BRUSEWITZ, Henry Elis Leopold

Henry Elis Leopold Brusewitz

born circa 1855, died circa 1922 aged 67 years (1), married Alice Palmer about 1887 (2)

Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XXVII, Issue 59, 11 March 1893, Page 3

Mr. Brusewitz's Photographic Establishment.
Mr H. Brusewitz, who for some years past has carried on business as a photographer and supplier of photographic materials in Waimea street, has now removed to the premises in Hardy street formerly occupied by the late Mr W. C. Gilbert, where considerable improvements have been effected. The downstairs portion of the main building has been fitted up to suit the requirements of the business, the various rooms being used for different departments. The main hall has been tastefully decorated and on the walls are hung specimens of the photographer’s art. The front room on the left is used as a store for photographic requisites of every description, which are supplied wholesale and retail, direct shipments being received monthly from the leading firms in Great Britain, Germany, and elsewhere. At the back of this room is a storeroom where the bulk supplies are kept. The front room on the right hand side is used as a "view" room, where photographs of various parts of the Colony may be seen. Included among the viwes (sic) are a number of photographs of Lake Wakatipu, which are considered by the Tourist Department to be some of the finest they have seen. Mr Brusewitz's office is at the rear of this room. Detached some distance from the main building is the studio, etc., which has just been erected. The building is a two storey one, and is fitted up with every modern convenience. On the ground floor is the toning room, 20 feet by 10 feet, and the "spotting" and mounting room, 30 feet by 10 feet, where an up-to-date burnishing plant has been erected. Adjoining these rooms are the dark room, 10 feet by 10 feet, dressing rooms, etc. Upstairs is the studio proper, which occupies a floor space of 20 feet by 40 feet, and is well lighted, the skylight being the largest of its kind yet made in Wellington in one piece. Adjoining this is the retouching and enlarging room, 10 feet by 20 feet. All printing being done outside. Mr Brusewitz has had a "printing yard" fitted up. With a view to having natural scenery for backgrounds for groups, Mr Brusewitz is having the grounds laid out with shrubs, etc., and already the place is looking very neat and tasteful.
Colonist, Volume XLVI, Issue 11078, 14 July 1904, Page 2 (advert and article)

Mr H. Brusewitz, photographer, has removed to large and commodious premises in Hardy Street, which were previously occupied by the late Mr W. C. Gilbert, dentist. The downstairs portion of the main building has been fitted up in a most elaborate style, and on entering the vestibule there is a room on the right hand side which is a waiting room, and irk which are exhibited samples of Mr Brusewitz' work, among the samples being picturesque photographs of Lake Wakatipu, which the Tourist Department consider one of the best they have seen. The Department was so pleased with them that they sent similar photographs to the St. Louis Exhibition.

Opposite this room is the retail shop for the sale of cameras, lenses, and photographic implements. In this building there is also a large stock room and Mr Brusewitz private office. Detached some distance from the main building is the studio, etc, which has only just been erected.

The building, which comprises two stories, is a wooden one, and contains every convenience required for the purposes it is intended for. In these rooms young ladies are busily employed in coping with the many orders which Mr Brusewitz has been called upon to do, not only from local citizens, out from residents in other parts of the colony who have come to Nelson specially to be photographed by Mr Brusewitz.

The plant in the studio is very costly, and includes an enlargement apparatus with 14 inch condensors, Portable gas stoves for heating the rooms have also been laid on. In his new premises Mr Brusewitz should have much success.

Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 132, 20 July 1904, Page 2

Brusewitz, Henry E. L., Portrait and Landscape Photographer, Hardy Street, Nelson. This business was established by Mr. Brusewitz in 1889. The proprietor turns out work which is noticeable for artistic posing and finish, and tourists and others passing through Nelson can depend upon obtaining first-rate views of notable scenery at Mr. Brusewitz's studio. Mr. Brusewitz does a considerable business in retouching, printing, and enlarging the work of amateurs, for whom he also keeps on hand a large stock of photographic materials, chemicals, paper, films, cameras, lenses and every requisite required for the business.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts] Page 88. Victoria University of Wellington

Scowcroft - Brusewitz - On October 25th, at the Cathedral, Nelson, by the Rev. J. P. Kempthorne, Bernard, only son of John Scowcroft, Esq., of "Sterndale House," King Sterndale, Buxton, England, and of Cachoeira, Maceio, Brazil, to Astrid, eldest daughter of Mr H. Brusewitz, of Hardy-street, Nelson.

Colonist, Volume LIII, Issue 12951, 16 November 1910, Page 2

Nelson Provincial Museum biography - here
(1) BDM 1922/9659
(2) BDM 1887/117 

"taken May 17/98 M. - Merrick

 F. M. Johnson (M?)
3 April 1902 

A group of horses photographed by Henry Brusewitz
blind stamped lower right corner "H. Brusewitz, Nelson, NZ"
[purchased June 2022] 


Anonymous said...

Nice article, thanks very much.

Do you know if any of the photos are of Brusewitz's family?

Early Canterbury Photography said...

Like many old photographs these are all un-named. It would be unlikely any of them are of the Brusewitz family

Anonymous said...

I have 7 Brusewitz mounted photos of family taken around the early 1900's. Is there a site where his photos are displayed that may help me identify the subjects?
Thanks, Lyn Warland

Early Canterbury Photography said...

That would be unlikely