Connolly & Herrmann

Connolly & Herrmann

(James Bennett Connolly and Richard Herrmann)
Photographic Artists

Lambton quay

this partnership commenced business about September 1887.
Succeeded by Connolly, Beauchamp & Price (J. B. Connolly, J. Beauchamp and H. Price) about August 1889, they were succeeded by Price, O'Malley & Co. in about February 1890.

Connolly and Hermann, Landscape, Portrait, and General Photographers, 55, Lambton-quay, Wellington.

Mr. Connolly begs to notify that he has admitted Mr. R. Herrmann as a partner into the firm, and that the business of General Photographers will for the future be carried on under the style of Connolly and Herrmann.

The public will no doubt recognise the vast importance of having their wants attended to by the heads of the firm, and as Messrs. Connolly and Herrmann personally undertake the operating and retouching departments of their business the public can rely on receiving the very best workmanship at lowest prices. 

Mr. Herrmann, who is acknowledged by the profession to be unequalled in the colony as a first-class operator and re-toucher, holds several First Prize Medals won at various American Exhibitions. He also possesses a thorough knowledge of photographic chemistry (rarely acquired by the every-day photographer), and as the whole foundation of the photographic art is based on chemical processes, the public will no doubt recognise the importance of such knowledge. 

With the addition of Mr. Herrmann to the staff, the firm are enabled to bring high-class photography within the reach of all. They guarantee that whilst the likeness will be strictly preserved, their productions will be unsurpassed for artistic lighting and posing, delicacy of half-tones, and excellence of finish. 

Cabinets, beautifully finished, from 20/- doz. large work at very low prices.

Evening Post, Volume XXXIV, Issue 73, 23 September 1887, Page 3
(repeated until 24 December 1887)

The firm of Connolly and Co., the well-known photographers, of Lambton-quay, has been strengthened by the addition of a new partner in the person of Mr. R. Hermann, and henceforward the style of the partnership will be "Connolly and Hermann." Mr. Hermann possesses a high reputation for skill in his profession, and his handiwork displays excellent taste in arrangement of the "subject" and in finish. The new firm will doubtless meet with the measure of success which it deserves.
Evening Post, Volume XXXIV, Issue 75, 26 September 1887, Page 2

Messrs Connolly and Herrman [sic], the photographers, of Lambton-quay, are exhibiting one of the most interesting photographs seen in this city. It is a copy of the “missing link" “Krao,” who created such astonishment when exhibited a couple of years ago at the Royal Aquarium, in London, “Krao” is a female about seven years of age, with a pleasing, human-looking face and large dark lustrous eyes. Her body is covered with fine hair. Her lower limbs are decidedly of the monkey tribe. She was caught with her parents in 1882 in Laos, in Central Asia, and was taken to London by the well-known traveller Carl Bock. This queer specimen of mortality is the most human-like monkey or the most monkey like human ever seen, and the picture now exhibited is well worth a visit, not only to the curious, but all who take an interest in the origin of species.
New Zealand Times, Volume LI, Issue 8475, 25 August 1888

Unsavory Subjects. Richard Hermann, photographer, was charged with a breach of the city by-laws, he having failed to provide sufficient conveniences for the females in his employ. Mr Skerrett, who appeared for the defence, admitted the offence, but intimated that his client was about to make the necessary provision. His Worship imposed a fine of 5s with 7s costs, remarking that the maximum penalty in these cases was £50, a fact that was perhaps not generally known...
Evening Post, Volume XXXVI, Issue 91, 15 October 1888

Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 29, 2 August 1889, Page 4

Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 29, 2 August 1889, Page 4

Important Announcement
Messrs. Connolly, Beauchamp, and Price have much pleasure in announcing that they have arranged to retain Mr. Herrmann's services in the firm, and that he will still be available to his admirers.

With the combined talents of Messrs. Beauchamp and Herrmann, both of whom are well-known as most capable operators, and possessing one of the finest studios that can be found in the colonies, replete with the best and latest appliances for the production of first-class instantaneous work, the firm can safely guarantee to turn out all orders entrusted to them with despatch and second to none. Connolly, Beauchamp, & Price, Lambton-Quay, Wellington.
Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 37, 12 August 1889, Page 3
Connolly, Beauchamp, and Price
 from about 30 July 1889

Dissolving Partnership.— We understand that the well-known firm of Connolly and Hermann, photographers, of Lambton-quay, have dissolved partnership so far as regards Mr Hermann. Mr Connolly has taken into the firm Messrs Beauchamp and Price. Mr Beauchamp has been for many years associated with Messrs Wrigglesworth and Binns, of Willis-street. The now firm will be known as Connolly, Beauchamp, and Price.
New Zealand Times, Volume LI, Issue 8745, 30 July 1889

Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 29, 2 August 1889
The firm of Messrs. Connolly, Beauchamp, and Price, photographers, Lambton-quay, have made arrangements with Mr. Hermann, a late member of the firm, by which his services as operator and retoucher will be retained, and consequently their patrons will reap the benefit of having the choice of two operators, viz., Mr. Beachanmp and Mr. Hermann.

A number of alterations and improvements have been effected in the establishment, which no doubt will be appreciated by customers. The reception and dressing rooms have been re-furnished, and for the operating gallery new back grounds, paraphernalia, and "properties" of the latest and most novel designs have been imported from Paris and Berlin.

The light in the gallery is now so perfect that instantaneous pictures are taken, and therefore that photographers pillory, known as "the head rest," is, at any rate in Messrs. Connolly and Co.'s establishment, but a memory of the past.
Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 38, 13 August 1889

Evening Post, Volume XXXIX, Issue 43, 21 February 1890, Page 3
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVII, Issue 7457, 12 May 1903, Page 1

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