Nicholas and Dougall

Nicholas and Dougall
Dee Street

Messrs Nicholas and Dougall have, been for some time adapting the process to their requirements, and fitting up a suitable laboratory. As a means of securing pleasing and perfect pictures of children, or of animals, it should commend itself, and we feel confident that no effort on their part will be wanting, to place it where it should be — in the front rank of photography. Having had the pleasure of inspecting some trial pictures taken by Mr Dougall we have no doubt of the success of the new process in the firm's hands. 
Southland Times, Issue 4398, 14 August 1882, Page 2

Southland Times , Issue 4992, 1 August 1884, Page 3


brisphoto said...

The Nicholas in this partnership is Richard John Nicholas b. 1844 in Cornwall, brother of photographers Collan Nicholas of Milton, Tokomairiro and elswhere. He set up in Hobart and Launceston, Tasmania afterwards. Cheers! Marcel Safier, Brisbane, Australia

brisphoto said...

P.S. Another brother James Martin Nicholas b. 1833, Cornwall was also active in Invercargill and may have been the partner in this firm. Cheers! Marcel

rascal said...

The photographer in the partnership is James Martyn Nicholas, a brother of both Collan ( Milton) and Richard ( Invercargill) two other brothers and a sister emigrated.My husband is a descendant of James Martyn. Cheers