BARKER, Samuel Delabere

Samuel Delabere Barker by Standish and Preece

Samuel Delabere Barker
born 6 February 1848 Rugby, England
second son of Alfred Charles Barker and Emma Bacon
died 17 September 1901 Cranmer Square, Christchurch

Joan Woodward in A Canterbury Album says he sailed for a visit to the Chatham Islands on 14 February 1873. The Star newspaper shows the Ocean Wave was due to sail for the Chathams on Thursday, 13 February 1873, at 11.45 a.m., however its not known if the vessel left as scheduled.
The Star, Issue 1546, 13 February 1873, Page 2

A PHOTOGRAPHER'S SPECULATION. A gentleman from Christchurch is now engaged in taking photographic views on the island, and in a short time the New Zealand public will he able to obtain views of our island scenery.
Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXIX, Issue 4874, 10 April 1873, Page 5
New Plymouth. Arrivals. May 6. - Ocean Wave, schooner, 118 tons, Morgan, from Chatham Islands. Passengers - Messrs. Chudleigh and Baker (sic), 4 natives. - Master, agent.

Per Ocean Wave from Chatham Islands — 53 head cattle, 4 horses, 7 casks birds, 1 bale fungus.

The schooner Ocean Wave, Captain Morgan, arrived from the Chatham Islands yesterday morning. She left Waitangi on the (28th?) April, and made the run from thence in seven days. She brings several head of cattle and a few horses for the natives here, who formerly were resident in the Chatham Islands.
Taranaki Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 2096, 7 May 1873, Page 2

Shipping Intelligence. New Plymouth. Departure. May 13. — Taranaki, s. s. for Nelson. Passengers - Messrs. Chudleigh, Barker, A. Rawson, Jeffreys, Petherbridge, and 1 Maori.
Taranaki Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 2098, 14 May 1873, Page 2

Samuel Delabere Barker
The many friends of Mr S. D. Barker will learn with regret that his illness terminated fatally just after midnight last night. Mr Barker was a son of the late Dr Barker, and was born at Rugby, England, in 1848. He came to this colony with his parents, arriving at Lyttelton in the Charlotte Jane, with the Canterbury Pilgrims, in December, 1850. He was educated at Christ's College, and was brought up to pastoral pursuits. On the death of his father in 1873, Mr Barker went to South Africa, where he remained for a year with an exploring party. Upon returning to New Zealand he engaged in pastoral pursuits in South Canterbury until 1886. He then settled in Christchurch, and in 1887 was appointed librarian at the Supreme Court, a post which he held up to the time of his death. He has also for years acted of supervisor of the New Zealand University examinations held in Christchurch. 

He was virtually the originator of the Christchurch Beautifying Society, which has done so much for the improvement of the city, and has has entire control of the native garden on the river banks between Manchester and Madras Streets, which has done so well under his care. 

For several years Mr Barker acted as secretary to the Christchurch Domain Board. Mr Barker's work is the promotion of St John Ambulance in Canterbury has been one which has earned for him the commendation of all classes in the community. Though holding only the modest position of secretary, he has practically controlled the humane work done by the branch here. He has never spared time, money nor knowledge to bring the aims and objects of the St John Association before the public. By his tact he has secured he assistance of all the leading medical men to deliver lectures to candidates in the various branches, and his efforts were unsparing in procuring intelligent pupils, to whom he was ever courteous and attentive, Mr Barker in 1878 was married to a daughter of the late Colonel Lean, who was then commander of the Canterbury Volunteer District. He leaves a widow and four sons and three daughters to mourn their loss. One of Mr Barker's sons has lately returned from South Africa.
The Star, Issue 7206, 18 September 1901, Page 1

Samuel Delabere Barker by Standish and Preece
Samuel Delabere Barker born 6 February 1848 Rugby, England, reg. Mar 1848 Rugby vol. 16 page 501, bapt. 5 March 1848 Saint Matthews, Rugby, Warwick, England, died 17 September 1901 Cranmer Square, Christchurch aged 53, buried 19 September 1901, Linwood Cemetery block 5, plot 1, married 1 October 1878 St Peter's Church, Riccarton, Christchurch, Frances Harriet Lean [or Frances Harriette Lean], second daughter of Clara Eliza Haines and Alexander Lean of Christchurch, architect, died 5 April 1939 Marton.

a. Theodore Delabere Barker born 19 August 1879 Kynnersley, Temuka, reg. 1879/17754, died circa 1953, reg. 1953/21409, married Ella Wilhelmina Russell circa 1912, reg. 1912/2588.

b. Mary Frances Barker (school-mistress) born 3 September 1880 Coker's Hotel, Christchurch, reg. 1880/14505, bapt 6 October 1880, Christchurch, died 7 June 1920 Wellington Diocesan Collegiate School, Marton, reg. 1920/9684.

c. Herbert Lean Barker [or Hubert Lean Barker/Hubert Leon Barker] born 25 April 1882 Kynnersley, Temuka, reg. 1882/19293, died circa 1964, reg. 1964/43660, married 19 April 1911 at St Stephen's Church Ashburton,  reg.  1911/6190 Hilda Frances Whitehouse second daughter of Rev. E. Whitehouse of Ashburton.

d. Viola Constance Barker born 21 July 1883 Kynnersley, Temuka, reg. 1883/18985, died circa 1958, reg. 1958/32265.

e. Alfred Charles Barker born 25 April 1885 Kynnersley, Temuka, reg. 1885/16653, died circa 1950, reg. 1950/31128, married circa 1915,  reg. 1915/3577 Ida Walker.

f. Ronald Delabere Barker born 29 May 1889, reg. 1889/9817, bapt 18 August 1889 Christchurch.

g. Ethel Leila Barker born 21 October 1891 Church Street, Ferry Road, Christchurch, reg. 1891/15285, bapt 3 January 1892 Christchurch, died circa 1949, reg . 1949/17038, married 14 April 1915 St Stephen's Church, Marton, reg. 1915/1874 Norman David Anderson, second son of Edward Anderson, Wellington.

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