Otira Gorge

6558 Rolleston Glaciers from Otira Gorge

6561 Otira Gorge

  6563 Otira Gorge

 6565 Otira Gorge

6566 Otira Gorge

6571 Otira Gorge

 6572 Otira Gorge

6574 Otira Gorge

6575 Arthurs Pass End of Otira Gorge

6601 Lake Kanieri

6617 Hans Bay, Lake Kanieri

6641 Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch

6646 Canterbury College, Christchurch

6648 The Gardens, Christchurch

6650 The Rosary, Christchurch

6651 In Hagley Park, Christchurch

6656 Government Buildings, Christchurch

6658 Cathedral Square, Christchurch

6662 Cathedral Square, Christchurch

6669 Cathedral Square, Christchurch after May 1918.
The movie "Peg of the Pirates" was released on 12 May 1918 (USA).

6673 The Cathedral, Christchurch

 6679 The Avon, Christchurch
"Hannah hurry up & get married & spend your honeymoon in Chch"
dated 1920.

6686 Ward Christchurch Hospital

reverse message dated 18 February 1921

6690 Mosaic Sanctuary Floor, Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch

 6692 Hagley Park, Christchurch
"... thought you'd like to see some of Chch beauty spots. The building in this picture is part of Christs College - a lovely place. We have been having terrible weather .. cold as billy-oh ..."

6693 - On the Avon, Christchurch
"This is on the river Avon near our house Hagley Park & Domain. How would you like to be in one canoe
Love to all.
L. A. Johnston."
(Lili Agatha Johnston - 3 Carlton Street, spinster
Christchurch North Electoral Roll 1911)

6710 A peep of Christ's College, Christchurch

6712 City Council Chambers, Christchurch.

6713 Federal Hotel, Christchurch

Looking across a corner of Victoria Square from the vicinity of the Victoria Street and Colombo Street intersection (the south east edge of Victoria Square) at the Federal Hotel showing people in the square, cyclists and cars, the Market Hotel (extreme right), Bowkers, land agents and the premises of the Bradley Brothers, plumbers, obscured by a tree.

6751 The Hospital Waimate

6838 The Gardens, Invercargill

6844 The Gardens, Invercargill

6877 Twin Geyser, Wairakei

 6888 Dragons Mouth, Wairakei

6945 Sanatorium Grounds, Rotorua


Sebastian said...


I just wanted to add that I’d be very happy to compensate you NZ $500, plus international postage for the photos of Alexander Johnston and Emily Johnston. As mentioned the photos are very important to my family history and I’d be very grateful if you would consider selling them.

If you feel you could agree to this, then I think the easiest way to arrange things is probably for you to list the photos together on eBay for NZ $500 (buy-it-now option), where I can make payment to you securely. I’m happy to pay in any other currency if you prefer.

It would be amazing to see these two photos returned to my Victorian family album. If this is possible please contact me by email at sebastian56560@gmail.com

Kind regards

Sebastian said...


I just wanted to add that I’d be very happy to compensate you NZ $500, plus international postage for the photos of Alexander Johnston and Emily Johnston. As mentioned the photos are very important to my family history and I’d be very grateful if you would consider selling them.

If you feel you could agree to this then I think the easiest way to arrange things is probably for you to list the photos together on eBay for NZ $500 (buy-it-now option), where I can make payment to you securely. I’m happy to pay in any other currency if you prefer.

It would be amazing to see these two photos returned to my Victorian family album. If this is possible please contact me by email at sebastian56560@gmail.com

Kind regards