Exhibition - 1885

The New Zealand Industrial Exhibition

In the photographic gallery, which as before mentioned, is screened off at the eastern end of the main hall, will be found specimens of the work produced in all the best known studios of the colony, and we can safely predict that it will be the general verdict of those who are capable of forming an opinion on the subject, that it would be difficult to find better specimens of the photographers's (sic) art in any part of the colonies, or indeed we might almost say in any part of the world.

It may be that there is something in the clear atmosphere of New Zealand, which enables photographers to produce such finished portraits, but certain it is that their work will bear comparison with the best specimens of Home and Continental photography.

We have only to mention the names of Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns, of Wellington, Mr. Morris, of Dunedin, Mr. Schourup, of Christchurch, Messrs. Hemus and Hannah (sic), of Auckland, in the department of portraiture; Messrs. Burton Bros., Hart, Campbell & Co., of Dunedin, Mr. Dougall, of Invercargill, Mr. Josiah Martin, of Auckland, and M. J. King, and others equally well known landscape photographers, for it to be apparent that the collection is one of great excellency. On entering the gallery the visitor finds himself opposite a very tastefully arranged boudoir, specially designed by Messrs. Wrigglesworth & Binns, and in which will be found a large display of portraits in every style of photography from the studio of this well-known firm. The entrance to this little boudoir is gracefully draped with curtains, and the floor inside is carpeted, so that visitors can examine the various pictures in comfort. It is needless to refer to the excellence of this firm's work, as it is so well known here. The enlarged pictures by the newly introduced bi-chromide process are specially noteworthy.

Mr. Morris, of Dunedin, has a collection of portraits in various styles, all of surpassing excellence. His enlargements, especially, are worthy of notice. Both in the management of his subjects and the finish of his pictures Mr. Morris shows great artistic skill.

From Mr. Schourup's studio we find some first-class specimens of his work, amongst which are a number of photographs on opal. This appears to be a specialty of this artist's, and by it he produces some beautifully clear and faithful likenesses.

Messrs. Hemus & Hanna's photographs are also of the highest order, and compare favourably with any we have seen.

The landscape photographs of Messrs. Burton Bros, are too well known to need any criticism. They have added a number of new and interesting subjects, obtained during a recent trip through the King Country, to their already large portfolio.

The enlargements of landscape views exhibited by Mr. Josiah Martin form a very interesting group, and are sure to attract a good deal of attention, as also are those which Mr. J. King shows of West Coast views.

We are unable at present to refer at greater length to the other exhibits in this branch of art, many of which display workmanship of tho highest class. The photographic gallery will, we are sure, prove a centre of great attraction in the Exhibition, and is one which will amply repay a visit.
Evening Post, Volume XXX, Issue 29, 3 August 1885, Page 2

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