Charles Campbell
born circa 1860, died circa 1943 aged 88 years

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, William Paterson Hart and Charles Campbell, lately carrying on business together at Invercargill under the style or firm of "Hart, Campbell and Co." has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the day of the date hereof by the retirement of Mr Charles Campbell, and the business will henceforth be carried on by Mr W. P. Hart, who will collect the partnership debts and be responsible for the partnership liabilities.

Dated this 28th day of August, 1886.
Witness to the signature of William Paterson Hart and Charles Campbell -
C. W. Tanner,
Solicitor, Invercargill.

Southland Times, Issue 9310, 31 August 1886, Page 3 (also 30 Aug)

Campbell - Muggleton. - On the 27th April, at St. John's Church, by the Vea. Archdeacon Stocker, Charles Campbell, Photographer, to Mary C. Muggleton; both of Invercargill.
Southland Times, Issue 10154, 4 May 1889, Page 2 


Lightning Photography.
We ("Southland Times") have been shown, a wonderful example of what can be accomplished now-a days, by means of the art of photography. Mr C. Campbell, for some time of Messrs Hart and Campbell, of Invercargill, is the artist, and the view represents Lake Wakatipu from the Queenstown jetty during the recent heavy thunderstorm in that locality. The photograph was taken at 10.30 p m., the instantaneous plate being affected by a brilliant flash of lightning.

The camera was placed on the beach and left with the cap off, the plate being thus exposed. So, long as darkness prevailed there was no result, but as soon as the heavens were illuminated by the electric current, a faithful representation of surrounding objects was obtained. Not only does the finished photograph show the jetty, the lake, and the steamer Mountaineer in the distance, but the course of the lightning's flash itself, although it lasted but for an instant, is vividly portrayed. The wavy and eccentric course taken by the darting streak of light will interest scientific men, one of its peculiarities being a large bright spot at which the negative and positive currents apparently met. The general effect is weird and ghostly. 
Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1714, 17 November 1887, Page 3



Chas. Campbell,
Photographic Artist. The camera now goes everywhere, and the most remote scenery and the most stirring incidents have a faithful recorder in the instrument, which, according to the proverb, "cannot lie. " After all the truth of that proverb may to some extent be questioned, for the faithfulness of a camera representation depends upon the man who handles it. But given a careful and skilful artist there, is no doubt that the proverb holds good. Such an one is found in Mr Chas. Campbell, photographic artist, Tay street, Invercargill. Mr Campbell has been established as a photographer in Invercargill for a period of 20 years, and has spent altogether 30 years with the camera. He has therefore had a most valuable experience, and, having had the natural talent and ability for the art, has progressed in; skill and accomplishment. All branches of photography have been thoroughly studied by Mr Campbell. He spent three years prior to establishing a studio in Invercargill in traversing the Lakes and other sight-seeing localities of New Zealand, and devoting his time and effort to the reproduction of the scenic beauties by means of the camera. Since opening here, however, he has confined his attention more particularly to portraiture, and it is no exaggeration to say that he has attained unusual perfection in that branch. Mr Campbell's studio is situated in Tay street, and the various rooms accessory thereto occupy a considerable building in that thoroughfare. Mr Campbell's present studio is well fitted with appliances and conveniences for his work, but owing to the great increase of his business he is about to have a new and handsome building erected on a section situated on the opposite side of the street. This, when completed, will be one of the finest studios in the colony. Mr Campbell does a good deal of business in enlargements, and is one of the most successful portrait artists in this part of the island. He obtained his first experience of photography in the studio of the late Mr Walter Burton, who was an accomplished portrait painter as well as an expert photographer, and who was therefore able to thoroughly train Mr Campbell's artistic tendencies. Mr Campbell was with that gentleman for several years. He is a thorough artist, and his success in Invercargill has been commensurate with his merits.

Southland Times, Issue 11343, 28 December 1889, Page 3

"With love from L. & M. McAlpine"

Selina June Nasmith age 7 months


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above cabinet card courtesy of Laurence Eagle



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