Meluish, William

William Meluish

born circa 1823 son of William Meluish [carpenter], arrived Wellington, New Zealand October 1858 from London on the "Robert Small", died 28 October 1888 at his residence 3 Gipsy Hill, Upper Norwood, London, aged 65 years,
married 7 October 1849, St Michael's Parish Church, Bath by A. Townsend, curate, witnessed by James Heath, Eliza Heath and Jane Heath, Emma Heath, born circa 1830 daughter of James Heath, wheel chair maker, arrived Wellington, New Zealand October 1858 from London on the "Robert Small".

November 1858 to March 1859

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVII, Issue 89, 6 November 1858

Photography.— The public have again an opportunity of patronising this beautiful art, and gratifying a pardonable vanity. We have observed seme excellent portraits in the show-cases of Mr. Meluish, of Bridgestreet, and this, combined with that great desideratum — moderate charge, should procure him a successful patronage.
Colonist, Volume II, Issue 114, 23 November 1858

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVII, Issue 94, 24 November 1858

Colonist, Volume II, Issue 118, 7 December 1858

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVIII, 5 March 1859

Photography. — There are now two establishments open in town for the practise of photography, and in both of them some very good specimens of this interesting art may be seen. Messrs. Oxley and Lane exhibit some very good portraits of both ladies and gentlemen, including many of our Nelson celebrities; and there is a series of four pictures under the title of "A game at Cards," the originality of design and skilful execution of which are worthy of praise. At Mr. Meluish's establishment is also to be seen some very good specimens, including several capital portraits and various parts of the town. The portraits of some of the Maori chiefs are exceedingly good.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVIII, 5 March 1859, Page 2

Colonist, Volume II, Issue 144, 8 March 1859

March 1859

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVIII, 26 March 1859

 May 1859

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVIII, Issue 37, 7 May 1859

June 1859 - 1860

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVIII, Issue 46, 8 June 1859

Photography.— We have before us an excellent specimen of photography on paper, submitted by Mr. W. Meluish, of Bridge-street. The view is a well chosen one, representing the banks of the Maitai, within a short distance of the suspension bridge, which in the picture stands out in clear relief against the hilly background; the trees, the transparent stream, and the surrounding cottages assist in making up a most acceptable view. The execution does much credit to Mr. Meluish, at whose establishment may he seen other views, and various portraits, exceedingly well taken. It would be advisable to take advantage of the present facilities for procuring good photographic views, in order to transmit them to friends in England; and we can scarcely conceive a more acceptable present than some accurate delienations of the many pretty spots of the land we live in.
Colonist, Volume II, Issue 181, 15 July 1859

Photographic Views of Nelson.— There are, at present, on view at the establishment of Mr. Meluish, a series of well executed views of the town of Nelson from various points; and as they are taken by the Talbotype process, upon cards, they can easily be sent home through the post to those friends who may be desirous of some knowledge of the picturesque scenes of "the land we live in."

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XVIII, Issue 59, 23 July 1859, Page 2

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XIX, Issue 16, 25 February 1860, Page 1


succeeded James Wilson, Dunedin March 1860  

Otago Witness, Issue 434, 24 March 1860, Page 4

Views of Dunedin.— We draw the attention of the public of Otago to some very excellent photographic views of the town of Dunedin and the Harbour, taken by Mr. Meluish, who arrived here some few months since. He has also taken some views of remarkably pretty spots on the Water of Leith, and in the bush around Dunedin, which are prepared for the stereoscope. We do not know of any more agreeable present which persons in Otago could make to their friends at home than these views, the prices of which are moderate; and it is not possible to convey by any description so accurate an idea of the country. Mr. Meluish will take views which any person may select, so that we may send home actual copies of the houses we live in. A view of the residence of Captain Cargill is excellent, and is a fair sample of what may be obtained. A panoramic view of Dunedin is in preparation, and we think that it would be well for the Government, or for a given number of spirited individuals to have some views of the choicest and most picturesque spots taken for the purpose of transmitting them to the home country and the emigration agents.
Otago Witness, Issue 444, 2 June 1860, Page 5

 Otago Witness, Issue 458, 8 September 1860

We perceive that Mr. Meluish, photographic artist, of this town, has published an excellent photograph of the members of the late Presbyterian Conference. The likenesses are admirable, and in the centre of the group stands a most striking portrait, of the venerable President of the Conference, the .Rev. Dr. Burns, while above and below him are Messrs. Bannerman and Wills, the other members of the Conference being ranged around them. Altogether, it forms a very handsome souvenir of a most interesting event.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 42, 3 January 1862, Page 2

The "old folks at home" are, we are glad to find, not left in ignorance of the appearance of our picturesque city, as it was some eight months ago. In the Illustrated London News, of August 30th, there is an admirable reproduction of the large photographic view of the city taken by Mr Melhuish, of Princes-street. The picture has the line, of Rattrey-street and part of that of Maclaggan-street in the foreground the jetty crowded with vessels; the hills over Anderson's Bay the sandhills, and the ocean in the distance.

The same paper contains a view of the Tuapeka gold field, also from a photograph by Mr Melhuish and a short but very favorable account of the gold fields, and the pastoral and agricultural resources of the Province.
Otago Daily Times , Issue 290, 24 November 1862, Page 4

Illustrated London News, August 30, 1862; Issue 1161

Old Dunedin residents will learn with regret of the death of Mr William Meluish, who will be well remembered as carrying on a photographic business in Princes street for many years. Mr Meluish died at his residence, 3 Gipsy Hill, Upper Norwood, London, on the 28th October last, of paralysis. 

Mr Meluish arrived in Dunedin in 1859, and commenced business in a shop on the site now occupied by the Australian Mutual Provident Society's new premises. Mrs Meluish was a most able assistant to her husband in his business, and took a very active part in it. They took many "Old Dunedin" views, numbers of which are still great favourites of the public, and the negatives of which are now in the possession of Mr F. A. Coxhead.
Otago Witness, Issue 1941, 31 January 1889, Page 11

Dunedin, Jan. 29.
Advice has been received of the death in England of Mr Wm. Melhuish (sic), photographer, one of the old identities.
Southland Times, Issue 10077, 30 January 1889, Page 2

registration of Death
Deaths reg. Dec 1888 William Meluish aged 65 yrs Lambeth vol. 1d page 338

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