Hammond & Taylor

Hammond & Taylor
(T. G. Taylor)

Inangahua Times, Volume XIV, Issue 20670, 1 July 1889, Page 2
Messrs Hammond and Taylor, photographers, Buller Road, have just added to their studio, two new cameras, one expressly used for portraiture of the highest class, and the other for outside views. Both instruments are perfect of their kind, and embrace all the latest improvements to secure fidelity and finish to the work turned out. They are therefore now in a position to undertake every class of photographic work, and to execute it in the very highest style. The studio has been fitted up with especial regard to portrait work, the arrangement for the equal and proper diffusion of the light being perfect. The best test of their artistic ability is to be found in the style of their work, and the specimens now on exhibition at their premises, will, we are sure, satisfy the most fastidious that they are masters of the art.

Inangahua Times, Volume XIV, Issue 20670, 1 July 1889, Page

Mr Eden George, the popular photographer, of Christchurch, and by special appointment, photographer to His Excellency the Governor, will visit Reefton in the course of a fortnight, and will open business, in conjunction with Mr Taylor's studio, Buller Road. Look out for his specimens of high class photography [Advt.]

Inangahua Times, Volume XV, Issue 20780, 21 March 1890, Page 2

Mr Taylor, photographer, Buller-road, is now executing a series of very beautiful landscape views of suburban residences, a great demand for which has arisen owing to the neatness of the pictures and small cost of same.

Inangahua Times, Volume XV, Issue 20860, 29 September 1890, Page 2

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