PRINCE, Herman

DUNEDIN, Monday. Herman Prince died suddenly at his lodgings in Cumberland street on Saturday afternoon, it is supposed from his having taken an overdose of chlorodyne. For some time past deceased had complained of severe headaches, and on Friday night he complained of his head being very bad. Mrs Mitchell, from whom he rented rooms, suggested that he should see a doctor. He replied that he knew what to take, and went to his own room. On the following day Mrs Mitchell heard deceased snoring heavily, and as he did not get up, she became alarmed and accompanied by Mr Margett, entered his room at about two o'clock on Saturday. Deceased was then sleeping heavily, and no attempt was made to rouse him. Later on Mrs Mitchell again looked into his room, and seeing that his appearance had greatly changed, she thought he was dead, and at once went to report the circumstance to the police. An empty two ounce phial was found on the washstand, and it is supposed that deceased died from an overdose of chlorodyne. Prince was a photographer, unmarried, and has no relatives in the colony. At the inquest the verdict was — "Poisoned by chloral, but there is no evidence to show how it was administered." - Southland Times, Issue 4429, 19 September 1882, Page 2

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