John Kirkwood
Marton and Wanganui

above and below -possibly also by John Kirkwood


Wattleido said...

HI I have some copies (sadly they are photocopies) of family photos that were the work of J Kirkwood. The reverse of 1 on them is imprinted thus: J Kirkwood - Portrait and Landscape Photographer - Palmerston North and Marton - This card can be enlarged to any size and coloured in oil or water colours. The other 5 are ingraved the same but must have been "old stock" as only Marton was printed on and & Palmerston was hand written. J Kirkwood was clearly a thrifty photographer not wanting to waste his old cards. Hope this is of interest.

Wattleido said...

ps just found an advertisement on papers past as per the Fielding Star 26 Sept 1891 announcing W E Patten of FIelding had taken possession of J Kirkwood's equipment and negatives