HERRMANN, Richard and Lousia Marian

 Cuba Street
New Zealand

also see Connolly and Herrmann

Richard Herrmann from circa October 1890 to September 1892
Mrs Herrmann from September 1892 to circa November 1908

Louisa Marian Eton
born 11 June 1864,  St Pancras, London, England
reg. June Quarter 1864 Pancras, vol. 1b, page 49
daughter of Henry Edgar Eton [chemist] and Alice Sizmur
arrived Lyttelton on the "Piako" from London 16 January 1880 as a steerage passenger with her parents and two brothers (3), she was then aged 15 years.  Other passengers included the Swiss born photographer Adolf Gottlieb Fischer and his wife.
died 3 June 1955 aged 90 years, reg. 1955/34005
cremated Wellington 

she married firstly
8 October 1890, St. Matthew's Church, Masterton by the Rev. W. E. Paige, reg. 1890/1306
Richard Herrmann
born circa 1847 Germany
died 10 September 1892 at his residence
32 Dixon Street, Wellington aged 45 years
buried Karori Cemetery (1)

she married secondly
10 June 1899, reg. 1899/1947 
Daniel George Wilson
[commercial traveller]
born 1867 or 22 November 1869 Jamaica, West Indies [4], 
[father born Glasgow, mother born Jamaica]
died 6 August 1930, Wellington
buried Karori Cemetery (2)

1. Inez Sizmur Herrmann, born 17 July 1892, Wellington, died 7 October 1990, Wellington 

2. Sizmur Maxwell Wilson born 30 or 31 December 1900, at her residence 11 Buller Street, Wellington [5], died 11 August 1972, Wellington, ashes buried Karori Cemetery, Soldiers section plot 178, Private, 5th Field Ambulance, N.Z. Medical Corps, Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Second Echelon, he was a prisoner of war, married 25 March 1940, St Mary's Church, Karori by the Rev. F. M. Kempthorne, Beryl Maud Simpson, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Simpson, born 16 September 1903,  died 14 June 1976, reg. 1976/40279, ashes buried Karori Cemetery, Soldiers section plot 178

Masterton papers contain notices of the marriage in St. Matthew's Church,. by the Rev. W. E. Paige, of Miss Louisa Marian Eton, only daughter of Mr. H. E. Eton, a well - known Masterton resident, to Mr. Richard Hermann, artist, of Wellington. The bridesmaids were Misses Clara and Edith Wheeler, of Wellington, and Mr. Edward Eton, brother of the bride, acted as groomsman. The bridal presents were valuable and numerous.
Evening Post, Volume XL, Issue 88, 10 October 1890, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume XL, Issue 96, 20 October 1890, Page 3

Cuba-street has now another photographic studio, which has just been opened by Mr. R. Herrmann, at the corner opposite Te Aro House. Mr. Herrmann is well known to the public as a member of the late firm of Connolly & Herrmann, who carried on business on Lambton quay. His studio has been constructed under his own supervision, and is handsomely furnished and fitted with all modern appliances for the exorcise of the photographic art. Mr. Herrmann will doubtless receive a fair share of public support, for he promises elsewhere to give first-class work at the lowest possible charges.
Evening Post, Volume XL, Issue 97, 21 October 1890

Wellington has now another photographic studio, which has just been opened by Mr R, Herrmann, at the corner opposite Te Aro House. Mr Herrmann is well known to the public as a member of the late firm of Connolly & Herrmann, who carried on business on Lambton-quay.

His studio has been constructed under his own supervision, and is handsomely furnished and fitted with all modern appliances for the exercise of the photographic art. Mr Herrmann will doubtless receive a fair share of public support, for he promises elsewhere to give first-class work at the lowest possible charges.

Our Wellington agent has inspected this new establishment and the specimens there exhibited are of a very superior class and he feels sure those who patronise this studio will meet with very satisfactory returns for their orders. Mrs Herrmann is always in attendance and will be happy to receive lady visitors.

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XI, Issue 3648, 25 October 1890

Despite bad times Mr K. Herrmann, of the Cuba street Photographic Gallery, opposite Te Aro House, Wellington, seems to be doing a thriving business, and no small number of those who visit him to have their likenesses taken are country residents. Mr Hermann (sic) is admitted to be a capable artist with special knowledge of photographic chemistry, and both in operating and in re-touching he his produced some excellent work. It is to this that he owes his liberal patronage, and also to the moderate prices he charges when the excellent quality of his productions is taken into account,— Extract.
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XII, Issue 3804, 7 May 1891

There is no doubt that among the large number of visitors to Wellington during the summer months, a very fair proportion will take advantage of the opportunity it affords of having their photographs taken. As this is so, any information upon the subject of photography should be of special interest, and Mr R. Herrmann's admirable prospectus of his professional qualifications — which it will be seen are of an exceptional character — and of his business advantages, are well worthy of perusal in this connection. His notification will be found on our " leader" page.

Mr Herrmann, confident in his own standing as a graduate in photography at a noted Polytechnic Institute in Germany, and having besides had twenty years' practical experience in various parts of the world, proclaims against the careless way in which people go to any photographer when they decide to have a likeness taken. More deliberation, he points out, would often result in the selection of a man who was calculated by his training and by his acquired knowledge to not only do better work, but to do it in a manner much more pleasant for the visitor.

Mr Herrmann, for instance, not only guarantees an artistic picture and faithful likeness, but he undertakes to dispense with the use of the head rest, that vicelike iron support which is so frequent a cause of nervousness and mars many a photograph by causing stiffness of posture and anxiety of expression on the part of the sitter. His skill in this respect works wonders, particularly in the case of children, who are photographed instantaneously in the most charmingly natural attitudes — there is no "set" look about them — in fact very frequently they don't know they are being taken until the operation is over.

The matt-opal style is another department in which Mr Herrmann undertakes to give the utmost satisfaction, and he claims to be the only photographer in Wellington who can assure the requisite degree of softness and beauty of finish which together constitute true photography on opal.

Both in the moderation of its charges and in the superior character of the work turned out, the Cuba Street Gallery prides itself upon maintaining a first-class reputation. The speciality of a dozen cabinet photographs and a handsome enlargement for one guinea, is, for example, an instance of good value which would be hard to equal. We hive pleasure in recommending visitors to Wellington to call upon Mr Herrmann in Cuba street, where they will be received with every courtesy and attention,

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XII, Issue 3944, 21 October 1891

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XII, Issue 3944, 21 October 1891
Herrmann's studio was located in Cuba Street opposite Te Aro House.

"Art is the Right Hand of Nature."- . —Schiller,

Embodying Taste, Knowledge, and Experience.
Portraiture is its most popular form, The pleasurable resolve to have a likeness taken, frequently means a haphazard rush to any Photographer - to the first, in fact, who comes. Dissatisfaction follow, Good results can be ensured, only by selecting a qualified man - an expert who has made his profession a definite study. One of the few in New Zealand who is a thoroughly trained photographer is Mr R. Herrmann, Of Cuba Street, Wellington, he having graduated in photography at the Polytechnic Institute of Brunswick, Germany. His acknowledged skill is thus the result of five years special study and twenty years practical experience. Mr Hermann has therefore long passed the experimental stage, and so uniformly regular is his work that he can confidently guarantee a likeness both lifelike and artistically perfect. The increasing patronage of the Cuba Street Gallery, where, not only is the cost the lowest, but where the work is best, is sufficient endorsement.

Mr Herrmann's latest improvement is the introduction of his new instantaneous process whereby stiffness of posture is impossible, as the sitter is not rendered both nervous and uncomfortable by mechanical supports for the head, so commonly used by in competent operators. Clear outlines are ensured and a most pleasing picture follows, This process is wonderfully successful with children.

A beautiful finish is also imparted by the matt-opal style of photography. In this department, Mr Herrmann excels, and he is the only photographer in Wellington who can assure that remarkable softness and beauty of finish which is essential to true photography on opal.

Wairarapa people should make a point of visiting Mr Herrmann's Cuba Street Studio (opposite Te Aro House) when in Wellington. They will not only get eminently satisfactory photographs, but they will save money while doing so

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XII, Issue 3944, 21 October 1891

photos of Joseph Ward and William Hall-Jones by Richard Herrmann 
Otago Witness, Issue 2734, 8 August 1906, Supplement

The friends in Masterton of Mr and Mrs Hermann (sic), of the photographic establishment, Cuba street, Wellington, will be sorry to hear that Mr Hermann is seriously ill with an attack of typhoid fever.
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XIII, Issue 4213, 8 September 1892 

Many of our readers will regret to hear of the death of Mr Richard Hermann (sic), photographer. Mr. Hermann, who was a native of Germany, arrived in Wellington several years ago, and was for some time employed in the studio now carried on by Messrs. Kinsey & Co., on Lambton-quay. Subsequently he became a partner, but after a while he opened a photographic establishment at the corner of Cuba and Dixon streets, and had worked up an excellent business when he was attacked by typhoid fever, about three months ago. 

He made good progress under Dr. Collins' care, and a week or two ago he was sufficiently recovered to be able to get about the house. Unfortunately, however, he suffered a relapse, and his heart was seriously affected. All that medical skill could do was done, but he gradually sank, and breathed his last at his residence in Dixon-street at half-past 3 this morning, leaving a young wife and an infant only six weeks old. The deceased was an excellent musician. He was a man of unassuming habits and gentlemanly demeanour, and his death will be regretted by a large circle. We understand that his life was not insured. 
Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 62, 10 September 1892, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 63, 12 September 1892

a cabinet card by R. Herrmann of an unnamed man

a cabinet card by R. Herrmann of an unnamed lady.

a cabinet card by R. Herrmann of an unnamed child.

Mrs. George Williams - Bible Class Teacher

a carte de visite by R. Herrmann of an unnamed lady.

 a carte de visite by R. Herrmann of unnamed children.

a carte de visite by R. Herrmann of an unnamed lady.

a cabinet card by R. Herrmann of an unnamed child.

 Mrs. Herrmann

Wanted to rent, a small Cottage, not more than four or five rooms, within easy distance of Cuba-street. Rent must be moderate. Apply Mrs. Hermann, Cuba street.
Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 74, 24 September 1892

The photographic business in Cuba-street, established by the late Mr. R. Herrmann, is being carried on by Mrs. Herrmann, who is well-known to the public from her long connection with her late husband's and other businesses of the kind in Wellington. The services of a capable operator have been secured, in the person of Mr. Muir, [Frederick Mintaro Bailey Muir] late of Messrs. Morris & Burton's studio, Dunedin. Mrs. Herrmann has an advertisement elsewhere, in which she sets out the special advantages which, she offers as to terms, and undertakes to spare no effort to please her patrons.
Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 75, 26 September 1892

 Important Notice. 
In the estate of Richard Herrmann, late of Cuba-street, in Wellington, Photographer, deceased. The Public Trustee, as Statutory Administrator of this estate, hereby gives notice that he has sold the same to Louisa Marian Herrmann, the widow of the said Richard Herrmann, deceased, and in lieu of the previous notice, all book-debts are now payable to her, and her receipt will be a binding discharge on the Administrator. Dated this twenty-fourth day of September, 1892.
J. K. Warburton,
Public Trustee.

Mrs. Herrmann begs to inform her friends and the public that she intends carrying on the business until recently conducted by her late husband, and for that purpose has secured the services of a first-class operator in the person of Mr. Muir
[Frederick Mintaro Bailey Muir], from the studios of Messrs. Morris & Burton of Dunedin. Mrs. Herrmann trusts that her knowledge of the business and long experience in dealing with the public will enable her to merit a share of the patronage so liberally accorded to her late husband, and assures those who continue to favour her with their custom that in the future as in the past, no effort will be spared in order to give entire satisfaction.

One dozen beautiful Cabinet Photographs, bust, three-quarters, or full length, and a well-finished permanent bromide enlargement for the moderate price of one guinea (£1 1s). Call at the studio and inspect specimens. Copying, enlarging, and all other work at equally low charges.

Mrs. Herrmann,
Cuba-street, Wellington.
Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 76, 27 September 1892 

Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 81, 3 October 1892, Page 1

The latest additions to the Telephone Exchange are as follow[s];
Dr Alexander, Newtown;
Mrs Hermann, Cuba street;
L. H. Tripp, private residence, Selwyn terrace;
J. Kirkcaldie, private residence, Thompson street;
George Downes, Willis street;
A. B. Campbell, Featherston street.

New Zealand Times, Volume LIV, Issue 9829, 9 February 1893

Evening Post, Volume XLV, Issue 96, 25 April 1893

Evening Post, Volume XLVIII, Issue 32, 7 August 1894, Page 2

Thursday, 1st October, 1896 at 12 o'clock sharp.
On the Premises, 45a, Ghuznee-street, near St. Peter's Schoolroom.
W. F. Shortt has been favoured with instructions from Mrs. R. Herrmann to sell at her residence, Ghuznee-street, the whole of her superior furniture and effects, consisting of —

Drawingroom. — Walnut cabinet with plate mirror, silk, tapestry, and plush Chesterfield couch, with easy and occasional chairs, footstool, and music stool en suite to match, beautiful inlaid whatnot, afternoon tea tables, upright iron grand piano (full compass, trichord, overstrung, walnut case, by Ramsperger), mantel board and art serge drape, large-plate overmantel (5ft x 4ft) in beautiful bronze frame, bevelled side mirror, handsome Brussels carpet, skin rug, heavy brass fender and fire brasses, a choice collection of vases, Dresden china ornaments on plush medallions, bric-a-brac, &c, brackets, oil paintings (English and colonial scenery), handsome lace curtains, brackets (all beautifully worked), bamboo table, silk and velvet embroidored cushions, coloured cut gas globes, easels, marble clock, ferns and fern vases, books, album, &c, &c.

Hall. — Handsome carved hall-stand in walnut (with plate mirror back), hall curtains (with brass rod and hooks complete), heavy linoleum, skin and coir mats, bamboo ornament and ferns, best five-ply Brussels staircarpet and stair-rods.

Diningroom. — Elaborate polished oak sideboard (large bevelled mirror, 3 drawers, 2 cupboards, and cellarotte), extension dining tables on casters, couch, easy chairs, bentwood chairs, tapestry table-cover, linoleum, brass fender and fire brasses, ashpan, coalrase, bevelled side mirror, large overmantel, black-and-gold shield (beautifully bevelled and ornamented), Singer hand sewing machine, photo frames, pictures, fire screen, oak occasional table, lace curtains, plush brackets and shelves, e.p. ware, cutlery, glassware, trays, plate basket, two exquisite tea-sets (each 40 pieces), dinner service, gong, &c, &c.

No. 1 Bedroom. - Handsome brass rail double iron bedstead, d.s. mattress, kapok bed, blankets, quilts, pillows, chairs, seven drawer chest, child's iron cot and mattress complete, bed drape, mantel board and drapery, substantial bevelled-glass Duchess pair, hand-pointed toilet set, gipsy table, fire screen, pictures, brackets, wall-pockets, lace curtains, gas globe, tapestry carpet square, linoleum, rugs, clock, ornaments, landing linoleum, dress pegs.

No. 2 Bedroom. — Single iron bedstead, spring mattress, kapok bed, blankets, quilts, bed drape, 5-drawer chest, washstand, double toilet set, dressing table, oval mirror with jewel case, gipsy table, towel brackets, wallpockets, work basket, large Kidder carpet, lace curtains, eiderdown quilt, chairs, &c.

Other Bedrooms, Bathroom, &c. — Single iron bedsteads, spring mattresses, quilts, blankets, toilet chests, dressing tables, washstands, toilet sets, mirrors, carpets, chairs, curtains, candlesticks, &c, &c.

Kitchen and Scullery.— Wringer, scales and weights, tables, chairs, filter, garden hose and tools, clock, crockery, baths, pots, pans, cooking utensils, dog kennel, steps, meat safe, &c, &c.

The above comprise the furnishings of a well - found house. No expense has been spared in the selection of the same, and the Auctioneer's instructions are to sell Without Reserve.
Furniture on view at 10 o'clock on THURSDAY MORNING. Sale takes place 12 o'clock sharp.
Evening Post, Volume LII, Issue 108, 28 September 1896

The army of handsome new buildings which from its base on the reclaimed land is advancing slowly upon this originally wooden-walled city, is making its position good in Cuba-street. At the corner of Taranaki-place and Cuba-street Mr. C. P. Pynsent has erected a fine three-story pile of buildings, the lower piers of which are Timaru Milestone, handsomely worked, while the rest of the structure is of brick and plaster, decorated in the style of the Renaissance. Mr. G. G. Schwartz, the architect, has made a creditable addition to the city.

The chief occupant of the block is Mrs. Hermann, the well-known photographer, who has what is without doubt the most up-to-date and complete studio in the colonies. On entering the building, the visitor finds himself in a large hall and show-room, paved with mosaic tiles, and fitted with an elaborately decorated counter. At present the room is empty, but the large windows will no doubt soon set off to their best advantage this firm's fine portraits. An easy flight of stairs leads to the waiting-room — a cosy, nicely-furnished place. Close by there are lavatories and two dressing-rooms, where one may put that last nervous touch to hair or tie before undergoing the ordeal of posing before the camera, and a few steps further on is the studio.

As one enters one is almost dazzled by the amount of light that floods the large room. Indeed, the light is so brilliant that were it not shaded off by curtains it would be too strong for portrait work. As it is, a noticeable increase in the celerity with which photographs can be taken will commend itself to sitters who are uncomfortable when being "taken."

The studio is 30ft x 18ft, and has all its appointments of the most up-to-date character, including some very large backgrounds, that are both beautiful and novel. Off the studio is a small dark room, for the changing of plates. On the same floor are the finishing, enamelling, retouching, and negative rooms, each with its special appliances. On the floor above are more rooms devoted to the mysteries of photography — the working dark-room, with its large rosy window; the enlarging-room, with its huge developing tanks, capable of developing full-length life-size enlargements, the toning-room, the store-room, and the printing-room, flooded with light from windows opening on the roof. On this floor, too, are lavatories for the female employees. The whole arrangements combine to form one of the most complete of photographic businesses in the colony. Electric light is installed throughout, and the rooms are amply ventilated.

In addition to Mrs. Hermann's photographic business, the building has room for five shops ... The contractor was Mr. John Hunter, under whom Messrs. Cederholm & Tolley undertook the electric light installation, Mr. Lark saw to the stonework, Messrs. J. Alexander & Co. put in the plumbing, and Messrs. Parker & Mann did the painting.
Evening Post, Volume LIV, Issue 151, 23 December 1897

 The Cyclopedia of New Zealand
[Wellington Provincial District]
Herrmann, Mrs. L. M., Artist and Photographer, Cuba Street, Wellington, opposite Te Aro House. Telephone 159. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Pirie Street.

Mrs. Herrmann is a native of Birmingham, and reached the Colony in the year 1880 per ship “Piako” from London. For seven-and-a-half years she was with the firm of Connolly and Herrmann, photographers, of Lambton Quay. Here she gained a large and valuable experience, which has enabled her to conduct the present business successfully since the lamented death, in 1892, of her late husband, Mr. Richard Herrmann, who established the same in the year 1890.

Mrs. Herrmann's studio is tastefully appointed and elegantly furnished, every convenience being available for visitors. The work turned out has won a name for excellence in style and quality. Great success has been attained in children's portraits, for which Mrs. Herrmann's studio is famous. She has also made a specialty of enlargements, which are produced in magnificent style.

All classes of portrait work are executed as may be required. Mrs. Herrmann is a direct importer of all classes of photographic materials. Her business extends all over the Colony, and orders are frequently received from Australia.

The building, situated at the corner of Cuba and Dixon Streets, is of wood, one story in height, with a floorage space of about 200 square feet.

The Cyclopedia Company, Limited, 1897, Wellington

Yorkshire Society's Dinner
... During the evening Mr. F. B. Muir
[Frederick Mintaro Bailey Muir], of Mrs. Hermann's, took a flash-light photograph of the gathering. When the smoke of the magnesium had subsided — chiefly in the form of dust upon the coats of those present — "churchwardens" and tobacco were provided for the diners, and the scene took on a characteristic Yorkshire aspect...
Evening Post, Volume LV, Issue 16, 20 January 1898

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XVI, Issue 6195, 22 March 1899

Manawatu Times, Volume XXVII, Issue 7801, 24 June 1904


Evening Post, Volume LXXVI, Issue 110, 5 November 1908, Page 8

Evening Post, Volume LXXVIII, Issue 49, 26 August 1909

a cabinet card by Herrmann of an unnamed man.

a cabinet card by Herrmann of an unnamed women.

a cabinet card by Herrmann of an unnamed man.

a cabinet card by Herrmann of an unnamed child.

a cabinet card by Herrmann of an unnamed child.

1900, Buller Street, Wellington, photographer
1905-1906, 23 Maarama Crescent, Wellington Central, Wellington, married
1911, Main Road, Rona Bay, Hutt, married
1914, 37 Kent Terrace, Wellington East, Wellington, married
1914, Main Road, Rona Bay, Hutt, married
1919, 14 Kensington Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, married
1928, 39 Tinakori Road, Wellington North, Wellington, married
1935, 24 Tinakori Road, Wellington North, Wellington, married
1938, 24 Tinakori Road, Wellington North, Wellington, married
1946, 24 Tinakori Road, Wellington Central, Wellington, married
1949, 24 Tinakori Road, Wellington Central, Wellington, married
1954, 24 Tinakori Road, Onslow, Wellington, married

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