Gerstenkorn and Attwood

Gerstenkorn and Attwood
also see Karl Gerstenkorn, Invercargill

The Star, Issue 6511, 2 April 1889, Page 2

Chatham Island News
PHOTOGRAPHERS. Messrs Gerstencorn (sic) and Attwood, photographers, are having a most prosperous time. They have just returned from a trip to Pitt's Island, where they had the honour of photographing the "King and Queen."
The Star, Issue 6603, 22 July 1889, Page 4

Photographs of the Chathams. — By the last trip of the Kahu Messrs Attwood and Gerstenkorn brought over some capital photographs they had taken of the scenery in the islands. They illustrate well the character of the coast and inland scenery and the settlements.
The Star, Issue 6688, 30 October 1889, Page 3

Shand house, and family, at Te Whakuru, Chatham Islands. Alexander Turnbull Library,
Reference number: 1/2-080786-F

Te Papa's Chatham Island photographs attributed to William Dougall are more likely the photographs taken during Gerstenkorn and Attwood's visit to the Chathams in 1889.

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