J. H. Cragg
Photographic -A temporary portrait gallery has been erected in Mr Henning's old offices, Church street, Akaroa, by Mr J. H. Cragg, a photographer who has recently arrived from Melbourne. He has already taken many beautiful Peninsula views, and no doubt many will eagerly seize the opportunity of having not only their portraits, but their residences taken, in order to show their friends in the old country the sort of place they live in.
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume VII, Issue 679, 16 January 1883, Page 2

Photographic.— Our correspondent from Little River writes:— Mr J. H. Cragg arrived here a few weeks ago, and has been engaged in landscape photography. Some of the views are excellent, especially those taken round Lake Forsyth and Kinloch. He has now erected a portrait gallery — rather a large one, considering that it is only to be used for a short time. Mr J. Sands, our local artist, has painted two very good backgrounds for the gallery, one interior and one landscape. The latter scene deserves special praise, it being a very good piece of work, and answering its purpose admirably. The Akaroa views exhibited have been greatly admired and appreciated by the residents, and no doubt a demand for photo frames will as many have purchased some of the numerous photographs.
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume VIII, Issue 802, 21 March 1884, Page 2

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