Clarke and Burnham

Clarke and Burnham
W. F. Clarke and Herbert Samuel Burnham
Sydenham Studio, Colombo Street, Christchurch

Wanted, canvassers, at once. Sydenham Studio, Colombo Street, opp Gladstone Street.
Star, Issue 8832, 19 January 1907, Page 6

Star, Issue 9415, 12 December 1908, Page 7

Mr W. F. Clarke, of the Sydenham Studio, is the winner of the first prize for best figure study (studio picture) in the Auckland ."Weekly News" photograph competition. The competing photographers were representative of all parts of the dominion.
Star, Issue 9526, 26 April 1909, Page 3

W. F . Clarke was the Hon. Secretary of the South African Society - Star, Issue 9537, 8 May 1909, Page 5.

The South African Society held its usual monthly meeting at Mr W. F. Clarke's studio, Sydenham, on Thursday, a large number of members being present.
Star, Issue 9716, 6 December 1909, Page 2

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